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The Yummiest Places to Fill Up on Breakfast at Disneyland

by Mommy Frog on August 20, 2022 8 Los Angeles

Yummiest Places to Fill Up on Breakfast at Disneyland - PinterestWe’ve all had those mornings where we are rushing so much to get into Disneyland for rope drop or to maximize our morning time that we don’t take time for a proper breakfast. After the Frog Family has burned through the adrenaline rush, we find it’s time to refuel. It's how we keep our energy up and our frog legs hoppin’! The good news is that you can enjoy breakfast (and sometimes brunch) inside the parks. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Investing in a good breakfast at Disneyland can mean saving money on a lot of snacks later. There are a number of restaurant choices available in the parks to meet every budget. Whether you are looking for a quick bite to eat on the go, or are looking for table service or even a character breakfast, it’s all available inside the parks. Of course, during the Disneyland reopening period, the open breakfast locations changes from time to time. Another good source is our post on what's open at Disneyland.

Keep in mind that a few restaurants are open in the morning but serve lunch foods. So if you are hungry but are fine with food that is not traditionally breakfast fare, you still have options. Try Bengal Barbecue and Tropical Hideaway at Disneyland Park, and Flo's V8 Cafe at Disney California Adventure, especially if breakfast food is not your jam.

Yummiest Places to Fill Up on Breakfast at Disneyland - Minnie Waffles at Plaza Inn

Even though Magic Morning and Extra Magic Hour are temporarily unavailable, we have found ourselves at Disneyland's gates before park opening lately (with hungry bellies). If you have sprung out of bed early to get to the parks before opening, you might find your crew slowing down. It's time for a nice breakfast to carry you through the rest of the day by mid-morning. With lunch still a ways off, it’s nice that there are a few options for breakfast at Disneyland's parks. Sometimes it is hard to get froglets to eat early in the morning when they are excited to go to the park. However, once they build up an appetite by hopping around, they can sit down and clean their plates.

Where to Eat Breakfast at Disneyland Park

Yummiest Places to Fill Up on Breakfast at Disneyland - Pancakes at Red Rose Taverne

Some people need to sit down and eat a hearty breakfast. Others need to get moving first with a little snack and then eat a few hours later. Whatever your needs, Disneyland has you covered. Here are your options for breakfast at both Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park.

Disneyland Park Breakfast Quick-Service Options

Yummiest Places to Fill Up on Breakfast at Disneyland - Jolly Holiday

Market House - If you are looking for a quick bite on the go, Market House on Main Street, U.S.A. has your Starbucks, as well as breakfast sandwiches and wraps. If your breakfast budget is in the $4 to $6 range, this is the least expensive option for in-park breakfast sandwiches, wraps, pastries and more in the morning. Check out some of the other cheapest food at Disneyland options to get you through the rest of the day!

Yummiest Places to Fill Up on Breakfast at Disneyland - Breakfast Burrito Galactic GrillJolly Holiday Bakery Café - Oh, it’s a Jolly Holiday for breakfast lovers and people who may be hungry in the morning. Yes, you can get your Jolly Holiday combo of grilled cheese, but you can also find egg and bacon croissants, fruit and a yogurt parfait. They have many tasty muffins and cinnamon rolls, as well. It’s a great place to grab a quick, reasonably-priced bite. You might want to hop in because you may not see all available items through the mobile ordering service.

In terms of quick-service restaurants serving full breakfasts, you have a few choices in Disneyland Park, including some limited options in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. The Disneyland locations are all priced similarly, with entrees from about $6 to $11. The Ronto wraps are a bit more at $13. Oh, but they are so worth it! We give the Ronto Morning Wrap a 10/10!

Galactic Grill - The Galactic Grill offers breakfast foods in the morning. In fact, one of our hop tips is to hop on the monorail in the morning, mobile order breakfast during the ride and then arrive in Tomorrowland to pick up breakfast burritos and sandwiches! It's a time-saver! They also have French toast sticks.

The Yummiest Places to Fill Up on Breakfast at Disneyland-Breakfast bowl at Galactic Grill

We are toadally in love with the new Galactic Breakfast Bowl with potato bites, scrambled egg, cheese, maple sausage and country gravy as well as a plant-based bowl. It's less "carby" than the burrito or sandwich (but we love both those items too, carbs and all!). It comes in a compact bowl, which makes it easy to eat on-the-go.

