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Our ~Toadally~ Super Guide to Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure Park

by Tad on September 9, 2023 Los Angeles   Video

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'Sup? Tad here — Frog Family videographer and super fan of the Avengers — so it's my pleasure to say that Avengers Campus Disneyland, the new Avengers-themed land, is open and accepting recruits! The new land opened June 4, 2021, at Disney California Adventure Park. The Frog Family hopped by for the epic occasion and has made several return visits. There is so much exciting action to share with you, especially since new foods and characters are added all the time!

Guardians of the Galaxy ride

Avengers Campus Overview

From Spider-Man leaping between buildings to Dora Milaje training sessions, plus being able to sling webs and eat giant pretzels bigger than your head, here is everything you will find at Avengers Campus, as well as some tips for your next visit. New characters swing by all the time, so we do our best to get the scoop and continually update this post with all the hopful deets. with a new ride being designed, there is a lot to look forward to in Avengers Campus.

Our ~Toadally~ Super Guide to Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure Park - Marquee at Hyperion

Here's what's hoppened lately. A new shop is opened in Avengers HQ in September 2023. "Rogers: The Musical", a one-act musical at The Hyperion Theater ran for a limited time, from June 30 through Aug. 31, 2023! The 30-minute show took place Tuesday through Saturday most weeks. We have a whole post on "Rogers: The Musical" with all the details in case it returns. You could join a virtual queue to see the show. There were limited-time food offerings in honor of the show. And the older frogs in the family have enjoyed rocking out on the late-afternoon/evening Halloween version of Guardians, Monsters After Dark (available through Oct. 31).

Super Guide to Avengers Campus - Avengers Campus Main Entrance

What is Avengers Campus? You may have heard about the Hydra attack on Stark Expo in Hong Kong. That attack inspired the Avengers to set up new and unique headquarters around the planet to recruit and train the next generation of heroes. And thus, Avengers Campus was born! Campus stands for "Centralized Assembly Mobilized to Prepare, Unite and Safeguard."

Signage in the land says:

"May this CAMPUS act as a beacon to inspire and empower a new generation of Earth's champions.

Grow with the strongest

Build with the brightest

Unite as one team

Avengers Assemble!"

That sounds like a frogtastic idea to me! Here, young minds come together to use science and technology to make the world a better place. Even if you do not have any superpowers, the Avengers can use your support. We can all be heroes!

Originally, this site was a restricted Stark Industries Complex. It was dedicated to top-secret research. But now its doors have opened, and it has been remade into Avengers Campus. The land is powered by the arc reactor you see glowing in the ground near the main entrance. Try to catch it at night. Here's the key part that helps Avengers Campus make sense. It's a "home where Earth's mightiest heroes can assemble across time and space to freely share their technology, skills and knowledge with all." Because they can assemble across time and space, you can have characters who appear in different times and places all on one campus. That explains why you might see Steve Rogers' Captain America and then Sam Wilson's Captain America later.

Our ~Toadally~ Super Guide to Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure Park - President Loki greet guests from the balcony

The new land seamlessly ties in the existing Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout ride (after all, they're Avengers too!). Taneleer Tivan, the Collector, heard about the Avengers Headquarters and Campus so he moved his fortress to be nearby. This warped the area surrounding this alien property, causing a colorful substance to ooze from the ground all around it. Can you find all of the hidden Mickeys in it?

 Super Guide to Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure - Hidden Mickey in front of Guardians

Are the Avengers nervous about having the Collector so close by? They like being able to keep a close eye on him. We haven't asked the Guardians of the Galaxy characters how they feel about it yet though.

To attract churro-loving Earthlings, known as Terrans, the Terran Treats booth set up shop across from the ride. You can get your Sweet Spiral Rations and a purple Cosmic Cream Orb here after dropping in at Guardians. The Sweet Spiral Rations come in seasonal colors and flavors — in summer and fall 2021, it was green and pineapple-flavored, so imagine combining a Dole Whip and a churro. Yum! For holiday time, it's a pineapple-coconut ration. For the past year, it has been a raspberry ration.

Something that sets Avengers Campus apart from other Disney theme park lands is that the Avengers exist in our world. This is not a fantastical place or a different time. The characters know what's going in outside the land and they live in the present with us, as well as across time and space. Doctor Strange can probably explain it better than I can. Of course, they all happen to be alive at the same time here in this land, but you get the point. They are recruiting more heroes in the here and now.

