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~Toadally~ Must-Try Eats at Knott's Berry Farm

by Mommy Frog on July 21, 2021 Los Angeles

Knott's Berry Farm Food - PinterestWhen we think of Knott’s Berry Farm, of course, the roller coasters, Ghost Town and Peanuts characters come to mind. However, we also start salivating because Knott’s Berry Farm has the best food. It makes sense as Knott’s got its start as a berry farm, and then Cordelia Knott started a tea room. Once she started frying up chicken dinners for hungry guests, though, people lined up for hours to get in. Walter Knott built the Ghost Town area to entertain people while they waited to eat. So, you see, it all started with food! Luckily, food remains a priority at Knott’s, from boysenberry-inspired sweet and savory dishes, to barbecue, to treats.

It can be challenging to choose where to eat at theme parks. How do you know if the corn dogs or BBQ are as delicious as they smell, or if that ice cream sandwich is really as refreshing as your froglets think it will be? If you’re a frog foodie, you’re probably hoping to try the food the theme park is most known for. Hoppily, we have you covered in that department and taking a look at the must-try Knott's Berry Farm foods. Keep in mind that you can taste even more seasonal deliciousness when you attend one of the Knott's Berry Farm events.

Knott's Berry Farm Food - Chicken on the Grill

Classic Knott's Berry Farm Foods at Table-Service Restaurants

Knott's has several table-service restaurants both inside and outside of the park. We'll start with the original because that's really what led to the Ghost Town being created, and eventually, the theme park being built.

Mrs. Knott's Fried Chicken Dinner (The California Marketplace)

Knott's Berry Farm got its start not with rides, but with a restaurant: Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant. It's located just outside of the theme park gates, so you don't even need a park ticket to dig in. You can even order full chicken dinners to-go! (Sometimes we grab a bucket of chicken from the to-go restaurant next door on our way to the car after a day in the theme park!)

We recommend going with the restaurant’s namesake and choosing the Fried Chicken Dinner option for the whole family. Once seated, frog parents and froglets can feast on freshly baked biscuits, creamy mashed potatoes, healthy vegetables, and, of course, fried chicken galore. The fried chicken recipe has stayed the same since the very beginning — just one bite and you’ll see why!

Knott's Berry Farm Food - Burgers at Ghost Town GrillBurgers at Ghost Town Grill (Ghost Town)

Ghost Town Grill is an ideal spot for lunch inside Knott's Berry Farm. The table-service restaurant has indoor and patio seating with a view of the action in Ghost Town. Frog families will think they’ve stepped inside a classic Western frontier set, minus the rowdy cowboys and the addition of air-conditioning!

While there are many dishes to choose from, such as steaks, sandwiches and salads, we recommend frog parents dive into the Gold Rush Burger: a ⅓ pound charbroiled all-beef patty, cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, BBQ sauce and onion rings, plus a side of crispy hot fries.

If you’re a vegetarian or vegan frog family, don’t worry! There are pizzas, sandwiches and salads to choose from as well. We love the Sarsaparilla float and turkey pasty.

The “Little Wrangler” food options for froglets all come with apple slices or fries, a tadpole-sized beverage and a scoop of ice cream for dessert. Froglets can pick between a hamburger, hot dog or chicken tenders. (We recommend the chicken tenders as they’re the most finger-food-friendly!)

While waiting for our main courses to come through, we like to indulge in an appetizer or two for ourselves and the kids. The carne asada nacho fries — fries doused in gravy, sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo and cheese — are one of the most popular picks.

The Best Knott's Berry Farm Foods at Quick-Service Restaurants

Knott's Berry Farm Food - Chicken and Corn-on-the-Cob

When you do not have time sit and dine, you'll find these favorites at quick-service restaurants around the theme park.

Knott's Berry Farm Food - Boysenbery Meatballs with Slaw and Cornbread at Boardwalk BBQBarbecue at Boardwalk BBQ and Fireman's BBQ 

In Ghost Town, you can find tasty barbecue chicken and ribs at Fireman's BBQ. Grab a plate and some corn on the cob or slaw and garlic bread, and park yourself at a picnic table. We have found the food to be surprisingly good.

Over in the Boardwalk area, you can find savory smokehouse sausages, pulled pork, rotisserie chicken and more paired with classic side dishes such as flavored mac and cheese dishes, baked beans and cornbread at Boardwalk BBQ. Our favorite? The tangy boysenberry meatballs! When given the option, always choose boysenberry-based dishes at Knott's! Even if you choose another entree, you can pick up some boysenberry BBQ sauce at the register for dipping.

Tater Tots at Calico Tater Bites

Load up the tots at this Ghost Town stop, just inside of the park entrance. We like the BBQ pulled pork tots, but you can choose from Calico chili cheese tots, Buffalo chicken tender tots, mac and cheese tots, pastrami tots and other seasonal favorites.

Knott's Berry Farm Food - Carne Asada Fries at La Papa Loca

Speaking of loading up hot potatoes with yummy goodness, La Papa Loca in Fiesta Village has french fries with toppings. Choose from carne asada, Cubano fries, nacho cheese, waffle fries, and chili cheese fries. (But if you have to make a choice, go for the tots at Calico Tater Bites.)

