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5 Fantastic Quick-Service Restaurants at Epcot

by Mommy Frog on April 18, 2017 3


A day at Epcot will really take you places. One minute, you're blasting off on a mission to Mars. The next, you're wandering a marketplace in Morocco. Minutes later, you've filled up your bag with imported treats and Hello Kitty souvenirs at a department store in Japan. All this traveling will leave you hungry. This post will solve that problem—we've scooped out some fantastic quick-service restaurants at Epcot.

Hopping around Future World and World Showcase, we've focused on dining spots that will let you experience some of the wide-ranging foods available in the park. The country pavilions of World Showcase allow you to take a culinary journey. At the same time, we know that your tadpoles may not be very worldly when it comes to food and would rather stick to their old standbys. While everyone will have their favorites, we feel that these five quick-service restaurants at Epcot will give you the best value for your money and satisfy the tastes of the diners in your party. Bon Appétit! Dig In!

Five Fantastic Quick-Service Restaurants at Epcot

Via Napoli Pizza Window - Italy Pavilion 

Counter Service Restaurants at Epcot - Via Napoli Window

Ciao! While we like to think that pizza is an American (Chicago, Detroit or New York-style) creation, our favorite pie has its roots in Italy. It makes sense that the Italy Pavilion's prime dining spot revolves around pizza. If you have time to dine, then the sit-down Via Napoli is a journey into authentic Italian cooking.

If you're interested in trying Italy's signature dish, yet running short on time, you're in for a diner's delight. The Via Napoli Pizza Window serves quick slices to satisfy hunger. Located just to the left of Via Napoli, the window serves cheese, pepperoni and a rotating signature slice. Most every tadpole enjoys pizza, so this is a good spot for little ones who need something familiar. The Via Napoli Pizza Window is a gem located in a well-themed area. Pull up a table and enjoy pizza in the piazza.

Counter Service Restaurants at Epcot - Via Napoli Pizza

Lotus Blossom Cafe - China Pavilion

Counter Service Restaurants at Epcot - Lotus Blossom Cafe - Sign

Chī fàn! The China Pavilion in World Showcase is a gateway into the wonders of the Chinese culture. This isolated pavilion is home to Reflections of China, a breathtaking look at ancient and modern China. If you haven't seen the Jeweled Dragon Acrobats perform their feats of strength and agility that seem to toss away the physical limits of the human body, then you need to catch this amazing act.

To explore the culinary culture of China, look no further than Lotus Blossom Cafe. While fast-service Chinese food is certainly familiar to anyone who has visited a mall food court, Lotus Blossom Cafe serves up something unique—in a delightful setting. Two open-air dining areas expose you to the intimacy and soothing surroundings. For a few moments, you don't feel as if you're in Florida. As for the menu, Lotus Blossom Cafe offers Beef Rice Bowl, Sesame Chicken Salad and Orange Flavored Chicken. There is a children's menu and a signature dessert—Caramel-Ginger Ice Cream.

Counter Service Restaurants at Epcot - Lotus Blossom Cafe - Seating

Electric Umbrella - Future World

Counter Service Restaurants at Epcot - Electric Umbrella - Counter Ordering Area

Let's eat! If there's one thing that you don't normally feel while at Epcot, it's crowded. One of the largest Disney Parks anywhere, Epcot's sheer size requires lots of walking. All that traveling can make you feel something else—hungry. Outside of The Land Pavilion, Future World doesn't have any quick-service options. Luckily, that one spot serves up something for everyone.

Located in the shadow of Spaceship Earth, The Electric Umbrella serves hungry Future Word explorers with classic American flavors. Salads, chicken fingers, veggie wraps and the French Dip Burger Combo are some of the selections, along with soda, beer and desserts. Electric Umbrella won't win any awards for themed, immersive dining—unless there is a category for restaurants with carpeted walls. However, with its ample seating, refreshing outdoors view of the Fountains of the Nations and familiar menu, Electric Umbrella is a satisfying stop.

Counter Service Restaurants at Epcot- Electric Umbrella - Seating

Sommerfest - Germany Pavilion

Counter Service Restaurants at Epcot - Sommerfest

Guten tag! The flavors of Germany await you at one of the most detailed pavilions in Epcot. When it comes to dining, this location serves the "Wurst." Biergarten Restaurant is the Oktoberfest trip that you never took while in college. With schnitzel, strudel, sausage and those giant beer mugs, this restaurant will let you oom papa to your heart's delight.

For a short taste of Germany, hop to Sommerfest. This quick-service stand serves delicious dishes from Deutschland. Bratwurst and frankfurter are the main dishes, with apple strudel and black forest cake as dessert. You can certainly get into the "spirit" of Oktoberfest with beer and wine. For us, Sommerfest serves our favorite World Showcase snack. The Jumbo Pretzel is enormous, almost twice as big as the Mickey versions found in the parks. It's a delicious snack that can fill you up in-between meals. I would have taken a picture, but it was devoured quickly.

Counter Service Restaurants at Epcot - Sommerfest Menu

Katsura Grill - Japan Pavilion

Counter Service Restaurants at Epcot - Katsura Grill

Itadakimasu! There comes a time in every vacation for harmony and quiet contemplation. Yes, it's odd to find that in a theme park, but it exists within the Japan pavilion. With lush Japanese flora, koi ponds and the torii gate, this pavilion sends you to a relaxing state of mind. Yes, the land's signature shopping spot, Mitsukoshi Department Store, is a virtual explosion of imported Japanese goods—all the Totoro stuff—such as kimonos, tea sets and snacks such as mochi.

Moving back to the serenity thing—Katsura Grill sits elevated from the pavilion atop a hill. This location makes for amazing views. The restaurant's interior features a long table for communal dining and modern Japanese artwork. This is your quick spot for sushi, udon, noodles, chicken cutlet curry and sake. The children's selection is tempura chicken with veggie, rice and drink. With your dining choices in hand, head outdoors and grab a table. You'll be rewarded with a serene spot that allows a glimpse into the lagoon. Sit down, find your zen and enjoy.

Counter Service Restaurants at Epcot - Katsura Grill Outdoor Seating

Is your stomach growling with Epcot dining delightfulness? Do you have an addition to add to our list of fantastic quick-service restaurants at Epcot? Let us know in the comments below!

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Hoppy planning!

Keep hopping, Mommy Frog!
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Apr 18, 2017 at 9:09 p.m. A.J. Says...

Leaving out Tangierine Cafe is borderline blasphemous. Especially since Electric Umbrella was included. I love the other 4 spots you listed, though.

Aug 3, 2017 at 10:56 p.m. Gigi Says...

I so agree, it's one of my favorites. You get so much bang for your buck, especially if you're on the dining plan and the food is delicious.

Apr 18, 2017 at 10:01 p.m. FrogBlog Says...

Hi A.J.,

Thanks for reading the blog. Tangerine Cafe is a great spot too!

Hoppy Planning!

Mommy Frog

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