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Best Disneyland Quick-Service Restaurants

by Mommy Frog on March 1, 2023 Los Angeles

Best Disneyland Quick-Service RestaurantsThere are nine wonderful lands found within Disneyland. Within those realms of enchantment, you'll find attractions, characters and — one of our favorite things — delicious food choices. Every trip, we like to hop over to one of our favorite Disneyland quick-service restaurants to grab a bite of tasty food to refuel and recharge. Restaurants and offerings are always changing, and we toadally love to try new dishes and restaurants.

Here are a few of our old-time favorites (and some new ones, too!). Be sure to scroll down to learn about the newest dining locations in Mickey's Toontown. You'll want to hop by and try the fun foods.

Best Disneyland Quick-Service Restaurants

Save time and skip the food lines. Use mobile order for most of these Disneyland quick service restaurants. If you are looking for dining choices at Disney California Adventure, we also have a quick-dining post for that park.

Royal St. Veranda and Harbour Galley

Best Disneyland Quick-Service Restaurants - gumbo

Located just outside of Pirates of the Caribbean, the Royal Street Veranda serves up soup in sourdough bread bowls. I am a sucker for soup (or anything really) in a bread bowl!

Best Disneyland Quick-Service Restaurants - Mickey Beignet

While Mint Julep and French Market are under construction for Tiana's Place, you can get your Mickey beignets and Mint Juleps at Royal Street Veranda!

Best Disneyland Quick-Service Restaurants - Clam Chowder

If you are drooling for clam chowder in a bread bowl, get it quicker with Mobile Order. Harbour Galley, across from the Haunted Mansion and near the dock for Sailing Ship Columbia, serves up this popular dish. In addition to the chowder, you'll find good eats such as tuna sandwiches, salads or a lobster roll! You can also get Louisiana Beef Stew or a plant-based Mushroom, Vegetable and Farro Stew in a bread bowl.

Hungry Bear Restaurant

Best Disneyland Quick-Service Restaurants - hungry bear burger

In Critter Country, Hungry Bear is tucked away along the water. The dining area is one of the more peaceful and scenic places to eat in the park. We choose a table closer to the Rivers of America and wave to guests sailing by on the Mark Twain Riverboat or Sailing Ship Columbia. You can get Fantasmic! dining packages and tasty treats such as funnel cakes and seasonal offerings. It's also a great place to pick up a cheeseburger, honey-spiced chicken sandwich or BBQ chicken salad. This location has gluten-free and plant-based burgers as well. For a limited time, you can mobile order Mickey beignets here too!

Best Disneyland Quick-Service Restaurants - Dining Package meals

You can also order a Fantasmic! Dining Package off a special menu at this location. It's the least expensive dining package and still provides a great view of the show right in front. Be sure to reserve in advance.

French Market and Mint Julep Bar (temporarily closed for construction of Tiana's Palace, which will replace French Market)

Disneyland Quick-Service Restaurants - Stew in a Bread Bowl

French Market in New Orleans Square serves up New Orleans fare cafeteria-style. Pick up a salad and some slow-roasted Louisiana beef stew or creamy corn chowder (yep, you guessed it — in a bread bowl)! It's hard to decide what to get between the jambalaya, pulled pork, roasted half chicken or shrimp po' boy sandwich.

Best Disneyland Quick-Service Restaurants - Tiana's Palace art

But there's big news, and it's the bee's knees. French Market closed Feb. 17, 2023, so it can get reimagined into Tiana's Place. It will remain a quick-service dining location. The menu expands on current favorites served at French Market, includes seasonal flavors and adds some New Orleans classics.

You can get your nonalcoholic mint julep at French Market, as well as around the corner at the Mint Julep Bar on the patio (where you'll also find the famous Mickey-shaped beignets). You'd better save some room for dessert! Hop tip: lean forward and do not inhale when biting into a beignet. Otherwise, you'll be wearing and breathing powdered sugar! (Mint Julep Bar temporarily closed Feb. 17, 2023, until later 2023. In the meantime, get your beignets and mint juleps at Royal Street Veranda.)


Jolly Holiday Bakery Café

Disneyland Quick-Service Restaurants - Jolly Holiday

Come parade time, Lily loves to hop into the Jolly Holiday for a Jolly Holiday Combo: a very tasty toasted cheese sandwich and tomato soup. For our family, it is a great deal because it is big enough for Lily and Mommy Frog to share! There are also other delicious deli sandwiches and treats.