If you are a huge Avengers or Disney fan, be on the lookout for Easter eggs planted and hidden throughout the campus. In the WEB SLINGERS ride queue, there are many Disney Easter eggs and hidden gems to find. Is that the Pixar lamp on Peter Parker's desk? Are those mutated Spider-Bots using lightsabers? Are those Disney toys in the claw machine? Outside the WEB building, you can locate old parking spots for H. Stark and E. Jarvis. There's so much to see! I think I need another visit.

Avengers Campus Disneyland Location

Avengers Campus is located inside Disney California Adventure in the space previously occupied by A Bug's Land. (Don't worry — A Bug's Land is still there. Ant-Man shrunk A Bugs Land down and sometimes carries it around to show guests.)

Our ~Toadally~ Super Guide to Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure Park - Ant-Man and Black Widow

There are three entrances to the land: from Hollywood Land by Guardians, from Cars Land and the main entrance off of the parade route near the Worldwide Engineering Brigade (WEB).

Avengers Campus Rides

Super Guide to Avengers Campus - Peter Parker

There are two rides in Avengers Campus. One ride opened with the land and one was already there.

WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure

Super Guide to Avengers Campus - Entrance to WEB SLINGERS

This new immersive, interactive ride-through attraction allows guests to sling webs! The story expands with an attraction-based organization (founded by Tony Stark). The Stark Motors building is home to the new Spider-Man experience. It's the first Disney ride to feature Spider-Man! The most recent news? WEB SLINGERS has a single rider line! The ride is open during Early Entry for Disneyland Resort hotel guests.

Have you always secretly wished you could sling webs from your own wrist just like Spider-Man? Here’s your chance (thanks to immersive technology)! Attend an open house at the Worldwide Engineering Brigade (WEB), where Peter Parker and the rest of the WEB Tech team demonstrate Spider-Bots. The demonstration goes awry when the buggy Spider-Bots get stuck in a replication loop, creating more and more Spider-Bots! They call in Spider-Man to help Peter Parker control them — awkward! Can you help Spider-Man save the day and catch them? Peter seems to have disappeared ... be sure to pay attention to the desk and room and queue (so many Disney and comic book references) and the misbehaving Spider-Bots. They are quite hilarious, actually. Check out my WEB SLINGERS video on our YouTube channel.

It's time to take action. You'll put on your 3D WEB Vision goggles and take a test drive of the “Web Slinger” vehicle. You can see what it’s like to have superpowers while helping Spider-Man collect Spider-Bots as you move through a virtual Avengers Campus. Using specially designed, innovative technology that recognizes your body movements and gestures, you can reach out your hands to sling webs from your wrists, just like Spider-Man. You will virtually pass through several other Campus addresses, such as Pym Test Kitchen, Avengers Headquarters and the Collector’s Fortress. As your mission continues, you may find that the Spider-Bots become harder to beat as they continue to multiply.

My little sister, Lily, is always jumping with excitement to participate in this ride, which has no height requirement. It is so fun to work together as a family! That's one reason you might not want to single rider this one if you want to compete with people in your party.

Spider-Man actor, Tom Holland, got the chance to experience the ride, and he says it's the most he's felt like Spider-Man! That sounds about right to me!

It will really look as if you are slinging webs from your wrist. How does that work? Your 3D WEB Vision glasses help track your head and eye movement and sensors track body movement so you can sling virtual webs from your wrists. The ride has back-to-back seating, similar to Toy Story Midway Mania! Your four-person group works as a team, and members of the team accumulate both individual and group scores. Did you know you can use your webs to pull things and move things (such as levers)? I cannot wait to ride again and again to work on my Spidey skills.

Are you the type of rider who always aims to get the highest score on rides such as Toy Story Midway Mania! or Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters? (Of course, you are.) Then note these codes for blasting the bots as the colors indicate how many points they are worth:

  • Red and Blue — 300 Points
  • Green — 900 points
  • Bright red — 1,500 points
  • Blue — About to self-replicate 3,000 points
  • Gold — Special heat-shielding so you'll gain 6,000 points

But this ride is not as much competition as it is about teamwork. You'll score much higher if you all work together. In the end, your vehicle gets a team score. Hop down to Ride Merchandise to learn how to enhance your game. You can check the leaderboards as you exit to see where you rank. (It seems our family needs some more practice — we're hoppy to keep trying!)