Yummiest Places to Fill Up on Breakfast at Disneyland - Quinoa bowl at Red Rose Taverne

Red Rose Taverne - Over in Fantasyland, be their guest at the Red Rose Taverne with some creative and traditional breakfast foods. Start your day with Mickey pancakes and a Bonjour! breakfast with scrambled eggs, potato bites, a croissant and a choice of bacon or sausage! Try a twist on tradition with a plant-based Little Town Harvest Bowl with vegetables, quinoa, potato bites and a spicy lime aioli (so yummy!). This tasty bowl really sticks with you and keeps you from getting hungry later.

The Sunrise breakfast burger has an orange marmalade sauce. We prefer it on the side. It’s food served up quickly so you can hop to it. Kickstart your morning with a caramel vanilla cold brew.

Yummiest Places to Fill Up on Breakfast at Disneyland - American Breakfast at Red Rose Taverne

If you are really in a hurry to eat and move on, all of these quick-service locations offer Disneyland Mobile Ordering Service so that you can have your food hot and ready when you arrive.

Yummiest Places to Fill Up on Breakfast at Disneyland - Beast's Breakfast burger at Red Rose Taverne

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

When you wake up early to travel a galaxy far, far away (such as when traveling to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge), you might find yourself in need of provisions. The good news is that there are breakfast items in the land until about 10:30 a.m. Right now, Ronto Roasters is your only option. But it's soooo good!

Ronto Roasters - At Ronto Roasters, you can get the Ronto Morning Wrap (one of our favorite food items in the land). It's a pita filled with scrambled eggs, grilled pork sausage, shredded cheddar and peppercorn sauce. The Ronto-less Garden Wrap (the plant-based version) is also available all day, including breakfast. Ronto Roasters offer mobile order if you want to skip the food lines or even order before you arrive.

Yummiest Places to Fill Up on Breakfast at Disneyland - Breakfast Ronto Wrap

Docking Bay 7 is closed for breakfast. When it was open, it offered a small breakfast during the week, with the Rising Moons Overnight Oats and the Mustafarian Lava Roll. Tad and Lily love their tasty juice blends (especially Moof Juice). The Cold Brew Black Caf Brew is popular and available starting at 10:30 a.m.

If you are looking for a Bloody Rancor to quench your thirst in the morning, you'll find it at Oga's Cantina, along with other morning alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. Oga's Cantina is not really a quick-service location, but since you may have to stand at a bar and eat or drink, it doesn't feel much like a relaxing table-service restaurant, either. (It's an alien bar, so it doesn't follow the rules of planet DL.) You can get the Happbore Sampler, which is a selection of cured meats, cheeses and crackers (and a few other snacks also available at lunch or dinner).

Hop over to our Galactic Guide to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland for full menu details for the restaurants and more tips for visiting the land. You'll want to make reservations at Oga's Cantina. If you have early morning reservations right at park opening, arrive at the park entrance about 25 minutes early and use the special entrance to access the park.

Yummiest Places to Fill Up on Breakfast at Disneyland - Breakfast Chimichanga

Ship to Shore Marketplace - Our favorite on-the-go quick breakfast is in Frontierland — the breakfast chimichanga. It's back at Ship to Shore Marketplace! A grilled tortilla filled with eggs, sausage, potatoes and cheese? Yes, please! (There is a plant-based version too.) You can pick up a hot breakfast chimichanga pretty quickly from the Ship to Shore Market Place. You can grab a sauce packet at the register to spice it up. Buy one early as these popular babies can sell out. You can eat it while in line for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad or on your way to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. It will keep you hopping!

Disneyland Breakfast Table-Service Options

Yummiest Places to Fill Up on Breakfast at Disneyland - Carnation CafeIn terms of table-service restaurants offering breakfast at Disneyland Park, there is one table-service restaurant and a buffet to choose from. Carnation Café reopened Sept. 16. (River Belle Terrace is not currently serving breakfast.) The Minnie & Friends Breakfast (a character dining buffet) at Plaza Inn reopened Aug. 12!  We'll dig into more details on each below.

Keep in mind, if you eat a plant-based diet, hop over to learn about some of the best vegetarian foods at Disneyland, because you might find some off-menu items at these restaurants that suit your dietary needs.

Carnation Café - You do not have to venture very far into the park before coming to the Carnation Café in the middle of Main Street, U.S.A. Carnation Café serves many Mickey-shaped breakfast choices from Mickey-shaped waffles to Mickey-shaped scrambled eggs for kids. The Mickey-shaped waffles have vegan and gluten-free versions available too. You can get buttermilk pancakes, a breakfast skillet, plant-based overnight oats or a breakfast sandwich.

