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∼Frogtastic∼ Places to Take a Disneyland Nap

by Lily on November 22, 2023
Los Angeles

∼Frogtastic∼ Places to Take a Disneyland Nap - pinterestHere’s a topic that is not always my favorite — nap time. But even I know that I have a much better time at Disneyland if I can get some rest during the day. I may be a tadpole, but I know even adults like to take a little Disneyland nap or rest, too. Just ask my Grandpa. He has been known to catch a few zzz’s throughout the day. I have caught him sleeping on slow dark rides, such as Pirates of the Caribbean and “it’s a small world.” He says he was just resting his eyes, but his snoring gave it away. A nap makes it possible to keep hopping and having a hoppy time. Here are my favorite spots for people of any age to take a nap at Disneyland!

Take a Disneyland Nap in a Stroller

If you have little tadpoles, their comfy, familiar stroller is the best place to take a nap. Some babies can snooze while you cruise. Others need to park in a quiet, shady spot. Mommy Frog keeps me in a shady spot and my family members take turns resting with me while the others use Rider Switch to ride the big scary rides. Sometimes they use that time to sit down and eat a nice meal or visit some of the best nap spots at Disneyland to get some rest, too.

∼Frogtastic∼ Places to Take a Disneyland Nap - Baby naps with fan and noise machineYou want your tadpoles to be comfortable so bring a clip-on stroller fan or a cooling towel on a hot day or a blanket on a cool day. Bring a thin, light blanket for blocking the sun or a warmer blanket for cooler days. Some babies can nap with Disneyland music and noise all around them. But others do better if you drown it out with a portable noise machine. Don't froget a pacifier clip so you do not lose that important part of some babies' naps. A missing "paci" (or binky) could spell disaster. But the good news is that you can purchase pacifiers and other baby care needs at the Baby Care Centers!

∼Frogtastic∼ Places to Take a Disneyland Nap - stroller bottle

Sometimes a baby has a serious case of FOMO and cannot settle down for a nap with all the fun sights and sounds (can we blame them?). A familiar stroller comes in handy for some downtime, especially while you wait for entertainment, such as a parade. Just do your best.

Nap Infants in a Chest Carrier

Frogtastic Places to Nap at Disneyland - Carrier

If you have the tiniest of tadpoles, you might bring a carrier. Mommy Frog says that she used to carry me in a chest carrier when I was a baby. I was so cozy and comfy snuggled up to her that I would fall asleep. She would even wear me on some gentle rides while I napped!

Shady Spots to Nap at Disneyland

If you are looking for some shady spots to rest your eyes for a bit, these are great places to find a bench or grass.

∼Frogtastic∼ Places to Take a Disneyland Nap - toontown

One of the best things for families that came out of the Toontown refurbishment is Popcorn Park. Just past Mickey's House and the popcorn cart is a great place to take a sensory break. There is a shady cave with benches or even turf to sit or lie on. It's a great place to let your small children decompress or have a picnic (or popcorn!) when they are too tired to sit at a table.

The colors are a little more muted and the music is quieter. The whole family will feel refreshed after having some rest time here. Plus, the rest of Toontown is great for kids who need to run around and engage in unstructured playtime. Having to sit still and stand in line is hard work for a toddler! Toontown provides a break.

Downtown Disney also added a grassy park area that is also great for playtime or a nap.

Disney California Adventure has a few peaceful spots to get some shut-eye. Under the Silly Symphony Swings, you’ll find some shaded benches with a nice view. It is not exactly quiet, but you can hear classical music from the ride upstairs, and that might relax you.

Frogtastic Places to Nap at Disneyland - Silly Symphony Swings

My parents and grandparents love to rest on a bench in the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail while Tad and I play. It’s a quiet place with many shady trees to bring your stroller napper, too.

∼Frogtastic∼ Places to Take a Disneyland Nap - toddler in stroller

Critter Country at Disneyland has a lot of shady benches, perfect for resting while others ride rides. Also in Critter Country, you’ll find a shady and peaceful spot under the Hungry Bear Restaurant.

Pirate's Lair on Tom Sawyer Island can get you away from the hustle and bustle of the park. Find a shady bench and kick back for a while.

∼Frogtastic∼ Places to Take a Disneyland Nap - parkingThe parking structures are nice and dark (except for the top floor). Do you have a car sleeper or a tadpole who falls asleep on the drive to the park? It happens to me all the time! I love to sleep in my car seat! Just stay in place until they wake up. Or adults can take a trip out to the car for a rest before heading back into the park for round two! I always seem to fall asleep on the stroller ride to the parking structure (along the new pedestrian path). The shade and breeze in the structure make it a quiet place to rest. Disneyland makes me so tired! But if all else fails, try the parking structure as long as you are not parked on top!