Lightning Lane Access

Super Guide to Avengers Campus - Guests in Spider-Man face coverings stop for a photo in front of Spider-Man

WEB SLINGERS no longer utilizes a virtual queue. It has a standby line and a single rider line (you still get the pre-show with Peter Parker). As of Oct. 11, 2022, this ride has joined Genie+ and is no longer an individual Lightning Lane. Hop here to read more about Genie+.

Ride Merchandise (to Use on the Ride and at Home)

Want to enhance your WEB SLINGERS ride experience? You can customize your ride experience with accessories. Even though everyone can sling webs on the ride, people who purchase WEB Tech accessories can unlock multi-fire webs and personalize the game for a different experience. (I might need to do a few extra chores around the house to earn additional spending money before I visit.)

To tap into these extra superpowers, you'll purchase and power up with a WEB Power Band. The band features an attraction mode that unlocks the multi-fire webs. Then you can find your own powers and add WEB Tech to your band. WEB Tech can change your powers on the attraction to those inspired by fan-favorite Super Heroes such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, Ghost Spider or Rescue.

Our ~Toadally~ Super Guide to Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure - WEB Shooter on wrist

Spider-Man and Ghost Spider WEB Shooters — You'll create electro-dynamic webs with repulsor blasts. At home, they feature lights, sounds, projections and webs that eject and retract.

Our ~Toadally~ Super Guide to Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure - WEB Cannon in hand

Iron Man and Rescue-inspired Repulsor Cannons — You can change your powers to repulsor blasts on the attraction. They also light up and blast air while you practice your repulsor powers with training spheres.

Guardians of the Galaxy — Mission Breakout!

This ride is not new, but it is officially part of Avengers Campus now. The Guardians of the Galaxy (Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Groot and Rocket Raccoon have been captured by the Collector. Don't worry: Of course, Rocket Raccoon escaped and needs your help to free his friends. You'll scan your hands for clearance to enter the Gantry Lift and Rocket will plug in a walkman with fun tunes before you start your exciting journey. Each ride may be a bit different since there are several song, video and drop sequences. You must enter Avengers Campus to ride. If the land reaches capacity, that means even if Guardians has no wait, you still cannot ride unless you are in the land. This is one of my favorite thrill rides in the park.

Disneyland Halloween Time 2017 - Guardians of the Galaxy Monsters After Dark Wait Times

During Halloween Time, this ride gets a Halloween overlay in the afternoon called Monsters After Dark. Rocket has to go back into the building to save Groot. It has a heavy metal soundtrack and is especially thrilling. You can collect a Genie+ time for Guardians in the morning and one for Monsters After Dark for the afternoon!

A New Ride to Come

D23 Announcements - Multiverse Vehicle

Avengers Headquarters is getting a third ride. We got a look at the ride vehicle concept art during D23 in 2023. The original concept has changed to a toadlly new one that opens up the Multiverse for a different kind of "E-ticket" attraction. Imagine if Thanos won the battle and is king. What would that world look like? The attraction will connect the storylines of multiple heroes and villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The ride vehicle utilizes a portal technology to allow guests to jump between different universes.

The yet-to-be-named ride includes all the characters. You'll team up with the Avengers to fight all foes from any place and any time period.   

Avengers Campus Dining

Our ~Toadally~ Super Guide to Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure Park - Pym-ini

The food and beverage are a really fun part of Avengers Campus. We definitely have some new favorite Disney California Adventure foods! The presentation is unique and the concepts are lifted out of the movies themselves. You may have over- and under-sized spoons and forks that come with your food presentation. So fun!

Pym Test Kitchen

Super Guide to Avengers Campus - Girls are excited to share a Quantum Pretzel

If you are familiar with how Ant-Man and The Wasp can use subatomic “Pym Particles” to alter their size and mass to grow or shrink, just wait until you see this concept applied to food! At the Pym Test Kitchen restaurant, the food is enhanced with Pym Particles. Hop over to our super foodie guide to Avengers Campus food for the full menus and the most up-to-date details. This location takes Mobile Order. The standby line gets long. You can order ahead, and we recommend that you do.

Red Pym Particles shrink items, while Blue Pym Particles expand them. The portions may be shrunken down for tadpoles or grown to a larger size for your hungry teenagers! It was so fun to enter the Pym Test Kitchen and see a small pretzel expand in size! The workers all wear lab coats. The food is served on lab notepaper. I still have a question though. Can I shrink my vegetables but expand my dessert (while keeping the calories and nutritional content the same, of course)?