Knott's Berry Farm Food - Boysenberry Corn DogCorndogs from Strictly-On-A-Stick 

Where else can you find a boysenberry corn dog? We love the combination of sweet boysenberry cornbread and delicious hot dog all packaged up for eating on the go. (Pssst ... if you do not want the accompanying fries, you can order the corn dog a la carte to save a few dollars. Save the fry calories for the Calico Tater Bites or La Papa Loca instead.) You can find Strictly-On-A-Stick directly across from the Timber Mountain Log Ride. If you have picky eaters, you can get them popcorn chicken here too.

Limited-Time Offerings at Wilderness Broiler

What is it about limited-time foods that make them taste so good? Wilderness Broiler has grilled hamburgers and a spicy chicken sandwich all the time, but the limited-time offerings are where it's at. Plus this is a nice quiet area of the park to relax and eat at a picnic table.

Classic Knott's Berry Farm Desserts

If you have a sweet tooth, here are your must-try treats at Knott's Berry Farm.

Knott's Berry Farm Food - Loaded Funnel Cake with Boysenberry at Knott's

Loaded Funnel Cake at Sutter’s Funnel Cake, Log Ride Funnel Cake or Ghost Town Grub (Ghost Town): One of the most beloved food items at the park, the Fully Loaded Funnel Cake, is a must-try, even if it's just a few bites per frog! This powdered sugar crispy treat comes with a boysenberry, strawberry or apple topping and a swirly, creamy mountain of vanilla ice cream in the center of it all. (You might want to wait until after riding the Timber Mountain Log Ride for this treat, especially if you have tadpoles with sensitive stomachs!)

Knott's Berry Farm Foods - Boysenberry Pie Boysenberry Pie: Walter Knott was the first to cultivate boysenberries, taking a few struggling plants from Mr. Boysen and making them flourish. People came from all over to buy these big juicy berries from the Knott's Berry Farm stand. This influence can be seen throughout the park in the various jams, drinks and desserts, but our personal recommendation is the Boysenberry Pie, located in bakeries, Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant and the Ghost Town Grill.

Served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, this sweet treat is perfect for froglets and frog parents alike. You can even get whole pies or slices to go from the Farm Bakery (along with other yummy goodies, such as Snoopy cookies, cakes and more).

If you love boysenberries as much as we do, you'll want to hop by the Boysenberry Festival in the spring. This popular Knott's Berry Farm event serves up sweet and savory dishes inspired by this versatile berry!

Knott's Berry Farm Food - Cookiewich in Ghost Town

Ice Cream at Mix-It-Up Ice Cream Shop: Take on the cookiewich challenge. It's either vanilla or boysenberry ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies. It's so big our whole family shares one! Grab extra napkins. You'll need them.

Knott's Berry Farm Food - The Churro Sundae from Gourmet Churro Factory

Churros from Gourmet Churro Factory: What theme park visit is complete without a churro? The Gourmet Churro Factory makes them from scratch. You can get yours stuffed with boysenberry, strawberry or Bavarian cream. Ask for seasonal flavors. If you cannot decide between a churro or ice cream, you can get the best of both worlds with the churro sundae. I'll take mine with boysenberry topping, please!

Knott's Dining Plans

The only thing we frogs love more than eating is saving money. Not only do we like saving some green with our discounted Knott's tickets, but we also save on food when we visit by purchasing in advance. Whether you have a one-day ticket or a season pass, you can purchase a single meal or all-day dining plan online before you visit. To get a sense of what's on the plan, hop over to the meal plan guide.

The All-Day Dining Plan allows you to get an entree and side every 90 minutes. It's a great way to taste your way around the park, especially if you have someone to share it with you.

The All-Day Dining Premium comes with a souvenir bottle and either an entree with a side or a snack every 90 minutes. The souvenir bottle gives you free refills every 15 minutes that day. If you plan to visit another day that season, you can bring the bottle back for $1 refills.

If that sounds like more than your belly can handle, you can purchase just the souvenir bottle separately or get a Single Meal Deal to save a few dollars on a meal (an entree, side and drink in the park).

Season passholders have options to add All-Season Dining, which allows for lunch and dinner (four hours apart) each visit. There are All-Season Drink Refill plans as well. You'll want to purchase early in the season before they sell out and maximize your usage.

Dining with Special Needs or Allergies

It's frustrating to want to dig into delicious Knott's Berry Farm foods when you have special dietary needs. The Knott's dining page mentions whether or not there are vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free options at each location. You can also visit the Dietary Needs page for more detailed information including egg-free, peanut-free and dairy-free offerings (and more). If someone in your party has a severe food allergy, contact the park at 714-220-5092 or email [email protected] prior to visiting for more information about available options.

That wraps up our Knott's Berry Farm food picks, but there are plenty of other treats to choose from at this classic theme park! Headed to sunny LA with your frogtastic family? You'll find travel tips and resources inside our Los Angeles Planning Guide. Did you know you can save money on Knott's Berry Farm tickets when you buy from your favorite froggy friends?

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Hoppy planning!

Keep hopping, Mommy Frog!
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