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The Best Universal Studios Hollywood Treats

by Lily on January 16, 2023 2 Los Angeles   Video

Universal Studios Hollywood Treats - PinterestHello there! Lily, here. I'm the littlest frog in the family but the one with the biggest sweet tooth. One of my favorite things to do at Universal Studios Hollywood is finding all of the tastiest treats that are almost too cute to eat. Almost. That’s right. I've tried them all (over multiple visits of course — Mommy Frog does limit my sweets each visit, and she makes me share with my brother, Tad). But I enjoyed every finger-licking bite!

The Tastiest Universal Studios Hollywood Treats

Many of the fun Universal Studios Hollywood treats are based on movie and television characters. Now there are treats inspired by Super Mario Bros. in Super Nintendo World! You'll find many fun things to try that are based on the Minions, the Simpsons, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and more. Some are even inspired by famous, movie and television settings. And some yummy treats are available simply because they taste good. You'd better eat your vegetables so that your parents will let you have a treat! Hop along so you can find out what kinds of fun treats are in store for you. The hard part will be making a decision about which to get!

Minion Treats in Super Silly Fun Land

Universal Studios Hollywood Treats - Felonious Float from Minion Cafe

If you're taking your tadpoles, your first stop for Universal Studios Hollywood treats should be Super Silly Fun Land. There, you will find the Minion Café, where the minions are cooking up some fun Universal treats (and other creative food concoctions). As for me, I'll take one Minion cookie, please, and some Nutella banana pudding! There are even more fun treats (such as Felonious Floats) and you can find flavored Minion cotton candy nearby. This location has some fun food, so if you want more of a meal, then hop over to Mommy Frog's post on the yummiest foods at Universal Studios Hollywood, since I'm covering just desserts today!

Universal Studios Hollywood Treats - Nutella Banana Pudding

You can work off all that sugary energy from your treats by winning prizes, splashing around in the water play area, and going on the Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem ride. Mommy Frog has even more tips for entertaining small children at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Universal Studios Hollywood Treats - Strawberry Shake in Lower Lot

Cool off with Frozen Treats

Nothing refreshes you more on a hot day than a frozen treat. In the heat of the day, enjoy ice cream, shakes and even frozen Butterbeer.

We love the zany shakes and sundaes at Studio Scoop in the Lower Lot and swirled soft-serve ice cream at Phineas Q. Butterfat’s Ice Cream Parlor in Springfield U.S.A. You can even try some Butterbeer ice cream in the Wizarding World!

Sip on a Kwik-E-Mart frozen Squishee to cool off. You can find Squishees at several spots around Springfield U.S.A.

Eat a Giant Doughnut Like Homer Simpson

Universal Studios Hollywood Treats - Doughnut

Tad is a Simpson’s fan so he toadally dug into one of the giant “d’oh nuts” (get it?) from Lard Lad’s Donuts. Homer would be so proud. You can also find giant boxed Lard Lad Donuts in some other locations, restaurants and even as part of an ice cream sundae at Phineas Q. Butterfat’s. At Krusty Burger, Tad had a laugh at the fact that milkshakes are made with 100 percent mammal milk. Mmmm … mammal milk. If you plan to buy a shake in the park, bring your own straw or grab a spoon. The new paper straws just didn't work for us when it came to shakes.

 Universal Studios Hollywood Treats - Flaming Moe

Tad may not be old enough to order a Duff beer, but he got a kick out of the Flaming Moe in Moe's Tavern. This nonalcoholic fizzing orange drink has dry ice at the bottom and appears to be smoking!

Dig into Funnel Cake

Universal Studios Hollywood Treats - Funnel Cake

We, tadpoles, can’t have all the fun, so be sure to help your parents find yummy Universal treats, too. Your parents will probably enjoy a funnel cake with the topping of their choice at the Hollywood & Dine or Mel's Diner. We tried strawberry and whipped cream. You might even have to offer to help your parents finish it.

Power Up with Super Nintendo Desserts and Cream Sodas

The Best Universal Studios Hollywood Treats - Tiramisu at Toadstool CafeIn the Lower Lot, enter the Warp Pipe to get to Toadstool Cafe in Super Nintendo World, where you can find Nintendo themed desserts:

  • ? Block Tiramisu — It's a tiramisu-flavored mystery block with cookies on the outside and soft cake with a white chocolate Power-Up inside.

The Best Universal Studios Hollywood Treats - Mt. Beanpole Cake

  • Mt. Beanpole Cake — It's a multi-layered Italian cookie cake with a matcha mousse. It tastes like Neapolitan to me.

