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The Best Disneyland Bathrooms: Where to Go When You Gotta Go

by Mommy Frog on July 28, 2023 Los Angeles

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The last thing on your mind until you need one is Disneyland bathrooms. As a mom of a toddler who is terrified of the automatic flushing toilets, I can tell you that I have put more time and effort into planning our bathroom visits at Disneyland than the average frog. I also like to find the bathrooms with the shortest lines and ease of getting to the sinks. As your theme park bestie who promises to tell it like it is, I bring you the best Disneyland bathrooms.

Disneyland Bathrooms - Restroom Sign

The Nicest Disneyland Bathrooms

We have a winner! It's no question that the best restrooms can be found in the newest park’s table-service restaurants. Disney California Adventure’s Carthay Circle restaurant's bathroom is the most glamorous, basically giving you your own private space to do your business. If you are dining at Carthay Circle Restaurant or the Alfresco Dining in the lounge, take advantage of this really nice restroom. Lamplight Lounge has an entertaining hallway of famous Pixar film quotes leading to its "Incredible" restrooms.

Disneyland Bathrooms - Incredibles-Themed Bathrooms

Best Bathrooms at Disneyland for Babies and Toddlers

No doubt about it, we have a favorite Disneyland bathroom for babies and toddlers at both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. And that’s the Baby Care Center. We love these centers for so many reasons. They are quiet and peaceful with padded changing tables.

Disneyland Bathrooms - Small Potties at Baby Care Center

There are tadpole-sized potties for your little ones with manual flushers. That’s huge news for your sensitive little ones who don’t need loud surprises or a splash on the hiney while they are trying to figure things out. You can nurse or feed your babies, warm up food or even purchase must-need baby items from a vending machine while there. Lily has even been known to earn a Mickey sticker for using the potty, which makes her feel pretty proud.

Disneyland Bathrooms - Baby Care Center Exterior

The baby care center at Disney California Adventure has a companion restroom. The one at Disneyland has a companion restroom next door at First Aid.

The Restrooms with the Best Theming

Disneyland Bathrooms - King & Queen Restrooms

There are a few restrooms themed to their lands. These are a few of our favorites!

Fantasyland King & Queen Restroom

Disneyland Bathrooms - Queen of Hearts BathroomYou can find this restroom on the parade route between the castle and Alice in Wonderland. Are you a queen or king? The Queen of Hearts stall doors are playing cards and the light fixtures and tiles have hearts as well. It's toadally cute, but don't lose your head over it. The men's room is decorated with diamonds. There is plenty of seating in the area to rest while you wait for other party members.

Pixar Pier

Behind Jessie’s Critter Carousel is a restroom. Pixar Pier used to be called Paradise Pier and the carousel used to be King Triton’s Carousel with an “under the sea” fish theme. The restrooms still carry that sea theme with sea creature tiles, and we find it cute. There is a power outlet across from the restroom if you need to charge up a phone, camera battery or wheelchair.


Disneyland Bathrooms - Adventureland Bathroom

There is a jungle theme to the tiles and light fixtures. But what we love is the convenient location near Tiki Juice Bar and the fact that we never have a line here because there are basically three rows of stalls: One to the right and two to the left.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Disneyland Bathrooms - Galaxy's Edge Bathroom

The newest land at Disneyland Park has a smart restroom design that is out of this world. The stalls are on the outside and the sinks are trough-style in the middle of the spacious room instead of tucked into a nook, so there is plenty of space around them for ease of movement at the sinks. The water is warm and hand dryers are right there at the sinks. And of course, there’s the fun cantina music bopping away. There are two restrooms in the land (both have companion restrooms). The restroom in the marketplace is bigger and has a toadally cool feature above the water fountain and fill station outside. Be patient and watch the tank above the drinking fountain for a fun surprise while you wait for family members to finish in the restrooms.

Bathrooms Where We Never Have to Wait

Disneyland Bathrooms - Additional Restrooms Sign

When you gotta go, you gotta go! The bathrooms at Disneyland for the most part are pretty big with several rows of stalls. Look for the “Additional Restrooms” signs when you enter and you’ll find another hallway of stalls. The biggest restrooms at Disneyland are:

  • Adventureland
  • Fantasyland - Both King & Queen and Red Rose Taverne restrooms have additional stalls
  • Space Mountain - When you exit the ride, it's a great time for everyone to go. Look for that extra row of stalls.

