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Our First Ski Trip
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We know planning your first ski trip is exciting — but it can be overwhelming too! There are big decisions to make such as when to go, which resort to choose and which ski school is right for your tadpoles. For families planning their first ski trip, we’ve made it easy and affordable. We’ve done all of the research, so your first ski trip can be as fun and hoppy as possible. With our tips and expertise, you’re just a hop, skip and jump away from your first snowy getaway!


Key Planning Steps

While you can plan a last-minute family ski resort vacation, the earlier you decide, the more options you will have and the less you will pay. To determine which ski resort is right for you, consider:

Step 1

When You’re Going

When You’re Going

The ski resorts’ seasons and average snowfall vary. This is especially important if you’re visiting early or late in the season. If you’ll be skiing during peak season, choose a ski resort with more lifts and terrain, and consider adding days to account for additional travel time and crowds on the slopes.

Step 2

How Long You Will Stay

How Long You Will Stay

Many ski resorts are at least a half-day’s travel time to the nearest major airport. If you’re planning a shorter visit, consider a ski resort near a major airport, such as Breckenridge in Colorado or Park City in Utah, or fly into a smaller nearby airport.

Step 3

Who Will Be With You

Who Will Be With You

If you’ll have a mix of skiers and non-skiers, consider a ski resort that offers more dining, shopping, nightlife, and additional activities such as tubing, ice skating or snow shoeing. You’ll also want a resort that offers ski lessons for your tadpole (ages vary) or sitter services for non-skiers (not all do). If you’ll have a mix of beginner to expert skiers, you’ll want a ski resort that offers a good mix of runs.

Here are a few tips to make your first ski trip the best it can be!

Before you go
Consider a resort close to an airport

Consider a resort close to an airport.

You’ll be out of travel mode and onto the slopes with minimized stress.

Sign up for ski lessons in advance go

Sign up for ski lessons in advance.

They can sell out during busy times of the season.

Arrange ski rentals in advance

Arrange ski rentals in advance.

If you get fitted with your rentals in the afternoon or evening of your arrival, you will spend less time in line and be ready to hit the slopes first thing in the morning.

When you get there
Arrive early!

Arrive early!

Don’t show up right before your (or your tadpoles’) lesson. Skip the line, so everyone is relaxed and ready to have fun!

Pack snacks

Pack snacks (and put a few treats in your tadpoles’ pockets!).

We all do better when we’re not hungry. You can leave snacks in your car, rent a locker or put them in your own pocket for a pick-me-up!

Drink lots of water.

Drink lots of water.

This can’t be said enough. High elevation, lots of sunshine and physical exertion will wipe you out.

What to Wear

What to Wear...

Exactly how much you layer will depend on temperatures, but here’s what we suggest for first-time skiers. While you shouldn’t spend a fortune, you’d be wise to buy quality items that are sure to keep you warm and dry.

Buy / Borrow

  •  Waterproof pants
  •  Ski jacket
  •  Waterproof gloves
  •  Layers of insulating clothing
  •  Sunglasses or ski goggles
  •  Wool socks (only wear 1 pair at a time!)
  •  Sunscreen & lip balm
  •  Balaclava
What to Wear


  •  Skis or snowboard
  •  Ski boots
  •  Helmet

Easy-Peasy DIY 'Our First Snow’ Keepsake

Celebrate your first ski trip planning with this DIY "Our First Snow" Wood Ornament. This simple handmade keepsake is a great way to get everyone excited about the trip and is the perfect memento of your family’s first ski trip. We’ve made an easy tutorial to follow, so even the tadpoles can join in on the craft fun. Hoppy memories deserve to be celebrated, and this DIY Our First Snow Wood Ornament will have the whole family excited about their first snowy adventure!

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