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Where to Find the Best Drinks with Alcohol at Disneyland

by Leap on September 12, 2023 Los Angeles

The Best Drinks With Alcohol at Disneyland - pinterestUntil recently, it was considered a difficult task to find alcoholic drinks in Disneyland Park. If you wanted a themed drink, beer or glass of wine, you needed to head to Disney California Adventure Park, Downtown Disney or a hotel. But all of that changed when Oga's Cantina opened in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge in 2019. Later, in 2021, the Blue Bayou restaurant added boozy drinks to its mouth-watering menu.

And now, there is even hoppier news! As of Sept. 12, 2023, three more table-service restaurants at Disneyland sell themed alcoholic drinks, beer and wine. We frogs were there for, you know ... research, of course. At Disney California Adventure, both table-service and quick-service restaurants already sell adult beverages, so it's frogciting to see that Disneyland Park is moving in a similar direction!

Let's go over some of the fun drinks, hard floats and alcohol at Disneyland Park. And if you aren't much of a drinker, but love a good themed beverage, let me direct you to our Disneyland mocktails post.

Alcohol at Disneyland Park

The number of locations selling adult beverages at Disneyland continues to grow! Let's start off with the newest changes at Disneyland Park. As of Sept. 12, 2023, three table-service restaurants have added some new menu items, including adult beverages:

Carnation Café

Where to Find the Best Drinks with Alcohol at Disneyland - Peach Pie Margarita

Enjoy a Bloody Mary (with bacon and celery garnish) or mimosa/sparkling wine with breakfast. The Bloody Mary and the Peach Pie Margarita are available for lunch and dinner. The margarita is made with Patron Silver Tequila, peach purée, sweet & sour mix, lime juice and a lime garnish. It's very sweet and tastes like peach pie. (There is a slice of actual peach pie on the menu now, and it's really good.) The tadpoles can say "cheers" with a nonalcoholic orange cream soda option.

River Belle Terrace

Where to Find the Best Drinks with Alcohol at Disneyland - Wildberry Mule

New drinks at this eatery include an alcoholic Wildberry Mule and a nonalcoholic Mississippi Mud Pie. (It tastes like an Oreo cookie soda.) Beer and wine are also available. The Wildberry Mule is nice. It contains Tito's Handmade Vodka, blackberry purée, lime and ginger syrup and blackberries.

Café Orleans

Where to Find the Best Drinks with Alcohol at Disneyland - punch and hurricane

Where to Find the Best Drinks with Alcohol at Disneyland - blue bayou drinksThe new menu at Cafe Orleans in New Orleans Square includes new drinks, such as a House Hurricane (alcoholic) and Bayou Punch (nonalcoholic) with a gummy alligator, as well as a fine beer and wine selection.

The House Hurricane cocktail has become the new Frog parent favorite, while the tadpoles got a kick out of the gummy alligator that is included with the nonalcoholic Bayou Punch drink.

The House Hurricane is fruity, tropical and refreshing. It's made with Pimm's No. I, Bacardi Superior Rum, orange juice, strawberry purée, sweet & sour simple syrup and an orange garnish. The Bayou Punch, which includes lemonade, orange juice and strawberry purée, is an excellent option for the tadpoles, or for adult frogs who aren't too keen on alcohol but still want to be a part of the dining experience!


Some places have been serving alcohol at Disneyland Park for a few years now:

Blue Bayou

You can enjoy wine, specialty beers and a signature Hurricane cocktail. You can also sip on a refillable nonalcoholic mint julep, a seasonal mint julep and a Louisiana lemonade. Spring for a glow cube in this dark restaurant to set a fun vibe.

Oga's Cantina

The Best Drinks With Alcohol at Disneyland - drinks at Oga's Cantina

Make a reservation or join the walk-up list for this themed bar. The colorful drinks are out of this world. You can learn more about them, their nonalcoholic versions and snacks to pair them with in our Oga's Cantina post.

Club 33

This private club within Disneyland has sold alcohol for many years, but very few have gained access to this exclusive location.

Unfrogtunately, none of the quick-service restaurants at Disneyland Park sell alcohol.

Alcohol at Disney California Adventure Park

The Best Drinks With Alcohol at Disneyland - Mimosas at Food and WineThis park hosts events such as the Food and Wine Festival, Lunar New Year and the Festival of Holidays, all of which offer special food and beverage items from festival booths, plus special seasonal items from select restaurants. But you can also order beer, wine and cocktails at all table-service locations and most quick-service locations in this park year-round. Even some carts and snack locations sell adult beverages. Some of the drinks are themed, and there are even hidden drink menus to excite those in the know.

Because there are so many to choose from, we cannot cover them all! You can find all the menus in the Disneyland app to pinpoint the perfect drink for you. With that being said, we can still call your attention to a few frog parent favorites (or just fun drinks you won't necessarily find anywhere else). There are also a few new drinks and food items in San Fransokyo Square! You can use the mobile order service to skip the lines at quick-service locations.

Restaurants with Bars at Disney California Adventure

The Best Drinks With Alcohol at Disneyland - The Sequel at Lamplight Lounge

The Best Drinks With Alcohol at Disneyland - Double Pear Martini at Carthay CircleThey mix the cocktails at these table-service locations:

  • Lamplight Lounge and Boardwalk Dining at Lamplight Lounge — Enjoy Pixar-themed beverages and great views of Paradise Bay. My wife, Flora, likes the bubbly Sequel with dry ice. Hop over to our secret menu post for some secret drink suggestions. During brunch, we love to sip on a mimosa flight and a Cinnamon Toast Cocktail.
  • Magic Key Terrace (for Magic Key holders and their guests) — Order drinks themed to classic old Disney attractions.
  • Carthay Circle Lounge — Take a step back to the Golden Age of Hollywood with these drinks in a swanky lounge setting or outdoor patio. Flora enjoys the Double Pear Martini, but there are a lot of nice drinks here.
  • Wine Country Trattoria — This outdoor Italian restaurant offers Italian cocktails, wine flights, sangria, beer and a classy atmosphere to accompany your meal.

