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How to Utilize the Single Rider Lines at Disney World

by Leap on February 1, 2024 Orlando

Waiting in lines is inevitable at Walt Disney World, though there are many ways to help reduce your waiting time. You can pay to skip the standby line with Disney Genie+, arrive early by "rope dropping" (or utilizing early entry if you're a Disney hotel guest), or even attend a separately ticketed Disney After Hours event with shorter wait times after regular park hours. While most of these options require an additional cost, there is a free alternative at certain attractions — Single Rider lines.

Single Rider lines at Disney World help save you time in line and are toadally worth it if you don't mind splitting up your party when riding. If I'm ever traveling alone, it's the perfect way to get some rides done quickly and maximize my time.

Here's everything to know about using Single Rider lines at Disney World!

What Are Single Rider Lines?

Single Rider lines are separate queues at select rides at Disney World. Cast members use those in the Single Rider line to help fill in odd-numbered groups so they can load as many people as possible on the attraction. It's perfect for solo travelers or those who wouldn't mind riding separately in different ride vehicles. Note that children must be at least seven years old to use the single rider line.

When you approach an attraction entrance, keep an eye out for the line labeled "Single Rider." If traveling in a group, you may stay together in the Single Rider line, but once you get to the cast member directing people to the loading area, you will be separated and will not be allowed to ride together.

Your time in line can vary greatly, as there's no way to know when there will be an opening for a single rider. Just be patient and know that the wait time for single riders is typically shorter than waiting in the standby queue.

Attractions with Single Rider Lines at Disney World

Single Rider Lines at Disney World - Infographic

Since Rock 'n' Roller Coaster and Expedition Everest seat two people per row, you'll have to wait for an odd-numbered group. With Test Track and Smugglers Run, there are six people per car, so there could be more frequent chances for a single rider. Note that you'll often be stuck with the Engineer role on Smugglers Run, so if you really want to be a pilot, we suggest waiting in standby and asking the cast member.

Note that the Single Rider lines are not guaranteed to be open, so you'll want to be flexible with your plans.

Tips for Using Single Rider Lines at Disney World

Expedition Everest at Disney's Animal Kingdom


  • We highly recommend Single Rider lines for those with teenagers or traveling with all adult frogs. You know your tadpoles best for whether they can ride on their own and wait for you afterward. If it's ever just me, Flora and Tad, I often go first and Tad second, so I can be waiting for Tad when he comes off and we can both wait for Flora together.

Single Rider Lines at Disney World — Sign at Test Track

  • Before entering the line, be sure to pick a spot to meet up once everyone is done riding.
    • For Test Track, a good meeting place would be where the ride photo screens are after immediately getting off the ride. Other options to meet would be where the model Chevrolet cars are displayed or the gift shop.
    • For Smugglers Run, know that the ride exit can be confusing with its long hallways. It's hard to pick a meet-up spot inside, so we recommend meeting up as soon as you walk outdoors. However, keep this in mind, as a younger tadpole may easily get lost trying to navigate the hallways.
    • For both Rock 'n' Roller Coaster and Expedition Everest, the ride exits through a gift shop.
  • If a huge "Star Wars" fan, you may want to use the regular queue for your first time on Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run. The queue is really interesting to walk through at least once, plus you will have a better chance at getting pilot or gunner if you wait in the standby queue.
  • Single Rider lines may not be ideal for those with younger tadpoles or if you want to experience the attraction together, especially with Smugglers Run. Riding together may also be important to you if you want that coveted attraction photo together on Rock 'n' Roller Coaster or Test Track.
  • Remember that Single Rider lines may not always be open, or they could only be available for portions of the day depending on demand.

Well, that's everything to know about Single Rider lines at Disney World! Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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Keep hopping!

Keep hopping, Leap!
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