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Where to Find The Best Mocktails at Disneyland

by Mommy Frog on August 1, 2023 Los Angeles

Mocktails at Disneyland - Pinterest imageThe best mocktails at Disneyland are those nonalcoholic unique drinks that you and the tadpoles can enjoy. They feel extra special and get those vacation vibes going. Now, what exactly are we calling a mocktail? At Disneyland, there are a ton of tasty nonalcoholic beverages, but that doesn’t necessarily make them mocktails in our book. We had to narrow down the list to those drinks that are highly themed or most resemble an actual cocktail. As for the other super fun and colorful Dole Whip Floats, frozen concoctions, shakes and our favorite, the Frosty Pixar Pier Parfait? Hop over to our Disneyland ice cream and frozen treats post since we think of those as desserts and treats. Today, we are sticking to drinks!

The Best Mocktails at Disneyland

Let's jump into Disneyland, Disney California Adventure and the hotels to find the best mocktails at Disneyland. One of the things we love about drinking mocktails at Disneyland is that we can get that bar/lounge feel for one-half to one-third of the cost of adult drinks. Small bar tabs and saving money is where Leap finds his buzz.

The Best Mocktails at Disneyland - Toydaria SwirlStar Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

This land has a lot of our favorite go-to nonalcoholic drinks and juices.

Milk Stand

The tadpoles and their light side and dark side cousins cannot visit without getting some Blue Milk from the Milk Stand. Are you a Blue Milk or a Green Milk fan? To be honest, I was not a fan of either until I tried the Toydaria Swirl, which is Green Milk swirled with a savory fruit sauce and mango jellies and topped with chili lime seasoning. It was a game-changer for me. This combination just works and it looks toadally cool to see.

Docking Bay 7

It’s all about the Moof Juice in our family. It’s a fruity drink (think a less-red Hawaiian Punch). But if you are a coffee drinker, it’s all about the Cold Brew Black Caf.

Oga’s Cantina

The Best Mocktails at Disneyland - Jabba Juice

Oga’s Cantina is one of two spots in the park that sells alcohol (except for the private Club 33). The list of concoctions without alcohol is almost as long as the list of drinks with alcohol. That means there are a lot of fun drinks the whole family can try. Here are a few we enjoy:

  • Blue Bantha – Cold Blue milk (instead of frozen) and topped with a cookie
  • Cliff Dweller – One of our Frog Family favorites has citrus juices, coconut, hibiscus grenadine and ginger ale. You can order it with or without a souvenir Porg Mug to save a lot of money.
  • Hyperdrive (Punch It!) – This popular mocktail has Powerade Mountain Berry Blast, white cranberry juice, black cherry puree and Sprite
  • Jabba Juice – Simply Orange with pineapple, kiwi, cantaloupe and blueberry flavor-filled boba (as seen above). This drink used to come with dry ice, which made the drink bubble and the boba dance around. It was a lot of fun. But it's still our favorite mocktail at Oga's Cantina.

There are more teas and nonalcoholic beverages in this exotic land far, far away, but the ones we mentioned are what we find ourselves coming back to again and again.

New Orleans Square

The Best Mocktails at Disneyland - Mint Julep

One of the best-known and most-loved mocktails at Disneyland is the Mint Julep. Nothing goes down better on a hot day than this sweet, thirst-quenching beverage. You can get this mocktail (along with Mickey-shaped beignets) at the Mint Julep Bar, but if one cup is never enough for you, order it at a table-service restaurant such as Café Orleans or Blue Bayou because it’s refillable there! Make Leap proud and get the most for your money.

Blue Bayou and Mint Julep Bar have seasonal juleps as well if you want a little color and to try a new flavor. The tadpoles love adding a glow cube to their Mint Julep in the perpetual twilight lightning of Blue Bayou restaurant.


The Best Mocktails at Disneyland - Jungle Julep

In Adventureland, look no further than the Jungle Julep at Bengal Barbecue. This refreshing slushy drink has the flavors of pineapple, orange, grape and lemon juices. With a paper umbrella, orange wedge and greenery, it feels fancy too.

Main Street U.S.A.

Where to Find The Best Mocktails at Disneyland - Mixed Berry Wagonade

The Little Red Wagon cart — known for its piping-hot corndogs — has one of the most refreshing mocktails. The Mixed Berry Wagonade is a sweet lemonade with blueberries and strawberries.

The Best Mocktails at Disney California Adventure

Disney California Adventure actually has drinks with alcohol across the park, but there are still some great nonalcoholic choices for those who are looking for mocktails.

Lamplight Lounge and Lamplight Lounge Boardwalk Dining

The Best Mocktails at Disneyland - Lamplight Lounge

This location has several mocktails on the menu. Here are some we liked:

  • Mint to be – This is like a mojito with Simply Limeade, watermelon and berry puree and fresh mint topped with soda water. It’s light and not too sweet (and shown on the left).
  • 2319 – If you like frozen and sweet, then this is your drink. Fans of Monsters Inc. may remember that “2319” is code for “white sock,” which means contact with a human child. We’re sure your actual child or inner child will love to make contact with this frozen delight, which has strawberry puree, cream of coconut and pineapple juice and is topped with Coca-Cola (as seen on the right).

The Best Mocktails at Disneyland - Proton PunchYou can add a Pixar lamp straw to the drinks, but we don’t really recommend it no matter how fun it looks. It doesn’t work great for frozen drinks, and if you have little ones, it makes the drink super tall and therefore easier to spill. We ditched the straw and kept the Pixar lamp key chain that was attached to it as a souvenir.

Avengers Campus

Both Pym Test Kitchen and Pym Tasting Lab next door offer some experimental mocktails that will interest kids of all ages.