Pym Test Kitchen serves breakfast lunch and dinner. Here's a look at some of the lunch and dinner menu items.

Snacks and dessert include:

  • Quantum Pretzel — Weighing in at 453.8 grams, this Bavarian-style pretzel has a sharp cheddar beer sauce and a mustard sauce and is perfect for sharing with friends. Watch pretzels travel on a conveyor belt to be miniaturized or supersized as they pass through a quantum tunnel. This was liked by the whole family.
  • Seasonal Pretzel — a 5 oz. pretzel with seasonal toppings.
  • Choco Smash CANDY Bar — Dark chocolate on the outside with peanuts, caramel, nougat and chocolate brownie inside. This tastes like a Snickers bar.

Avengers Campus - Tater Tots and Chicken SandwichEntrees include:

  • Not-So-Little Chicken Sandwich — Fried chicken breast with teriyaki, red chili sauce, pickled cabbage slaw on a brioche bun with potato bites. This is delicious! Grab a knife and fork to eat it. The sauce has a little kick. The accompanying tots are tasty too!
  • Impossible Spoonful — Pasta with plant-based meatballs, cheese, tomato sauce and basil. A great plant-based option.
  • PYM-ini — A $99.99 family-size ham, salami and provolone panini sandwich with sun-dried tomato mayo, arugula salad on the side and marinara dipping sauce. It comes in eight slices. You can get a single serving, as well, for $14.49 if you do not have a crew to share it with. It's really filling.
  • PB3 Superb Sandwich — Warm peanut butter, banana, candied bacon and strawberry jelly sandwich with a banana smoothie shot and potato bites. The bread has a blue swirl.
  • (New) Compound Crustacean — Shrimp salad with iceberg and leaf lettuce, couscous, quinoa, tomatoes, olives, feta, red pepper and citrus vinaigrette.

Kids' meals include:

  • Mini Pasta & Meatballs — Rigatoni and ditalini pasta with plant-based meatballs, cheese and tomato sauce
  • Subatomic Chicken Sandwich — Crisp breaded chicken breast on a roll
  • PB&J Flavor Lab — Peanut butter and strawberry jelly on "PYM Particle" bread with red swirls
  • Teeny PYM-ini is a toasted ham and provolone sandwich with marinara dipping sauce

You can get soda from the Coca-Cola Freestyle machines, but a special drink at the machines is a drink that shows up in Incredible Hulk comics and the Avengers movies:

  • Pingo Doce (a Hulk-themed soda with a kick with a hint of lime, vanilla and "gamma radiation"). We loved this green drink. It's the Frog Family's favorite color, after all. There is a sugar-free version too.

Super Guide to Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure - Giant soda cans fill the soda machine.

But here's the coolest thing ever: You can use your phone to scan the QR code on the machine to completely choose your drinks and fill your cup from your phone! You never even need to touch the machine. Look up to see the giant soda cans with tubes to fill the machines!

Another fun nonalcoholic beverage is Proton Punch. It's carbonated lemonade with cherry flavors popping boba and a grenadine-filled pipette. You can also order a full-size banana smoothie or the "Milky Fizz."

This quick-service restaurant is situated in an old lab facility. Keep an eye out for massive soda cans and condiment bottles. The menu is on a 6-foot-tall cell phone! While you are there, check out the outdoor Pym Tasting Lab next door. Check out fun novelties, which vary over time.

Pym Tasting Lab

Take a seat at the outdoor lounge (that only takes Mobile Order) and kick back with some alcoholic drinks. My parents tried some of the adult beverages, including beer and cocktails. Cocktails come in a souvenir beaker glass. The lab dispenses drinks from a huge beer can in the middle of a hexagonal-shaped bar. The bar overlooks the central plaza of the Avengers Campus. Being a minor, I can't tell you much about them, but bottoms up! And I mean that literally: A reverse draft system will actually fill the beaker glass with beer from the bottom up! So very cool! I am sure Super Hero fans will be amazed over the drinks, and the whole family can enjoy nonalcoholic beverages and shrunken, bite-sized snacks served at the lab! Look for nods to the former A Bug's Land around and over the lounge.