It's a great location to pick up seasonal treats, but some of our favorites are always there such as the raspberry rose Mickey macaron or the Matterhorn macaroon. We like to get there before a parade so that we can watch the parade go by as we eat. No wonder that it's Jolly Holiday Bakery Café that we love!

Refreshment Corner

Best Disneyland Quick-Service Restaurants - Firefly

This little spot at the end of Main Street U.SA. has chili, mac and cheese and a combo of the two (our favorite!) in a bread bowl. You can also get hotdogs and seasonal items here. But did you know you can get a Mickey Mouse pretzel here even cheaper than the pretzel carts (and apply any discounts you may have)? Good deal! One of our top items is the Firefly, which is a bag of corn chips, chili, cheese and jalapeños. It's the best value for a hearty snack.

Bengal Barbecue

Best Disneyland Quick-Service Restaurants - Kid eating skewer

If you need more than a snack but aren’t quite looking for a full meal, then the best deal to fill you up (and on a budget, too!) is the Bengal Barbecue. Its sweet or spicy beef, chicken or bacon-wrapped asparagus skewers are packed with protein and flavor. The hummus trio with veggies is fresh and tasty, too. We covered these in our blog post on the cheapest food at Disneyland.

Best Disneyland Quick-Service Restaurants-Lumpia and Dole WhipTropical Hideaway

Also in Adventureland, Tropical Hideaway is one of our favorite snack spots. Besides additional flavors of Dole Whip and floats, it offers lumpia and bao buns for an adventurous treat.

Galactic Grill

The Galactic Grill's menu may be more domestic than out-of-this-world, but it's a great place to find a burger, fries, quick salad or even a veggie wrap. You can order the Galactic Burger "Alien Style" off the secret menu with thousand island and fries on the burger. The tadpoles are comfortable with familiar hamburger or mac and cheese. Tad loves the seasonal slush flavors.

Best Disneyland Quick-Service Restaurants - Breakfast bowl

If you came in on an early arrival, this is a great spot to grab a quick breakfast in the morning. The breakfast bowl, burrito or sandwich make for a great morning breakfast on the go.

Alien Pizza Port

Disneyland Quick Service Restaurants - Red Rockett's Pizza Port

The little green aliens from the Toy Story movies took over Tomorrowland's  Redd Rockett's Pizza Port and have permanently transformed it into Alien Pizza Planet. And everyone agrees it's a better place. It offers out-of-this-world salads, pastas and pizzas. The tadpoles go for space-getti with meatballs when they tire of chicken tenders and fries.

We're big on the greens — colorful salads. Be sure to pick up the alien macaron, which is almost too cute to eat. Almost! 

Rancho del Zocalo

Best Disneyland Quick-Service Restaurants - Rancho del Zocalo

For a taste of local Mexican food, check out Rancho del Zocolo for enchiladas, burritos, tacos or salads. This is a hidden gem that's tucked away in Frontierland. The hard part is deciding what to order. From fresh salads to enchiladas, burritos, street tacos to even cauliflower tacos, it's all so authentically good. 

Best Disneyland Quick-Service Restaurants - Zocalo Burrito or Hidden Burrito

We often can't decide, so we get the "hidden burrito," The Zocalo, which has some of everything all rolled into one dish! Toddlers can enjoy arroz con pollo or arroz can frijoles. By the way — check out our toddler tips on bringing a baby to Disneyland to make your day with your little one a sweet success. You can wash it all down with a refreshing blended horchata! 

Best Disneyland Quick-Service Restaurants - Chicken tenders and friesGolden Horseshoe/Stage Door Café

If chicken fingers and French fries are a must for your tadpole, Lily recommends the Golden Horseshoe or the Stage Door Café for Disneyland quick-service meals. You can also get fish and chips. The two locations share a kitchen, but the Golden Horseshoe has mozzarella sticks and ice cream, whereas Stage Door can supply you with corn dogs.

Outside seating has a view of the water, but if seating is full, head inside the Golden Horseshoe and up the stairs. You can almost always find free tables upstairs. The tadpoles like to sit in the special tables on either side of the stage. Save room for dynamite desserts such as ice cream sundaes in the Golden Horseshoe.

Best Disneyland Quick-Service Restaurants - Mozzarella sticksRed Rose Taverne

Disneyland Quick Service Restaurants - Grey Stuff

The Red Rose Taverne in Fantasyland is Beauty and the Beast-themed and filled with murals, furniture and special details such as stacks of dishes and rose stained glass windows. Hop in and BE THEIR GUEST for breakfast, lunch or dinner. (LEAP'S NOTE: Yes, it's Blogging Law that we need to include that line when we mention Beauty and the Beast and food.) With enchanted Cauli-Flower sandwiches, tasty flatbreads and a new chicken cordon bleu sandwich, the food features a French flair. It also offers a 1/3 pound burger with potato bites. For dessert, the dishes recommend the Grey Stuff (a white chocolate mousse and red velvet cake with a raspberry center). IT'S DELICIOUS.

