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Not-to-Miss Six Flags Magic Mountain Attractions for Thrill Seekers

by Tad on February 9, 2023 Los Angeles   Video

If you're a coaster enthusiast, it doesn't get any better than Six Flags Magic Mountain. The amusement park nestled in beautiful Valencia, Calif. (just north of Los Angeles), holds the world record for the most roller coasters in an amusement park, as well as the undisputed title of "Thrill Capital of the World." The park added its 20th coaster in 2022 — that's more than any other theme park in the world!

This park has plenty of high-thrill roller coasters but also more kids' coasters than any other park in the country. While there are rides for guests who prefer a bit more of a tame experience, thrill lovers will find more must-ride Six Flags Magic Mountain attractions that involve speed, inversions and drops! That's what we go to Magic Mountain for, and that's what we're here to discuss today. Here are a dozen of the most extreme, adrenaline-spiking Six Flags Magic Mountain attractions.

Not-to-Miss Six Flags Magic Mountain Attractions

These thrill coasters are not for the faint-hearted. Let's leap into the list of our favorite not-to-miss Six Flags Magic Mountain attractions, specifically focused on extreme roller coasters and drop rides for thrill seekers.

Not-to-Miss Six Flags Magic Mountain Attractions for Thrill Seekers - Riders on Tatsu

You cannot record video of any kind on any Magic Mountain ride, but we've included some off-ride footage for some of these coasters.

1. X2

For sheer originality, X2 tops our list of not-to-miss Six Flags Magic Mountain attractions. Instead of fixed seats, you'll find 360-degree rotating seats that will have you flipping, literally, as you run through dives, loops and sheer drops at speeds up to 76 mph. Did we mention you're riding backward the entire time? We cannot help but have a laugh on this ride because we never know what to expect next on this unpredictable coaster.

2. Tatsu

Not-to-Miss Six Flags Magic Mountain Attractions for Thrill Seekers - Tatsu Coaster zooms past sign

This face-down, flying coaster offers some of the most amazing views of the park and the surrounding Valencia area. With a 263-foot elevation change over the Six Flags "mountain," Tatsu will have you hitting speeds of 62 mph while racing past trees, earth and rocks!

This is a truly unique experience that makes you feel like you are soaring through the sky! The coaster runs super smoothly on its track and seamlessly completes multiple loops, providing a gliding sensation that guests love. It's one of our all-time favorite coasters. If you cannot get your friends to join you, it has a Single Riders line!

3. Twisted Colossus

Not-to-Miss Six Flags Magic Mountain Attractions for Thrill Seekers - Riders Return on Colossus

In the 2010s, we lamented the closing of Colossus, an iconic wooden racing coaster made famous by the "National Lampoon's Vacation" movie. We jumped for joy when the ride returned with added steel, rolls and spirals, re-themed as Twisted Colossus. For an added twist, you'll take a spin on each track — one blue, one green. This change makes Twisted Colossus the longest hybrid coaster in the world!

4. West Coast Racers

Not-to-Miss Six Flags Magic Mountain Attractions for Thrill Seekers - Coasters race by on West Coast Racers

This is the world’s first single-track, quadruple-launch racing coaster! Following the tradition of Twisted Colossus, this coaster completes two laps, one on each separate track! You'll also hit multiple airtime hills and experience extremely high-banked turns. Reaching speeds up to 55 m.p.h., the coaster also teases riders with exhilarating near-misses with the coaster on the other track. This ride offers four total inversions, including three zero-G rolls and a zero-G stall! Welcome to The Underground!

5. Wonder Woman Flight of Courage

Not-to-Miss Six Flags Magic Mountain Attractions for Thrill Seekers - Entrance of Wonder Woman

The 20th coaster in the park also hoppens to be the tallest and longest single-rail coaster on the planet! You'll sit single file, with views of the park and nobody next to you. The coaster then propels you through the sky over 3,300 feet of track, climbing 13 stories and soaring at speeds up to 58 mph. It's pretty trippy to look ahead and see the narrow single-rail track ahead of you.

Not-to-Miss Six Flags Magic Mountain Attractions for Thrill Seekers - Wonder Woman track

6. The Riddler's Revenge

This villain-themed ride is the world's highest, fastest and longest stand-up roller coaster. Did you catch the part where I said you're standing up? Yes, you'll be in a standing position as you soar to heights of 156 feet and hit loop after loop at 65 mph!

7. Lex Luther: Drop of Doom and Superman: Escape from Krypton

Feel a hop like no other on Lex Luthor's 415-foot tall drop tower. It will lift you up more than 40 stories in the air, then drop you back down at 85 mph. With a drop of 400 feet, it's the third-tallest ride of its kind in the entire world!

Not-to-Miss Six Flags Magic Mountain Attractions for Thrill Seekers - Entrance to Superman

Lex Luthor shares a tower with Superman: Escape from Krypton, even though their entrances are nowhere near each other. On Superman, get ready to go from zero to 100 mph in 7 seconds, because that is what it will take to blast out of Krypton and up to the top of the tower. You'll experience 6.5 seconds of pure weightlessness as you race back down to the ground at 92 mph.

We lumped these two drop rides together. As much as they are fun, these are very short thrills with a long wait and loading time. When lines are long, you might want to choose wisely as they offer quick thrills in relation to the long wait. We can't deny they are a toadal blast though.

8. Goliath

Not to Miss Six Flags Magic Mountain - Goliath

It's called Goliath for a reason! This steel coaster features a 255-foot drop and towers over other some of the other coasters in the park. Goliath also provides guests with a ribbeting experience, as it speeds down the track at 85 mph. For those who do not like inversions, this coaster does not go upside down.

9. Batman: The Ride

Not-to-Miss Six Flags Magic Mountain Attractions for Thrill Seekers - Batman entrance

Snap a photo with the Batmobile before heading into the Batcave, then start officially start your Gotham adventure. Batman is an inverted coaster where your feet dangle below you as you ascend onto the track. After its 105-foot drop, this ride will show you what it feels like to be Batman as you loop and roll through the clouds. It's so much fun! We love how smoothly the coaster glides on the track and the intense G-force (4 Gs!) it causes.

10. Scream

Not-to-Miss Six Flags Magic Mountain Attractions for Thrill Seekers - Scream

With seven intense inversions, this steel coaster is bound to make you scream. Even though the track is beneath you, the floor drops and leaves your feet dangling while you zoom around at 65 mph. This ride tends to be overlooked by Magic Mountain's typical crowds, making it one of the more underrated coasters on the list.

11. Full Throttle

Introduced in 2013, Full Throttle holds the distinction of being the tallest and fastest looping coaster in the world. Hang onto your hat, because you'll be traveling up to 70 mph around a loop measuring 160 feet. Once you experience it the first time, the ride changes direction, sending you through the loop a second time.

12. Apocalypse: The Ride

For old-school coaster fans, Apocalypse fits the bill. This high-speed, wooden coaster takes you through a mind-rattling series of five steep drops, all at 50 mph.

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We hope you've enjoyed our look at the not-to-miss Six Flags Magic Mountain attractions. Ready to go? Buy your tickets here. If you're looking for help planning your trip, start with our Los Angeles Planning Guide, which includes all of the area's major attractions. 

Stay cool!

Keep hopping, Tad!
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