Avengers Campus - Drink and SnacksThe drinks have fun names, such as:

  • Popping Particle Punch — Non-alcoholic carbonated pineapple hurricane with Grenadine and flavor bursts.
  • (New) R&D Martini — Espresso martini with cereal-infused milk, dark chocolate espresso beans and cereal crumbles (starting May 2, 2023).
  • (New) Honey Buzz 2.0 — Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey whiskey, lemonade, and honey syrup with a mint sprig
  • X-Periment — Tequila, Minute Maid lime juice, mango and habanero syrups with mango popping pearls
  • (New) Honey Fusion 2.0 — Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey whiskey and Elysian Space Dust IPA with lemonade, honey syrup and a mint sprig, Minute Maid lemonade, honey syrup, IPA and a honey straw
  • Molecular Meltdown — Marshmallow milk stout and vanilla ice cream topped with miniature marshmallows
  • The Regulator — Tequila, Minute Maid lime juice, mango and habanero syrup, wheat ale and mango popping pearls
  • Particle Fizz — Passion, Orange Guava Hard Fruit Spritz with seasonal flavored pearls
  • Tropical Hurricane Cocktail — Vodka, pineapple Hurricane mix topped with fruit flavor-filled boba
  • Various beer
  • Hard seltzer
  • Spritz
  • Hard Kombucha


  • Snack Molecules — Mini pretzels, honey-roasted peanuts and sweet and popped sorghum. I guess Red Particles had their way with these snacks. I hope the calories shrunk with the foods too!
  • (New) Zarg-Bits — Crispy rice paper, buñuelos corn chips, veggie chips, seasoned roasted pistachio (as of May 5, 2023).

Food Carts

Super Guide to Avengers Campus - People line up for Shawarma Palace

You can satisfy your super appetite on the go. Hop by the favorite food joints of the Avengers: Shawarma Palace, Shawarma Palace Too and Terran Treats. Mobile Order is not enabled for Shawarma at these booths, but you can mobile order beverages with drink vessels such as Iron Man's Infinity Gauntlet or Might Thor's Hammer at Shawarma Palace Too.

Shawarma Palace has a breakfast shawarma wrap:

  • Impossible Breakfast Sha-warm-up — Plant-based breakfast sausage and egg omelet wrap served with spiced maple syrup

Super Guide to Avengers Campus - The New York's Tastiest with the yogurt sauce

Shawarma Palace serves two kinds of falafel for lunch and dinner:

  • New York’s Tastiest — Warm chicken wrap with garlic sauce
  • Impossible Victory Falafel — Hummus and crusted cauliflower

The Shawarma was a highlight for us. That garlic yogurt sauce is everything. YUM! Our vegetarian friend got the Impossible Victory Falafel and really enjoyed it. We liked it too.

Our ~Toadally~ Super Guide to Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure Park-Chocolate-cherry pie

Terran Treats:

  • Various churros— Look for seasonal churros that vary in colors and flavors (and sometimes shapes)
  • Cosmic Cream Orbs — Colorful cream puffs
  • Type 526: Chocolate-Cherry Pie — Chocolate-coated pizza crust, cherry pie filling, and slivered almonds with a chocolate cherry sauce

The Terran Treats stand is across from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Avengers Campus Characters

Super Guide to Avengers Campus - Black Panther strikes a pose

The land would not be complete without the Super Heroes themselves, so you can expect meet-and-greets all over the campus. Avengers Campus features Spider-Man and the Avengers. Iron Man, Ant-Man, The Wasp and General Okoye were new to the park's meet-and-greets. Because of the multiverse, there is no particular timeline. "Endgame" has not happened. You might see various Captain Americas on the same day. You never know who might come by. Our Avengers Campus  Characters post has the latest news and a complete list of characters. 

Here are the most common characters in the land:

  • Spider-Man
  • Ant-Man (sometimes with his shrunken Bugs Land)
  • The Wasp
  • Iron Man
  • Thor
  • Loki (his outfits have varied based on the Disney+ Loki show)
  • Captain America(s)
  • Captain Marvel
  • Doctor Strange
  • Black Widow (appearing in black or her white outfit from "Black Widow")
  • Black Panther
  • General Okoye and the Dora Milaje
  • Star-Lord
  • Gamora
  • Hulk in his Quantum Suit (new and for a limited time as of Sept. 2022)

Others pop in from time to time, especially when there's a new movie or Disney+ show out. Another fun part of the Avengers Campus characters is that their looks may change from one day to the next. You might even see outfit changes on the same day! A new movie or a Disney+ show's latest episode may inspire the wardrobe for the week! We had fun keeping up with Loki's wardrobe changes.