Best Disneyland Quick-Service Restaurants - Mickey pancake

Be sure to hop by for breakfast to get Mickey-shaped pancakes, stuffed French toast and more. We love the plant-based Little Town Harvest Bowl or Mickey-shaped pancake.

Plaza Inn

Disneyland Quick Service Restaurants - Plaza Inn Chicken

If you want some of the tastiest fried chicken you’ve ever had, then hop on into the Plaza Inn. This buffet-style restaurant also offers other comfort foods such as pot roast, pasta and a healthy sustainable fish option. In the morning, it offers a character dining breakfast. Be sure to make reservations if you want to attend character dining. This location also offers Parade Dining Packages, which you can reserve in advance.

Docking Bay 7 and Ronto Roasters

Best Disneyland Quick-Service Restaurants - Plant-based food at Docking Bay 7

Disneyland's newest and largest land, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, has two quick-service restaurants (plus a couple unique drink and snack stands). Both locations are open for lunch and dinner, plus Ronto Roasters serves one of our favorite breakfast items, the Morning Ronto Wrap. The two locations offer Mobile Order service and serve themed specialty juice blends.

Docking Bay 7 is very large and has extremely cool themed dining spaces inside plus a nice outdoor patio. We had a chance to try almost everything on the menu and definitely have some favorites in the lunch and dinner categories. There are always fun and unique seasonal items joining the menu. The tastes and themes are definitely out of this world.

Best Disneyland Quick-Service Restaurants -Salad Mobile OrderFor lunch and dinner, try the Endorian Roasted Chicken Tip-Yip Salad (chicken with greens, roasted vegetables, quinoa, pumpkins seeds and green curry ranch dressing), Fried chicken Tip-Yip or exciting seasonal items. There are great vegetarian options and kids' meals, as well, as long as your tadpoles are adventurous eaters. The desserts are colorful and perhaps the fanciest desserts we've ever seen in a theme park.

Best Disneyland Quick-Service Restaurants - galaxy's edge food

The other hot spot, Ronto Roasters, has a more limited menu of street fare. When you are shopping the Market, you can't miss the giant spits of ronto meat being heated by a podracer engine. A droid keeps the meat evenly cooked on all sides. The big menu item is the Ronto Wrap — a soft pita filled with roasted pork, tangy slaw, peppercorn sauce and thin pork sausage. The Ronto Wrap is quite tasty, although it does have a spicy kick.

Best Disneyland Quick-Service Restaurants - Breakfast Ronto Wrap in front of Millennium FalconCheck out the plant-based version, the Ronto-less Garden wrap. Both are available all day long. There is an additional Breakfast Ronto Wrap in the morning with eggs and cheese (so good!). There are a few tables to sit and enjoy your food (plus more seating at the nearby Docking Bay 7), but you can also enjoy these items on the go.

Best Disneyland Quick-service Restaurants - ronto wrap

Café Daisy (New!)

Best Disneyland Quick-Service Restaurants - Mini pizza

This sidewalk table eatery serves up diner classics in a reimagined Mickey's Toontown. The tadpoles are sure to love their options. You can eat at a table or take your food to the lawn to have a picnic! 

Best Disneyland Quick-Service Restaurants - Flop-Over

This quick-service restaurant features cheese and pepperoni Flop-Overs (kind of like a pizza folded in half with herbs), hotdogs and a yummy vegetarian wrap. Try it with house-made chips and chili cheese sauce. For the tadpoles, get mini pizza, hotdogs, mac and cheese or our favorite: the mini corn dog nuggets!

No matter what your family likes to eat, you are sure to find something for everybody no matter what land you find yourselves in. Most locations offer kid meals and toddler meals in addition to food for taller family members. (Be sure to feed picky eaters before entering Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.) Many of the Disneyland quick-service restaurants have gotten even quicker with Mobile Order.  You can skip the food line and order from the Disneyland app. We are loving the time savings, as well as the instant gratification.

The Frog Family has found these to be the best Disneyland quick-service restaurants, but if you have a different favorite we have missed, we would love to hear about it. Share in the comments below! Do you want to increase your food budget? Save money with discount Disneyland tickets

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Hoppy planning!

Keep hopping, Mommy Frog!
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