  • Proton Punch at Pym Test Kitchen – This drink has lemonade, berry puree and cherry-popping boba. But more fun comes in with the grenadine-filled pipette.
  • The Best Mocktails at Disneyland - Popping particle punchPopping Particle Punch at Pym Tasting Lab – This carbonated pineapple hurricane has grenadine and flavor bursts. The flavor bursts are like a Pop Rocks topping that sizzles and pops in your mouth. The drink itself tastes more like a soda, but it makes the list for being fun.

Buena Vista Street

Carthay Circle Restaurant and the Carthay Circle Lounge have matinee features without alcohol from a Shirley Temple to a Wildberry Lemonade to a Rose Petal Soda with an edible sugar-glazed rose petal.

Cars Land

  • Ramone's "Pear of Dice" Soda – It's a pretty, pink prickly pear drink you can find by pulling into Cozy Cone 1. It tastes like a flavored soda as is pictured at the bottom of this post.

Magic Key Terrace

  • The Best Mocktails at Disneyland - Heimlich at Magic Key TerraceHeimlich Chew Chew Juice at Magic Key Terrace - One of our favorite mocktails at Disneyland Resort is the Heimlich Chew Chew Juice. It takes us back to a ride from when A Bug's Land still existed in Disney California Adventure. Heimlich the caterpillar took us on a journey quite literally through his favorite foods, including a chewed-up rind of watermelon and a half-eaten apple. I can still hear his accented voice narrating the ride. Well this two-toned, pink and green drink is made from lemonade with a granny smith apple syrup, and it's topped with ... a chewed-up rind of watermelon! You have to be a Magic Key holder or the guest of one to access the Magic Key Terrace.

San Fransokyo Square — Rita's Turbine Blenders

The new San Fransokyo Square has introduced some yummy nonalcoholic drinks at Rita's Turbine Blenders, known as Turbine Twirlers. The nonalcoholic frozen drinks topped with peach gummy rings are the best!

Where to Find The Best Mocktails at Disneyland - Frozen slushes at Rita's

Would you choose, wild cherry, strawberry, lemon-lime or blue raspberry? They are all refreshing on a hot day! Other nonalcoholic options in the area include Thai Tea (and other teas) at Lucky Fortune Cookery and Horchata Agua Fresca at Cocina Cucamonga.

The Best Mocktails at Disneyland Resort Hotels

You’re on vacation and nothing makes you feel swept away more than a fun drink. But you don’t need alcohol (and certainly neither do your tadpoles) to get those good feelings. Here are some fun drinks to try while visiting a Disneyland Resort hotel. Keep in mind that even if you don’t see a mocktail on the pool menu, ask about virgin piña coladas and daiquiris. Our tadpoles love to indulge in those mocktails poolside.

The Best Mocktails at Disneyland - Boys with a mocktail

Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar at Disneyland Hotel

There is no more exotic spot on property than Trader Sam’s. This location has an indoor magical bar as well as an outdoor patio with tiki torches, bamboo and palm trees to give you all the tropical destination vibes. There are three mocktails on the menu, and they are our favorites! To get a look at the yummy food and actual cocktails, hop to our Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar post.

The Best Mocktails at Disneyland - Trader Sam's Mocktails

Trader Sam’s No-Booze Brews:

  • Skipper Sipper – This refreshing mocktail (on the left) hit the spot for me. It was not too sweet, with a hint of ginger and mint and bubbles. It was a perfect thirst quencher on a warm day. I imagined it was served to me on a yacht (or at least a guided jungle cruise tour). And in case you were wondering, yes, I live in Fantasyland. It has tropical juices, agave nectar, falernum, mint and fresh lime juice topped with soda water.
  • Schweitzer Falls This drink is made with tropical juices and Sam’s Gorilla Grog topped with Sprite. This is similar to the below drink with a little bubbly.
  • Polynesian Punch – We tried this one (on the right) too. It’s a very sweet and fruity concoction of Sam’s Gorilla Grog (similar to POG with pineapple juice added) and hibiscus grenadine. This drink conjures up feelings of enjoying a drink on the beach or poolside in Hawaii.

Palm Breeze Bar (as of Nov. 2, 2023)

Just across the Disneyland Hotel pool area from Trader Sam's are the new Villas at Disneyland Hotel. The Villas have an outside bar with new mocktails to try, including:

  • Pineapple Cooler
  • Citrus Ginger Ale
  • Non-alcoholic Fifty-Five-Fifty
  • Non-alcoholic Chilly Mango

GCH Craftsman Bar at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa

Where to Find The Best Mocktails at Disneyland-Mocktail at GCH Bar

This poolside restaurant at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa and bar has good food and drinks. It has added more nonalcoholic beverages to the menu. It offers a citrus grape spritzer, coconut fruit punch, grapefruit fizz, tropical ginger sparkler, rosemary pear spritz and strawberry-basil smash. But you can always ask for a Shirley Temple or another easy mocktail.

Hearthstone Lounge

The lounge off the lobby is a hidden gem with several fruity mocktails to try. It's also a great place to get a late-night meal up until 12 a.m., including great kids meals.

Disneyland Mocktails at Events

The Best Mocktails at Disneyland - Cars Land Ramone's Pear of Dice SodaKeep in mind that there are many mocktails at Disneyland that appear for just a short time or at festival booths throughout the year. Hop over to our Disneyland event posts and foodie guides to see new and seasonal mocktails and other tasty treats you might want to try.

Do you have any favorite mocktails at Disneyland we frogot to mention? Please share them in the comments below. If you are looking to save money on Disneyland tickets and hotel stays so you can add some of these delicious mocktails at Disneyland to your budget, you can save some green when you purchase and book through Undercover Tourist.

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Hoppy planning!

Keep hopping, Mommy Frog!
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