Characters from new movies and shows have appeared in the land such as:

  • Shang-Chi
  • Characters from "Eternals"
  • During the holidays we saw Hawkeye and Kate Bishop
  • The Mighty Thor
  • Ms. Marvel
  • Kang
  • Mantis
  • Nick Fury
  • Wanda

During past Oogie Boogie Bash Halloween parties, Zombie Captain America from "What If ... ?" has appeared and Agatha Harkness hosts her own treat trail in the Sanctum. Keep an eye on the rooftops to spot Werewolf. Besides Agatha, we did not encounter the other scary characters in 2023.

Super Guide to Avengers Campus - Loki and Thor chat with guestsHere's where to meet some of the Super Heroes:

  • Spider-Man will be dropping into the graffiti area by the main entrance in front of the WEB Building. By the way, note who signed the wall. It's Miles (as in Miles Morales, who plays a new version of Spider-Man).
  • Characters meet guests outside on the first floor of Avengers Headquarters, from the Avengers vehicle, on the raised seating area in the middle of the Campus or the balcony of the Avengers Headquarters building. Someone is always out. Suddenly, the music changes and the characters may spring into action.
  • Characters can now roam freely. You may see them near Guardians or at the entrance to Avengers Campus near Cars Land.
  • General Okoye and the Dora Milaje lead a training session on the raised seating area in the middle of the land and may interact with guests in shows and training.
  • Meet-and-greets happen spontaneously. Remember that this is an active campus with real threats, so expect the unexpected!
  • Spot Star-Lord and Gamora performing a dance-off in front of the Guardians in the afternoon and evening.
  • Nick Fury has stopped by in the afternoons to offer some training on espionage.

Our ~Toadally~ Super Guide to Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure Park-Nick Fury

The Hulk was not initially present but was added for a time. You'll see some of the damage he's inflicted. Look for a Hulk tree. On the side of the WEB building, look for gamma radiation with a green substance leaking from pipes. The nearby bulging green tree seems to be affected. Can trees have anger issues?

The characters are closely tied to the entertainment in the land.

Avengers Campus Entertainment

There are several character experiences or small shows in Avengers Campus. You can now locate the showtimes in the Disneyland app by looking up each show. But if you are just waiting for things to occur when they happen, you can usually get a clue that something is about to go down when the music changes or you hear voices. We offer some general first and last showtimes for the performances, but definitely check the Disneyland app for the must-up-to-date show times, as they could change.

Dr. Strange: Mysteries of the Mystic Arts Show

Our ~Toadally~ Super Guide to Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure Park-Dr. Strange Summons Thor

It turns out that for some time there have been stories of unexplained energies and events that have taken place on the spot where the Stark Industries complex was built in the 1940s. Cloaking spells have protected the area. Now, Tony Stark has brought Doctor Strange to teach recruits about the mystic arts and reveal the hidden Sanctum to the world! During a Doctor Strange mystic arts show, you just might see Super Heroes and villains transported to Avengers Campus via a mystical portal. We saw Thor emerge! Doctor Strange will train recruits in the mystic arts by bringing the ancient sanctum to life with powerful spells.

Shows typically take place between 2:30 and 8:45 p.m. The standing show audience is small and you'll know a show is coming when you hear the bells begin to chime. A line may form to the left of the show area. If you cannot get in, you may be able to catch some bits from the outside edges or back, but it's harder to see and hear.

Doctor Strange demonstrates his mystical abilities and opens our eyes to the mysteries of the multiverse. We get to see ancient ruins and learn about a battle that almost tore a hole in the fabric of time and reality, leading to the Orb of Cagliostro. The Orb is especially active and more colorful at night. Be sure to hop by after dark to see the Sanctum area pulsating with magical energy and majestic colors.

There is also a toadally cool effect near the orb that looks like a tile floor is sinking in. It makes a fun photo op if you get the angle just right!

