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The Secret History of Disney Rides: Peter Pan's Flight

by Tad on January 25, 2016 7   Video

The Secret History of Disney Rides: Peter Pan's Flight - Secret History of Peter Pan's Flight

Off to Never Land we go! Peter Pan is a classic tale that almost everyone knows. Of course Disney has a classic ride based on the story! The secret history of Peter Pan's Flight is what we're "studying" today (Shhh... I told my mom I was studying when she asked what I was doing on the computer). Let's take our flight to Never Land and see what we can discover.

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The Secret History of Peter Pan's Flight

The Secret History of Disney Rides: Peter Pan's Flight - Peter Pan's Flight

Peter Pan's Flight is one of the original rides at Disneyland to open with the park in 1955. Magic Kingdom's version opened its doors two days after the park's grand opening! According to, the Imagineers assigned to the creation of Disneyland's dark rides, including Herb Ryman, Marvin Davis, Bob Mattey, Claude Coats and Ken Anderson, had a very tight deadline to meet. Since  much of the park wasn't quite ready for the installation of rides, Imagineers had to actually set up a test track in the Disney Studio to test Peter Pan's Flight!

Imagineers Bill Justice and Bill Martin went straight to work on drawings for the Magic Kingdom attraction. Magic Kingdom's Peter Pan's Flight opened with exciting features the Disneyland version didn't yet contain, including the newest Audio-Animatronics, and even had the Indians, Lost Boys and Pirates on the ride. The formatting was very similar to Disneyland's ride with some upgraded effects and additions. One of the most iconic scenes from the Disney animated film was also included on Peter Pan's Flight in Magic Kingdom - Captain Hook in the grasp of the Crocodile!

The Secret History of Disney Rides: Peter Pan's Flight - Peter Pan's FlightOriginally, Imagineers envisioned guests experiencing the flight through Peter Pan's perspective. However, when guests first started sailing to Never Land, they often questioned why Peter Pan wasn't seen on the attraction. It wasn't until the 1983 refurbishment that he was finally added to the Disneyland version as an Audio-Animatronic. Now you can also fly to Never Land aboard Peter Pan's Flight at Disneyland Paris (opened on April 12, 1922) and Tokyo Disneyland (April 15, 1983).

Peter Pan's Flight Fun Facts

  • Via, you're actually only about 17 feet off the ground while flying through Peter Pan's Flight. The tiny-sized models below give you the effect of flying high in the sky!
  • Magic Kingdom's version of Peter Pan's Flight went through a refurbishment in 2015 that jazzed up its queue. The queue is now interactive and travels inside, where guests can get a close look at Wendy, John and Michael's bedrooms.
  • Look for a hidden word in the nursery scene's blocks! You might see "Disney" spelled out.
  • While Disneyland's pirate ships stop at the platform to load, Magic Kingdom's ships are on an Omnimover system (like the Haunted Mansion), so they continuously move!
  • How do they make the volcano in Never Land seem like its bubbling? By using tiny styrofoam balls and blowing air on them!
  • Disneyland's version also went through an extensive refurbishment in 2015; the new additions include the Darling children in the nursery now fly with you, a repaint and more special effects.
  • According to, up until 2015, the clouds floating over London were actually just plastic bags!

Peter Pan's Flight is one of my favorite Disney rides and always will be; there's just something about it that's magicalBe sure to check out our Peter Pan's Flight wait times, ride details and more! What are some of your favorite things about the classic dark ride? Let us know in the comments below!

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Stay cool!

Keep hopping, Tad!
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Aug 22, 2018 at 3:52 a.m. Suzi Says...

If a child in your party is dressed up as any character from Peter Pan they (along with everyone else in party - for us it was 7) are allowed to join fast pass queue without a ticket even after fast passes have run out.

Aug 22, 2018 at 10:02 a.m. FrogBlog Says...

Hi Suzi!

So cool you got to experience this. We're not sure if this is an all-the-time rule, but definitely an awesome Magical Moment!

Stay cool!


Nov 19, 2016 at 7:50 p.m. Dexter Francis Says...

Peter Pan in Orlando is a suspended track, so it's not technically correct to refer to it an an omni-mover. The ride system was created by Arrow Development in Mountain View CA, which also provided six of the original Disneyland ride systems.

Nov 22, 2016 at 1:55 p.m. FrogBlog Says...

Hi Dexter,

Thanks! Disney also refers to it as an Omnimover system since it's a continuously moving vehicle system. The term was coined by the Imagineers!

Stay cool!


Nov 5, 2016 at 9:55 a.m. Carlos Medina Says...

I like Peter Pan's flight because you can fly with peter pan

Jun 24, 2016 at 11:33 p.m. Beth Says...

I think the version in Disneyland Paris probably opened a little later than 1922, but I am not sure what the actual year was!

Jul 25, 2017 at 5:20 a.m. Liz Says...


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