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How to Save Money on Disneyland Tickets

by Leap on May 5, 2021 Los Angeles

Maybe you are a California resident who wants to be back in the parks you love. Maybe you just want to know the best ways to save some green on your next vacation. How are you going to get into your happy place without breaking the bank? Never fear, your froggy friends are here to make it easy for you to save money on Disneyland tickets!

We'll show you the best ways to save some on admission and avoid those confusing (and sometimes pricey) tiers so you can save up to nearly $80 a day with multi-day tickets compared to purchasing 1-Day tickets. We’ll share all the secrets we’ve been sharing with vacationers for years.

Some frequent visitors can save money though the Magic Key annual pass program. However, the lowest Magic Key holders do not have access to the parks through most of summer while our tickets are good every day of summer (subject to reservation availability). Park availability is sometimes better with multi-day tickets. So even if you like to visit a couple times a year, multi-day tickets might offer better flexibility without those frustrating blockout dates.

Are you a California resident? Now through Sept. 15, you can visit with a 3-day California Resident ticket! You can get your discount promo tickets from Undercover Tourist. These promo tickets are even cheaper than our already discounted tickets. In May, Disneyland temporarily stopped selling all Magic Key passes. That means the resident tickets will be the least expensive option for California residents through summer.

How to Save Money on Disneyland Tickets

How to Save Money on Disneyland Tickets - Friends have fun in Cars Land

The most expensive way to visit Disneyland is with a 1-Day ticket. Disneyland has a 6-Tier system for just the 1-Day tickets. Prices range from $104 to $164 for 1-Park tickets (add $60 for Park Hopper tickets). The tiers are based on popularity, which means Tier 1 will be the most limited in terms of when you can visit (but also the least expensive) and will also fill the pretty quickly due to its affordability. Without being able to pop in the park for a few hours or going after school or work, you may need to visit on a weekend or holiday. That would put you in the most expensive Tier 4 (most Sundays in summer), Tier 5 (Fridays in summer) or the new Tier 6 (Saturdays in summer). Prices can vary.

Take a look at the Ticket Calendar for 1-Day Tiered tickets so see how much it will cost you to visit the day you want to go. Or, use it to find the cheapest day that works for you.

Keep in mind that if you purchase a lower tier but want to switch days to a higher tier, you will not be able to reserve. You have to go to the ticket booth to upgrade your ticket and then make a new reservation. If you live far away, you can't easily head to to a ticket booth to change your ticket. If you wait until your trip, there will not be any reservations left to book for your upgraded ticket. That's why we love the flexibility of multi-day tickets, which can be used any day (no blackouts!).

How to Save Money on Disneyland Multi-Day Tickets

The next ticket option is a Multi-Day ticket. These tickets come in 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-Day options.

How to Save Money on Disneyland Tickets - Baby eating popcornAdvantages of multi-day tickets include:

  • No tiers to worry about
  • No blackout dates
  • You can visit any day, including weekends and holidays
  • You get to go more than once (Yay!)
  • You can save big money per day
  • It costs the same to add park hopping to a multi-day ticket as it does to a 1-Day ticket
  • You can purchase multi-day Disneyland Resort tickets from Undercover Tourist and save some extra green (up to $48 versus the gate price!)
  • You have money left over for snacks!

Visiting on weekend days with five separate 1-day tickets could cost you up to $820, but if you spread those five days out over three weekends in a row (within 13 days after first use and careful scheduling), you could pay $339.62 for those same five days with Undercover Tourist. Ribbit! Can't squeeze five days in? There are 2-day, 3-day and 4-day options, as well, and all offer significant savings.

Three weekends you say? If you have a 4- or 5-day ticket, you could start your visit on a Sunday and take it through the next two weekends before your days are up. After your first day of use, you have up to 13 days to use the remaining days. Book early (up to 60 days in advance) for the best selection.

Disadvantages of multi-day tickets:

  • You have to use all of the days with 13 days after first use. (The exception to this rule is for certain promo California Resident ticket offers that appear from time to time — you can see all of the details in each ticket's description.)
  • If the days hit capacity and you cannot find availability for your days within that window, you will have to find a new period to visit.