Avengers Campus Guide - Spider-Man on the Wall

The Amazing Spider-Man

In addition to being able to meet your favorite Super Heroes, look to the sky! Spider-Man will be swinging through Avengers Campus in a redesigned Spidey suit. During The Amazing Spider-Man! show, a "stuntronic" Spider-Man swings through the air, rotates, and performs backflips, somersaults and other acrobatic feats above the rooftops before sticking the landing! But a real-life stunt Spider-Man is part of the action, too, so keep an ear out for Spider-Man's voice to catch the show across from the graffiti wall near the main entrance. It's as cool as it sounds. Spider-Man will be striking these aerial poses after being slung from a wire. This robot is the first use of this technology (including the use of accelerometers, laser range finders and gyroscopes) in a Disney theme park. After the awe-inspiring performance, Spidey himself climbs down the wall to meet guests.

You'll want to catch this display in the morning beginning around 10 a.m. or at various times until about 4:05 p.m. Spider-Man does not make the jump after late afternoon, but he may still swing by to greet guests. Here's a quick look at Spider-Man slinging himself over the rooftops.

Avengers Assemble Rooftop Stunt Show

The iconic Avengers Headquarters building exterior is just for looks right now, and the new ride it houses will not open until a later date. Look for the Quinjet parked on the roof. Can you miss it? Several times throughout the day, a supervillain called the Taskmaster and his gang are going to infiltrate the Avengers command center. The Taskmaster has photographic reflexes and can mimic Super Hero moves. Black Widow, Black Panther, Iron Man, Captain America, Captain Marvel and others will be on high alert, keeping an eye out for danger.

Our ~Toadally~ Super Guide to Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure Park - Black Widow scans for enemies in stunt show

If the Taskmaster and a gang of villains appear, the Super Heroes will be ready to Assemble and spring into action. Watch for a confrontation with weapons that takes place on the second and third levels of the building! Oh, and keep another eye on the wall that's all the way to the left ... you might just catch Black Panther scaling the wall if he's available! (Other characters can jump into action instead some days.) Showtimes occur throughout the day, generally between 10:15 a.m. and 4:15 p.m.

Our ~Toadally~ Super Guide to Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure Park - black panther stunt show

For the best view, stand back near Pym Test Kitchen. If you're too close, it will be hard to see some of the stunts on the balcony.

Warriors of Wakanda: The Disciples of the Dora Milaje

Super Guide to Avengers Campus - The Dora Milaje teach lessons to the crowd

Dora Milaje means "Adored Ones." These are the super strong and skilled female elite royal guards from Wakanda. Aspiring warriors can train with them and gain valuable wisdom! The Dora Milaje leader, General Okoye, leads training encounters in the campus courtyard. The Warriors of Wakanda: Disciplines of the Dora Milaje training sessions are powerful, meaningful and fun. You can catch one of several shows in the afternoon and evening.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Dance-Off!

Members of the Guardians of the Galaxy (Star-Lord and Gamora) are having a dance-off near Guardians of the Galaxy — Mission: Breakout! Gamora is still not having it. This is a similar show to one that used to perform in front of the Guardians of the Galaxy sign. It's still in the same place, and you can usually catch it in the afternoon and evening.

'Rogers: The Musical' (ended after Summer 2023)

As mentioned, a 30-minute, one-act musical play took over The Hyperion Theater in the summer of 2023. "Rogers: The Musical" took place Tuesday through Saturday on most weeks from June 30 to Aug. 31. Will it return? We don't know, but we hope so!

Avengers Campus Merchandise

No doubt you want some gear. Here's where to find it.

Super Guide to Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure - Merchandise at Web Suppliers

WEB Suppliers

I can't imagine making a trip to Avengers Campus without getting some souvenirs and gear to take home with me. WEB Suppliers sells all the latest WEB inventions. I am saving up my allowance money for my own Spider-Bot robotic sidekick. Each Spider-Bot has a remote control and eight moving legs. Hopefully, I'll have enough money for the at-home kits to build webs and purchase other accessories. WEB Suppliers also sells a backpack for the Spider-Bot, Spider-Man light goggles (which look much cooler at night) and more.

Look up high and at whiteboards for immersive details (such as a potato gun or ... wait ... is that a hoverboard I see?). The leaderboard for WEB SLINGERS is behind the register if you want to check rankings.

Campus Supply Pod

Outside WEB SLINGERS, you'll find a stand in the heart of the campus. You can suit up in your Avengers Campus gear (such as hoodies, tees, headwear and other Super Hero supplies). They also sell drinkware and other essential supplies such as WEB Shooters and Repulsor Cannons.

