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The ~Berry~ Best Treats at Knott's Berry Farm

by Mommy Frog on May 19, 2023
2 Los Angeles

Best Treats at Knott's - PinterestThe best Knott’s Berry Farm treats are those that you cannot get anywhere else. Yes, you can get your typical theme park popcorn, pretzels, pickles and churros. But then there are the classic Knott’s Berry Farm treats that are made on-site or are inspired by the berry that started it all, the boysenberry. That's what we're talking about! During the many Knott’s Berry Farm events, look for limited-time treats to add to this list, but these Snoopy-approved treats from the Old West are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

The Best Knott’s Berry Farm Treats

From boysenberry baked goods, to churros made on-site, to special drinks made just for you, Knott's has some of the best theme park treats. Here are a few of our Frog Family favorites.

Boysenberry-Inspired Knott’s Berry Farm Treats

Walter Knott was the first farmer to cultivate the boysenberry. This delicious cross between a raspberry, blackberry and loganberry is a huge part of Knott’s history. That’s why you’ll find all kinds of boysenberry desserts and savory dishes. Here are our favorite year-round treats with a boysenberry flair.

Best Treats at Knott's - Boysenberry Pie

The treats at the Ghost Town Bakery are budget-friendly and oh-so-yummy. You don’t even have to enter the park to get in on the goodness at the Knott's Berry Farm Bakery, which is in the Marketplace outside the park. If you love boysenberry as much as we do, then definitely plan to visit during the Boysenberry Festival in spring for a variety of boysenberry foods and treats.

Best Treats at Knott's - Boysenberry Pie with Ice CreamBoysenberry Pie

You can get this delicious pie by the slice, as a whole pie to take home or the cutest lattice-crust mini-pie at Charleston Circle Coffee. (It’s the perfect size for sharing with a friend or loved one in the park). But our favorite has to be a warm slice of boysenberry pie with a scoop of ice cream at Ghost Town Grill. Our server recommended it heated and we thank her for the tip!

Boysenberry Tart

When you want a little bite of that delicious boysenberry pie filling, this does the trick.

Boysenberry Cheesecake

Boysenberry and cheesecake — these two go together so well! We were hoppily surprised at how much we enjoyed this treat. Just yum!

Best Treats at Knott's - Boysenberry Cheesecake and Boysenberry Tart

Boysenberry Macaroon 

If you need a gluten-friendly choice, then this purple frosted boysenberry macaroon hits the spot (and your wallet) at under $3.

House-Made Churros and Frozen Treats at Knott's Berry Farm

Handmade Churros and Mexican Desserts

Best Treats at Knott's - The Churro Sundae from Gourmet Churro Factory

Even though you can get pre-made churros at the Cave Inn in Camp Snoopy (same brand as the ones sold at Disneyland, BTW), the Ghost Town Gourmet Churro Factory rolls, cranks and fries up fresh churros from scratch. You can order hot churros stuffed with boysenberry, strawberry or Bavarian cream. The churro sundae is covered in ice cream and boysenberry (or strawberry or seasonal) topping with whipped cream.

The ~Berry~ Best Treats at Knott's Berry Farm-Oreo churro

You can also get churros at the new Casa California restaurant in Fiesta Village. It serves traditional and flavored churros, such as Oreo churros. You can also find tradtional Mexican desserts there, such as concha de café de olla, cupcakesito and chocoflan.

The ~Berry~ Best Treats at Knott's Berry Farm-Mexican desserts


Best Treats at Knott's - Cookiewich in Ghost Town

Also at Mix-It-Up Ice Cream Shop, take on the Cookiewich Challenge. Get vanilla or boysenberry soft-serve pressed between two cookies. It's big enough to share. Grab extra napkins for this treat. You can also find the cookiewich (and funnel cake) outside the park entrance at Cable Car Kitchen, along with more cookie and ice cream flavor options (including boysenberry sherbet).

Boysenberry Dippin’ Dots

Knott's is the only place you'll find this special flavor of Dippin' Dots!

Funnel Cake at Knott's Berry Farm

Best Treats at Knott's - Kids with Funnel Cake

As a small froglet, I had my first funnel cake at Knott’s Berry Farm and I have come to associate this fried delight with the park ever since. And good thing as there are three places to get funnel cake in the park. (Plus one just outside the park exit.) I like mine loaded with ice cream and boysenberry topping, but you can get strawberry and seasonal toppings as well.

Knott’s Berry Farm Treats at the Ghost Town Candy Store

Best Treats at Knott's - Nuts

Hop by the Ghost Town candy shop and take a whiff of that mouth-watering aroma. Are they making Cinnamon-Glazed Nuts? Grab a bag of almonds, cashews or pecans. These protein-rich delicious hot treats taste as good as they smell. You want to get them fresh, and if you can't decide which ones to get, you can purchase two bags for $10 vs. one bag for $7.50. This is also the place to pick up flavorful fudge (buy four, get two free) or fill a bag of saltwater taffy.

PEANUTS-themed Treats at Knott's Berry Farm

Best Treats at Knott's - PEANUTS Cookies

Keep an eye out for PEANUTS-themed treats at Knott’s. You’ll see the most during the PEANUTS Celebration in late January through early March, but there are some year-round yummies, especially in the bakeries. You can pick up a Snoopy cookie at the bakeries or at Charleston Circle Coffee year-round. Check the Knott's Berry Farm Bakery outside the park after you exit the park for a larger selection (and to pick up a great treat to take home). We recently had a Charlie Brown Lemon Ding Dong. Yum!

When Snoopy popcorn buckets are on sale, they sell out quickly. These puppies are good for $2 popcorn refills. We are still trying to snag one of our own.

Best Knott’s Beverages

Best Treats at Knott's - Knott's SassparillaThere are a few unique sweet drinks we consider as treats at Knott's.

Knott’s Sassparilla

You can get a bottle of Knott’s Sarsaparilla from the candy shop. Flavors include Original, Boysenberry and Peppermint. At the table-service Ghost Town Grill, we enjoy a nice Sarsaparilla Float with our meal. You can also get Sassparilla (and boysenberry punch) at the Saloon.

Calico Soda

Hop through the swinging doors of the Old West Saloon to watch your barkeep make up your Boysenberry Cream Soda right in front of you! You get to keep the souvenir plastic mason jar mug.

Boysenberry Icee

Best Treats at Knott's - Boysenberry IceeGet a refreshing boysenberry Icee at a few locations in the park. You can add ice cream to make it into a float at Mix-It-Up Ice Cream Shop.

Keep in mind that there are other great must-try Knott’s Berry Farm food and restaurants. If you want to try a lot of foods in one day, get the premium all-day dining plan, which includes a meal or snack every 90 minutes and a beverage every 15 minutes. We recommend this plan for during the week or at quieter times, though, as food lines can get long on weekends or holidays.

Do you have any favorite Knott's Berry Farm treats? Share them in the comments below. Be sure to purchase your flexible-date Knott's Berry Farm tickets from Undercover Tourist. 

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Hoppy planning!

Keep hopping, Mommy Frog!
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Aug 24, 2023 at 4:51 p.m.
WL Says...

Are the above drinks all covered on the Premium Drink plan? Or the premium dining plan if food?

Aug 29, 2023 at 8:37 a.m.
FrogBlog Says...

Hi WL!

The current drink plan is for fountain sodas only. In 2024, there will be a new Season Pass Drink Plan+ that includes fountain sodas, ICEEs, hot chocolate and coffee (which might include the boysenberry ICEE). The Knott's Sassparilla and Calico Soda would not be included.

Hoppy planning!

Mommy Frog


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