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NYC Ghosts Tour

Washington Square North New York, NY 70116

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When you think of New York City you may think of the hustle and bustle but most don’t think about the dark history that lurks under the narrow streets. The city has a rich and ruthless history that is ripe with horrific events and surrounding ghostly sightings. This tour covers centuries of history and takes you to haunted locations throughout Greenwich Village.

Hop on this toadally spine-chilling walking tour to unearth a side of Greenwich Village that is often kept from the public…for good reason. You’ll visit a variety of haunted locations including The Jefferson Market Library, The Triangle Factory Fire, and Mark Twain’s House of Death, and hear the most researched, up-to-date and authentic “ghost stories” from each location. It’s a history lesson with frighteningly true details and you’ll walk the very paths tragic history once lived…and still lives on. Book your tour today to experience all the thrills, chills and fun New York City has to offer!

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