Dark Places with Air Conditioning to Nap at Disneyland

If you are looking for cool, dark places to chill out and rest your eyes, these Disneyland spots are refreshing, especially for adults who need a little catnap. I have to do a little research for when I no longer have my trusty stroller to sink into.

Frogtastic Places to Nap at Disneyland - Moments with Mr. Lincoln

Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln - This dark and cool spot is a nap-time favorite. The lobby (shown above) has benches, which are great for resting, but once you enter the cool, dark theater, you can drift off to dreamland. It's not exactly quiet (earplugs or noise-canceling headphones, anyone?), but it's definitely cool and dark.

Frogtastic Places to Nap at Disneyland - Cinema

Main Street Cinema - Sit on one of many benches in this dark cinema that plays classic Mickey Mouse cartoons. They are mostly silent cartoons, which makes it even more perfect for a quick rest.

At Disney California Adventure:

Shows at the Hyperion - (closed for now)  Here’s your chance to let it go and sit down for well over an hour in a nice, cool dark theater. You'll feel refreshed after the show.

Mickey’s PhilharMagic - This is a cool, dark theater that allows you to rest a bit in the dark.

Frogtastic Places to Nap at Disneyland - Animation Academy

Animation Building - You’ll find many adults on couches or even on the floor just chilling out while they watch the huge animation screens. It's a cool spot to escape the sun. It's also the place to take an art class, meet Anna and Elsa or talk to Crush after you've had a little Disneyland nap.

∼Frogtastic∼ Places to Take a Disneyland Nap - hotel fireplace

Lobby of the Grand Californian (also has a fireplace for cold days) - You can easily hop here from Disney California Adventure Park. Whatever the season, the lobby is a comfy and relaxing place to rest your tired flippers. The AC is cranking in the summer and the big fire with chairs in front of it is comforting in the colder months. The soothing piano music makes it nice and relaxing. There are cartoons for the tadpoles, too, at least in normal times. What's not to love? You can also head out to the patio for some outdoor seating if you want more quiet.

Frogtastic Places to Nap at Disneyland - Heater

Warm Places to Take a Disneyland Nap

It can get chilly at night, especially in the cooler months. Some of the rides that keep you cool during the day can keep you warm at night. You might need to head inside for a nap or find a heater. There are heaters at Rancho del Zocalo, perfect for keeping you toasty, while you allow baby to nap, while also allowing taller party members to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Frogtastic Places to Nap at Disneyland - ParadesNapping While Waiting for Parades and Shows

Sometimes you have to hop in place hours early to catch a parade or get that perfect spot for Fantasmic! or the fireworks. Bring a blanket or beach towel and get some quick shut-eye while you wait. For daytime parades, be sure to pick a shady spot so the sun does not bake you. Psst … those spots go first, so hop in place extra early, which means you’ll have more time to nap.

Napping on Rides at Disneyland

If you really do not want to slow down, or your party just won’t let you, rest your eyes on these rides/attractions:

  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • “it’s a small world”
  • The Enchanted Tiki Room
  • The Disneyland Railroad (ride at a quiet time to stretch out on a bench)
  • The Mark Twain Riverboat
  • The Little Mermaid

Frogtastic Places to Nap at Disneyland - Mark Twain Riverboat

There is something relaxing about being on the water. The Mark Twain Riverboat has some seats both in shady spots and out front with a view. Sit down and take a relaxing ride along the Rivers of America. This is another spot I take my grandparents when I can see that they need a rest.

Frogtastic Places to Nap at Disneyland - Bench

Hop Back to your Hotel Room for Nap Time

One of the advantages of staying at an on-site hotel at Disneyland or at one of the hotels near Disneyland is being able to walk to your room for some shut-eye. Mommy Frog is happy to take me to nap and rest a bit on the hotel bed before hopping back to the park. You can also rest by the pool while other family members cool off in the water. Convenient nap time is just one of the many benefits of staying at a Disneyland Resort hotel!

Hopfully you've found these spots hopful when you need to rest or take a Disneyland nap. If you really like the comfort of your own room when napping, be sure to check out the hoppin' deals on hotel rooms near Disneyland from Undercover Tourist. In case you missed it, your favorite froggy friends now offer discounts at the Disneyland Resort hotels and Disneyland Resort theme park tickets too! Ribbit, ribbit!

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Keep hopping, Lily!
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