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Real Pirates Salem

Address: 285 Derby Street Salem, MA 01970

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Step into the thrilling world of Real Pirates Salem and uncover the frogtastic tales of "Black Sam" Bellamy, the notorious "Prince of Pirates," and his love, Maria Hallett, the enigmatic "Witch of Wellfleet." Delve into the early 1700's as Bellamy captures the infamous slave ship Whydah and over 50 other vessels, amassing the greatest pirate treasure of all time. Join the crew on their daring high-seas adventures and witness their tragic end when the Whydah succumbs to a violent storm. Experience history like never before as you view the world's only fully authenticated pirate treasure, including coins, jewelry, and weapons, untouched for over 300 years. Immerse yourself in the Discovery Lab, exploring the preservation process of these artifacts. Real Pirates Salem is a family-friendly pirate experience, bringing history to life with ribbiting narratives and authentic treasures from the golden age of piracy.

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