The Collector's Warehouse

When you exit Guardians of the Galaxy, you'll end up in this shop. You can find Super Hero graphic T-shirts, action figures and other souvenirs.

Stage 17 in Hollywood Land

This large shop is located off-campus, but you can find all things Avengers in one spot without having to get into Avengers Campus if the land is at capacity.

Avengers Vault

Our ~Toadally~ Super Guide to Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure Park-Vault exterior

A new shop is in the Avengers HQ building, which will one day house the new attraction. Avengers Vault sells apparel, accessories, pins, housewares, art and collectibles. You can also see the more powerful relics of the collection such as an orphaned Captain America shield, an Iron Man suit and foreign Infinity Stones. Purchase proof that Tony Stark really does have a heart, and wear it proudly on your chest.

Our ~Toadally~ Super Guide to Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure Park-Relics

You'll find new merch in this shop that we have not seen anywhere else. It's worth hopping in just to browse.

Avengers Campus Completion

Super Guide to Avengers Campus - Avengers HQ

Avengers Campus is not quite complete yet. The land is opening in phases, with the biggest ride yet to come. It opened with the Worldwide Engineering Brigade (WEB), WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure attraction, Pym Test Kitchen, Pym Tasting Lab, The Sanctum (including a Doctor Strange experience), Campus Supply Pod and the Avengers Headquarters building. The already existing Guardians of the Galaxy — Mission: Breakout ride was incorporated into the land.

In the second phase, Avengers Headquarters will house a new "E-ticket" attraction that puts you right in the middle of the action. Since the original announcement of a Quinjet ride, the new ride concept has changed to a toadally new idea.

The yet-to-be-named ride includes all the characters. You'll team up with the Avengers to fight all villains from anywhere and at any time period. Watch out for King Thanos, as this ride takes place in a timeline in which Thanos wins. What!?

Phase One is open now, while Phase Two's opening date is still TBD so keep hopping back as more deets and an opening date are released. We'll continue to update this post as we know more! Keep in mind that Avengers Campus, like Disneyland, will never be finished. As long as there is a need for Super Heroes in the world, this multiverse will bring new characters and stories to the land.

Avengers Campus Tips

Super Guide to Avengers Campus - Iron Man greets guests in front of Avengers HQ

Here are some tips for your visit:

  • Make sure you have a ticket and theme park reservation for Disney California Adventure (or a park hopper ticket).
  • Look up shows in the Disneyland app, and plan your visits near showtimes.
  • You'll see the most characters and action from late morning through the afternoon.
  • Look for hidden Mickeys in the colorful "liquid" in front of Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy has the shortest wait in the first hour of park opening.
  • Both WEB Slingers and Guardians are open during Early Entry for hotel guests.
  • Find extra dining seating in the queue area for The Hyperion.
  • Wear sunscreen. There is not a lot of shade in the land.
  • Mobile Order all food and beverage early, if it's available. Pym Tasting Lab is Mobile Order only. Pym Test Kitchen serves mostly Mobile Orders with limited point-of-sale orders.
  • If Shawarma Palace's line is long, Shawarma Palace Too may have a shorter wait.
  • Buy drink vessels on Mobile Order at Shawarma Palace Too.
  • Listen for changes in sound or voices to see characters spring into action.
  • Stand farther back (near Pym Test Kitchen) to watch the rooftop stunt show.
  • Find photo-ops in the graffiti wall, Choco-Smash backdrop, Sanctum area and other spots.
  • Try the QR code on the Coca-Cola Freestyle machines to get your drink via your smartphone. Toadally awesome!
  • Chat with the characters. There may or may not be a line to meet them. They appear in different spots throughout the day.
  • Ask for Magic Shots from the PhotoPass photographers.
  • There are some boxes to the right of Terran Treats. Look inside for items from Disney+ shows!
  • There is a water-bottle fill station in the land. You can also get ice and water at Pym Test Kitchen.

Our ~Toadally~ Super Guide to Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure Park - Person poses for Magic Shot

Are you excited to hang out with Iron Man, try new foods and sling some webs? What are you most excited about Avengers Campus Disneyland at Disney California Adventure? Please share your excitement and questions in the comments section below. If you need tickets, your favorite green friends (and we do not mean the Hulk) can help you save some green on multi-day Disneyland tickets and hotel stays

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Stay cool!

Keep hopping, Tad!
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