Choices are more limited these days, so check the menu online or in the Disneyland app before you visit. You can eat while you people watch the crowds streaming into the park for the day. You might be able to walk in, but reservations (up to 60 days in advance) are recommended. Even though it is a table-service restaurant, we’ve found service to be quick. This location offers the perfect blend of a relaxing meal and an accelerated pace so we don’t have to sweat about taking too much time to dine.

Breakfast at Disneyland - River Belle Terrace

River Belle Terrace - Located on the edge of Rivers of America, River Belle Terrace has some of the most interesting breakfasts we've seen. And we mean that in the best way possible! We are so hoppy breakfast has returned as it's our favorite meal of the day at this location. Here you can step out of the breakfast box. Yes, you can get a short stack or avocado toast (it's plant-based!), but you can also enjoy a brisket skillet, a fried shrimp & catfish Benedict, biscuits & gravy, slow roasted steak & eggs, and more! We tried the hot honey fried chicken Benedict, and it was so delicious and decadent! If you have a sweet tooth, you can get the breakfast monkey bread. Breakfast will cost you between $12 and $20 plus tax and tip.

The Yummiest Places to Fill Up on Breakfast at Disneyland-Chicken Benedicts at River Belle Terrace

You can dine in the peaceful dining room or outside in the fresh air with a view of the water. Even though this is a table-service restaurant, we've found the service to be quick. That means this dining location combines a relaxing meal with an accelerated pace. We love to dine quickly to take advantage of those short Disneyland lines in the morning!

Yummiest Places to Fill Up on Breakfast at Disneyland - Winnie the Pooh at Plaza Inn

Plaza Inn - Finally, you have the character breakfast. The Minnie and Friends character breakfast is at the Plaza Inn. It's the only in-park character dining. Advance reservations are highly recommended, and Disney hotel guests have preferred reservation access.

Yummiest Places to Fill Up on Breakfast at Disneyland - A plate of food at Plaza Inn

Breakfast is served buffet-style. It includes cereals, made-to-order omelets, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, Mickey waffles, biscuits and gravy, fried chicken, Minnie waffles, French toast, muffins, danishes and croissants. You can meet several characters who come greet you at your table while you eat. Service is modified with the characters passing through but not stopping. This is one of the pricier in-park breakfast options, but getting to spend all that time with some popular favorite characters is priceless. If you have early reservations, allow plenty of time to get through security and the park entrance! Bring your dining reservation confirmation with you. There is a separate entrance for character dining before the park opens.

Where to Eat Breakfast at Disney California Adventure

Over at California Adventure, there are fewer breakfast choices, but frogciting new ones have arrived. Corn Dog Castle is now open for breakfast. There is a new breakfast sausage and egg corn dog. It's drizzled in raspberry jelly and sprinkled with powdered sugar. We found the scrambled egg at the bottom after we ate the sausage. You can also order off the regular menu at breakfast. Corn dogs: The breakfast of champions! Mobile Order only let us select chips, bur we were able to sub out Cuties mandarins at the pick-up window.

You can find cinnamon rolls, breakfast sandwiches, yogurt parfaits, wraps, baked goods and Starbucks coffee at Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Cafe.

In Hollywood Land, Schmoozies has fruit smoothies and coffees to-go, as well (sometimes doughnuts too)! It does not open early though, so think of it as a late breakfast. If you want a smoothie sooner, you can order a banana smoothie at Pym Test Kitchen.

Do you have the appetite of a Super Hero? Then you can hop into the park's newest quick-service restaurants for a full breakfast with a fun theme.

Pym Test Kitchen has a full breakfast with eggs and cinnamon toast with maple bacon (as well as plant-based options such as a folded omelet with Impossible breakfast sausage). There are tadpole options too. The potato bites are so good! You can even order the giant Quantum Pretzel or Celestial-sized Candy Bar: Choco-Smash. It's located in Avengers Campus. You can mobile order your food and fill up as you watch your favorite Super Heroes spring into action. Our super foodie guide to Avengers Campus food has the full scoop and menu.

Yummiest Places to Fill Up on Breakfast at Disneyland - Breakfast items in Avengers Campus

Shawarma Carts - Also, in Avengers Campus, you can warm up with a plant-based Impossible Breakfast Sha-warm-up wrap from the Shawarma Palace cart. It comes with spiced maple syrup. It definitely filled our bellies and allowed us to eat on the go.