The Best Universal Studios Hollywood Treats - Princess Peach cupcake

  • Princess Peach Cupcake — This funfetti cupcake is covered in pink buttercream frosting and glitter, and is topped with Princess Peach's chocolate crown. There is a hidden red jam in the middle.
  • Super Star Lemon Squash — This Toadstool Cafe drink has honey lemon soda with mango stars and assorted tropical boba. 

The Best Universal Studios Hollywood Treats - Luigi's Green Apple SodaThere are also Super Mario Bros. themed sweet drinks just outside Super Nintendo World:

  • Princess Peach's Peach Soda
  • Mario's Strawberry Soda
  • Luigi's Green Apple Soda

They each come in a matching character cup and straw decoration.

Get Snacks at City Snack Shop

Now that Cinnabon moved to CityWalk, the City Snack Shop filled that space with yummy goodness. You can get house-made beignets, cookies, giant Bavarian pretzels and more.

Theme Park Favorites

Universal Studios Hollywood Treats - Popcorn

Churros are a mainstay at SoCal theme parks. You can find a variety of flavored churros around the park, as well as popcorn or cotton candy that's Minion-themed or shaped like Marge Simpson's hair.

Tasty Treats in Universal CityWalk

Universal Studios Hollywood Treats - Popcornopolis

The fun desserts don’t stop when you leave the park. There are also some very delectable Universal City Walk treats, too. Popcornopolis is exploding with more than just popcorn! The chocolate-covered pretzels are rolled in nuts and caramel. You can also order caramel apples, animal-themed candy apples and chocolate-covered strawberries there, too. See … fruit can be a treat! You can’t eat all of that yourself, so offer to get some for the family to share. The frog apple was too cute for our frog family to pass up.

Universal Studios Hollywood Treats - VooDoo Doughtnuts in box

If you have a sweet tooth, hop into IT'SUGAR candy store for vintage and novelty treats. At the other end of CityWalk (near Curious George and the E.T. parking structures), spring for some creative doughnuts at Voodoo Donut.

Treat Yourself to Wizarding World Sweets

Universal Studios Hollywood Treats - Butterbeer Potted Cream

You may be a muggle (non-magical person), but you can enjoy special wizard candies from Honeydukes sweet shop. That's where you can stock up on your Chocolate Frogs, Fizzing Whizzbeees, Acid Pops, Exploding Bonbons, Peppermint Toads, Bertie Bott's Every-Flavour Beans and more. You can also choose from handmade treats such as Butterbeer fudge, pumpkin pasties and no-melt ice cream.

Some of our favorite desserts (and meals) in the park can be found at The Three Broomsticks. Swoop by and dig into gooey Butterbeer potted cream or English delights such as warm sticky toffee pudding with ice cream.

Of course, one of the most popular treats in Hogsmeade is Butterbeer. You can find this sweet drink in restaurants and at certain carts in the land. Butterbeer comes frozen or cold most of the year. You can also try hot Butterbeer during the holidays and colder months of the year. Now you can get a drink that was previously only found in the Wizarding World in Orlando — Fishy Green Ale! This minty drink, with hints of cinnamon, has blueberry "fish eggs."

If you would like to get a look at some of these snacks and other quick bites in action, check out Tad's YouTube video of the Top 10 Snacks at Universal Studios Hollywood. Warning! This could make you really hungry!

Universal Studios Hollywood Treats During the Holidays

Universal Studios Hollywood Treats - Doughnut

If you hoppen to be visiting during Grinchmas in December, or during the holiday season starting in late November and ending in early January, then you might want to wear your stretchy pants for all the fun holiday treats available! The park offers frogtastic treats such as Grinch cupcakes, holiday cookies, holiday doughnuts, peppermint hot chocolate and hot Butterbeer, to name just a few. Hop over to our guide to celebrating Christmas at Universal Studios Hollywood to learn more.

There are so many unique Universal Studios Hollywood treats that it's hard to decide which ones to buy. I personally think it's best to get several different eats and share them with your family and friends. Mommy Frog always says to share with my brother, Tad, so we did a good job of sharing our Universal Studios Hollywood treats. This way, we got to sample a couple of different ones without getting a bellyache. Hope you'll do the same next time you're at Universal. Hoppy eating!

Which Universal Studios Hollywood treats are you adding to your must-try list? If you're planning a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood or any of the Southern California theme parks, be sure to check out our discount Universal Studios tickets, touring plans plus our top tips to maximize your time in the park!

Stay sweet,

Keep hopping, Lily!
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Sep 10, 2015 at 2:49 a.m. Cande Says...

Awesome info! Playing a trip to Disneyland and Universal in October and your blogs are very helpful! Keep it up!

Sep 10, 2015 at 11:09 a.m. FrogBlog Says...

Hi Cande,

Thank you so much! We're glad to help :)

Hoppy planning!

Mommy Frog

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