Where to Find the Best Drinks with Alcohol at Disneyland - Cocktails at Wine Country Trattoria

The Best Drinks With Alcohol at Disneyland - Brunch drinks at Lamplight lounge

Quick-Service Bars and Hard Floats

  • Hollywood Lounge — This quick-service location sells a lot of beverages, especially Micheladas, seasonal cocktails and beer.
  • Pym's Tasting Lab — All the drinks are pre-mixed at this quick-service location. Watch the beers get filled from the bottom. Enjoy beer cocktails, a pint-size mini flight with a souvenir ruler board and mini steins, and cocktails with popping boba.
  • Bayside Brews — Visit this spot for Micheladas, lagers and hard cider. Don't froget about the Mickey pretzels!
  • Port of San Fransokyo Cervecería — Taste a Karl Strauss lager, as well as an assortment of ales and hard seltzer.
  • Clarabelle's — This ice cream shop is not a bar at all, but it offers hard floats. You can add a scoop or an actual ice cream bar to dark beer or hard cider.

The Best Drinks With Alcohol at Disneyland - Hard float


Flora enjoys a nice, themed cocktail every once in a while. Here are a few locations where you can get fun drinks at Disney California Adventure:

The Best Drinks With Alcohol at Disneyland - Peanut Butter whiskey

These may not be on your radar:

  • Cozy Cone Motel 4 — Peanut Butter Whiskey Cocktail (Yum!) with peanut butter whiskey, peanut butter syrup, vanilla ice cream, almond milk, cinnamon sugar, whipped cream and peanut butter drizzle. This is so good if you are a peanut butter lover. You can also get vodka lemonades and other adult drinks here.

Where to Find the Best Drinks with Alcohol at Disneyland - Orange Cone-sicle

  • Cozy Cone 1 — Orange Cone-sicle with orange-vanilla cream slush, vanilla vodka and whipped cream. Be careful with this Creamsicle-flavored drink because you will not taste the alcohol.

The Best Drinks With Alcohol at Disneyland - Strawberry Lychee at Lucky Fortune

  • Lucky Fortune Cookery — Wash down tasty Asian fusion dishes (such as beef birria ramen) with a sweet Strawberry Lychee Cocktail.

The Best Drinks With Alcohol at Disneyland - Melon tequila drink

The Best Drinks With Alcohol at Disneyland - Drinks at Adorable Snowman

  • Grab margaritas and tequila-based drinks at Ritas Turbine Blenders and Cocina Cucamonga, as well as a new Melon Cocktail.
  • Aunt Cass Café — Peach Soju Citrus Cocktail, a new citrus beverage with peach-flavored soju
  • Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats — The Pixar Pier Frosty Parfait with Blue Curaçao with lemon soft-serve or the It's Chile-Lime Mango Margarita with mango soft-serve are perfect frozen drinks on a hot day.


When in California, you must go wine tasting, and you can do it inside the theme park!

  • Mendocino Terrace — Pair your reds, whites, rosés or bubblies with a cheese and fruit plate.
  • Sonoma Terrace — You can get wine, beer and pre-made cocktails here. Look for seasonal items, especially during festivals.

Best Places to Get a Drink in Downtown Disney

Downtown Disney is in transition as new restaurants are under construction, but these are some spots where we like to grab a refreshing drink (they are all family-friendly).

  • Ballast Point has an on-site brewery. Enjoy your drinks with tasty food on the rooftop patio.
  • Naples Ristorante e Bar has a lovely outside bar and restaurant where you can enjoy cocktails, wine and beer.
  • Black Tap offers quick-service food, beer, wine and craft cocktails, not to mention the Crazy Shake milkshakes your kids will go bananas for.
  • Splitsville: Share a bowl drink or sip a cocktail, handcrafted spirit, beer or wine. Enjoy live music or maybe even bowl a round while you are there.

Best Disneyland Hotel Bars

The Best Drinks With Alcohol at Disneyland - GCH Bar

The Best Drinks With Alcohol at Disneyland - Trader Sam's Dole Whip Rum FloatThe most fun bar at Disneyland Resorts is, no doubt, Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar at the Disneyland Hotel. You'll want to get a reservation to dine inside and see the magic take place. We have a whole post on Trader Sam's if you want to learn more. But you can still get the drinks and food when seated outside or at the next-door Tangaroa Terrace. Besides the themed drinks, some of which magically make things happen inside the bar, you can also get Dole whip floats with rum at these locations.

Next up is the GCH Crafstman Bar. This poolside bar has all the vacation feels (even if you're a local) and good food. It's located just inside the theme park entrance to the hotel from Disney California Adventure.

We also love Hearthstone Lounge off the hotel lobby. It's a low-key quiet spot that's good for unwinding at the end of a long day in the theme parks. And you can get your kids a late-night grilled cheese snack here while you relax with a cold beverage.

Did you hear the news? Disneyland Hotel is getting a new bar and lounge near the lobby. It's located where Steakhouse 55 used to be and will be a seasonal bar and lounge. It will have a lighter and brighter design than the dark steakhouse. More news to come on this developing story, so stay tuned froggy friends!

So which drinks with alcohol at Disneyland are going on your must-try list? Drinks are not necessarily the cheapest things on the menu, but we can help you save some money on discount theme park tickets, hotel stays and rental cars, so you can add your savings to your food and beverage budget. Glad we can help!

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Keep hopping!

Keep hopping, Leap!
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