Yummiest Places to Fill Up on Breakfast at Disneyland - Breakfast Shaw-warm-up wrap

Flo’s V8 Café - In Cars Land, Flo’s V8 Café used to be open for breakfast pit stops, but not at this time. However, it is open at 9:30 a.m. for lunch. It's one of our favorite quick-service restaurants. It used to offer diner breakfasts, and we hope they return soon! The toadally awesome view from the back patio is included. Offerings included decadent brioche French toast (with salted caramel sauce and bananas!) and chicken tamales with scrambled eggs (quite tasty). Kids can get car waffles with turkey bacon. The American breakfast comes with eggs, potatoes, bacon and a biscuit. Drive in to fill your tank before or after the big race at Radiator Springs Racers.

Yummiest Places to Fill Up on Breakfast at Disneyland - Breakfast Burrito from Cappuccino Cart

Cappuccino Cart - The Cappuccino Cart at the entrance to Pixar Pier has coffee, espresso and croissants. But did you know that besides croissants and your caffeine fix you could get some other breakfast items at the recently refurbished Cappuccino Cart? The chorizo breakfast burrito ($10) has chorizo, eggs, potatoes, peppers and cheese with salsa. We just love breakfast on the go in the parks! You can also get a chia fruit salad ($6) with seasonal fruits, chia seed, cottage cheese, roaster coconut, granola, sweetened condensed milk and honey. Use mobile order to skip the line.

Yummiest Places to Fill Up on Breakfast at Disneyland - Lamplight Lounge BrunchBrunch at the Lamplight Lounge - Egg-citing news! The Lamplight Lounge now offers brunch on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings. Brunch is available from park opening until noon in the downstairs dining room. We recommend making a reservation, but you can always see if there's an opening at the restaurant. With mouth-watering dishes such as indulgent French toast, egg-white frittata bake, crab and potato cake Benedict, New York avocado toast, a brunch burger, chilaquiles and more, it's worth hopping in to enjoy a nice meal with a view of the water. Plus where else can you get a cinnamon toast cocktail (BTW, it's delicious), beermosa, morning glory or a flight of colorful and seasonal fruity mimosas in a theme park?

Brunch at Lamplight Lounge is one of the most expensive options. This is especially true if you add in alcoholic beverages. But if you eat late morning, your meal counts as breakfast and lunch!

Breakfast at most locations is usually served until 10:30 a.m. If you froget which restaurants are serving breakfast, you can check the boards at the main information kiosks in each park. The boards post breakfast information along with the ride times so that you can plan your park day accordingly.

Keep in mind that you can usually pick up breakfast at a few Downtown Disney locations too. Plus, the GHC Craftsman Grill is just outside Disney California Adventure Park. It's located inside the theme park entrance to Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa (and it has mobile order for easy and quick access!).

Do you have a favorite Disneyland dining location? Questions about dining at Disneyland? Share them in the comments below!

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Hoppy planning!

Keep hopping, Mommy Frog!
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Sep 28, 2021 at 3:42 p.m. Erin Johnsen Says...

We were just in Disneyland last week and the breakfast chimichanga is back at ship to shore. It was delicious. I wish they offered salsa with it! Needed some spice. So yummy though.

Sep 28, 2021 at 11:46 a.m. FrogBlog Says...

Hi Erin!

We toadally agree! It's SO yummy, and we're glad it's back!

Hoppy planning!

Mommy Frog

Sep 15, 2021 at 12:35 a.m. Marcellina Says...

Does Plaza Inn breakfast have the gluten free waffles?

Sep 15, 2021 at 11:40 a.m. FrogBlog Says...

Hi Marcellina!

Yes! We recently hopped by and confirmed that the Plaza Inn breakfast has gluten-free waffles by request.

Hoppy planning!

Mommy Frog

Dec 18, 2019 at 12:58 p.m. Jeanette Says...

Do they serve breakfast chimichangas at DCA?? If so where??

Dec 20, 2019 at 11:27 a.m. FrogBlog Says...

Hi Jeannete!

We haven't heard of any breakfast chimichangas at DCA, only Disneyland Park at Ship to Store Marketplace. Hoppy snacking!

Mommy Frog

Jul 31, 2019 at 9:44 p.m. Steve Says...

I don't see the menu on the Disneyland website for breakfast at River Belle Terrace. Have they stopped offering it or is this one of those things like the Little Red Wagon not being listed?

Aug 1, 2019 at 3:08 p.m. FrogBlog Says...

Hi Steve!

It turns out they have stopped serving breakfast. We are so sad to hear that! We've adjusted this list accordingly.

Hoppy planning!

Mommy Frog

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