The Best Disneyland Bathrooms: Where to Go When You Gotta Go - San Fransokyo Square restrooms

At Disney California Adventure, we tend to frequent these restrooms:

  • Grizzly Peak
  • Pixar Pier Area
  • Hollywood Backlot
  • San Fransokyo Square (has a new water bottle refill station outside it)

All of these Disney California Adventure restrooms have plenty of seating right outside of them.

Companion Restrooms and Gender-Neutral Restrooms

Disneyland Bathrooms - Companion Bathroom

Each land has at least one companion restroom (or one in a neighboring land or between two lands at the smaller Disney California Adventure). These are not gendered. You might find that a companion restroom works best for your party, especially if you have several small kids and a baby to change. You can keep everyone contained here. But these are also great if you have someone in your party with disabilities who needs assistance or some extra space, especially if your party is of mixed genders. If your gender cannot be expressed on the binary or you are transgender, a single-stall companion restroom may be a stress-free option for you.

Once when Leap and I scored a reservation to Club 33 for dinner (courtesy of a friend who is a member), we used a companion restroom to change out of our theme park clothes and into our fancy clothes for dinner. Many of the companion restrooms have manual flushers.

What About Those Automatic Flushers?

Disneyland Bathrooms - Girl outside Baby Center

If you have a child with sensory issues or one who is just afraid of the loud toilets suddenly flushing while they are on the potty, we have a solution: Post-it Notes. Carry small Post-it Notes with you. Place one over the sensor while the child goes and remove it after they leave the stall. Then the toilet won’t sense your movement and suddenly go off. Life. Save. Er.

Frogot the Post-its? Look for a companion restroom, which may have a manual flusher. In a regular restroom, if you have two adults then use a larger stall and have one manage the small child on the potty while the other holds some toilet paper against the sensor. It sounds crazy but we’ve done it, and it works. Plus it prevents accidents in the park when a child says they don’t have to go because they are afraid to go, but they really do need to go. If you bring noise-canceling headphones to the parks for your child, bring them into the restroom with you.

Toddlers and preschoolers can usually visit the Baby Care Centers, but there is a height limit. Plus, sometimes they need to go when you are too far to make it to the Baby Care Center, so you need to find a way to make the regular restrooms more tolerable for them.

If you find yourself with an automatic flusher that is not flushing, there is a button you can press to flush it. Sometimes it flushes too soon and you are not done, but then it doesn't get the memo that it needs to flush again once you are finished.

Disneyland Bathroom Tips

Disneyland Bathrooms - Free Pad and Tampon

Here are a few more Disneyland bathroom tips that will help you in your day.

Disneyland Bathrooms - Baby Changing Station

  • When one person needs to go, make everyone try to go. (Save time so you do not have to stop every 10 minutes.)
  • Establish a meeting spot before you separate into different restrooms or stalls. When your kids are done, where will they wait for you?
  • Use the Disneyland app to find the nearest restroom.
  • Visit the restroom and wash your hands before meals so you can all eat with clean hands.
  • Use the restroom before hopping in an attraction line, especially if it's a long wait (such as Radiator Springs Racers) or a long ride (such as Pirates of the Caribbean). Ask yourself, "If there is an unexpected breakdown that could delay getting off the ride, could my kids or myself hold it for that long?"
  • Visit the restroom before getting in place to watch a parade or show.
  • Bring a change of clothes and undergarments for the smallest tadpoles in your party, along with a plastic bag for potentially soiled clothes.
  • Never rush to a ride and ignore nature's calling for anyone in your party.
  • Use the Baby Care Centers for babies, toddlers and potty-training tadpoles whenever possible.
  • Go to First Aid if you have a larger person who needs changing.
  • Bring Post-its for the toilet sensors if you have a child who reacts to the toilets.
  • Use the restrooms at the parking lots before going through security or before leaving on your trip home.
  • The restroom at Toy Story Lot is in the Bullseye lot.
  • The restroom at the parking structures is at the base of the Mickey and Friends structure.
  • The Disneyland theme park restrooms offer free pads and tampons, should your least favorite aunt decide to join you at Disneyland unexpectedly! It hoppens.
  • Bring wet wipes if you feel you need them.
  • You can purchase wipes, diapers and other baby needs at the Baby Care Centers.

Do you have any other Disneyland bathroom questions? Ask in the comments section below. If you are looking to save some money on Disneyland theme park tickets, you can purchase discount tickets from Undercover Tourist.

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Hoppy planning!

Keep hopping, Mommy Frog!
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