How to Save with Park Hopper Tickets

How to Save Money on Disneyland Tickets - Minnie Mouse Exiting ElevatorUltimately, the best way to save is to get tickets that allow access to one park per day and forgo park hopping. But if you like having options (we do!) and want to hop between parks, you’ll need a Park Hopper ticket.

Disneyland has one price for park hopping no matter how many days are on your ticket. It’s a $60 difference between a 1-Day 1-Park Per Day ticket and a 1-Day Park Hopper ticket. It's also a $60 difference between any multi-day ticket and a multi-day Park Hopper ticket (and even less for Undercover Tourist tickets). What? Yes, for real.

The more days you plan to visit, the cheaper park hopping becomes per day. So if you are buying a multi-day ticket, we say the park hopper option is definitely worth getting.

A Park Hopper ticket comes in handy if you want to try your luck at joining a Boarding Group (virtual queue) for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance (located in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland Park). Each day, people with a reservation for Disneyland Park OR a Park Hopper with reservations for Disney California Adventure are eligible to join a Boarding Group at select times. Hop over to our detailed guide to how to join a Boarding Group. People who visit Disney California Adventure with a 1-Park Per Day ticket will not be eligible to join, but are able to try first for a Boarding Group for WEB Slingers, the newest ride in Avengers Campus. So being able to park hop gives you more ways to hop on new rides.

Ticket Cost Comparison

How to Save Money on Disneyland Tickets - Millennium Falcon

Here’s a cost breakdown of price per day, comparing 1-Day tiered tickets with Disneyland multi-day tickets versus Undercover Tourist discount multi-day tickets. See how the cost per day decreases the more days you visit with multi-day tickets.

Adult 1-Day 1-Park Per Day Tickets from Disneyland

Type of Ticket                            Cost                 Cost Per Day

  • Tier 1, 1-Day                          $104               $104 (limited availability)
  • Tier 2, 1-Day                          $119               $114 (limited availability)
  • Tier 3, 1-Day                          $134               $124 (available select weekdays)
  • Tier 4, 1-Day                          $149               $139 (available some Mondays - Thursdays)
  • Tier 5, 1-Day                          $159               $154 (almost any day)
  • Tier 6 1-Day                           $164               $164 (any day)

Adult 2-Day 1-Park Per Day Tickets (tax inlcuded)

Adult 3-Day 1-Park Per Day Tickets 

Adult 4-Day 1-Park Per Day Tickets 

Adult 5-Day 1-Park Per Day Tickets 

You may notice that the Undercover Tourist 5-Day ticket is less than the 4-Day ticket purchased through Disneyland (at $360). So even if you are not sure you can make five days, you can save money by giving it a try. If you can't make that fifth day, no loss and you save $1.51 per adult!

If you purchase two separate 1-Day weekend days, it could cost you up to $328, but if you purchased a 2-Day ticket through Undercover Tourist, that takes the price down to $248.68 ($123.32 a day), equivalent to two days on a Tier 2 ticket, which would normally be a rare Tuesday or Wednesday. So If you work during the week, multi-day tickets can help you gain weekend access to weekday prices.

Adult 1-Day Park Hopper (PH) Tickets (Disneyland)

Type of Ticket                              Cost                 Cost Per Day

  • Tier 1, 1-Day PH                         $164                $164
  • Tier 2, 1-Day PH                        $179                $179 (limited availability)
  • Tier 3, 1-Day PH                        $194                $194
  • Tier 4, 1-Day PH                        $209                $209
  • Tier 5, 1-Day PH                        $219                $219 (can be used almost any day)
  • Tier 6, 1-Day PH                        $224                $224 (good any day)

Adult 2-Day Park Hopper (PH) Tickets

Adult 3-Day Park Hopper (PH) Tickets

Adult 4-Day Park Hopper (PH) Tickets

Adult 5-Day Park Hopper (PH) Tickets

Child tickets (ages 3-9) will save you even more!

You can also purchase regular and park hopper tickets pre-loaded with Disney Genie+. While you can save money, it also means you are tied into having Genie+ for every day of your journey. It's great for people who know they want it. But for families who are not sure or only want to use the service some of the days, then it's best to purchase tickets without Genie+ and purchase in the Disneyland app each day after entering a theme park.

Keep an Eye out for Sales and Promotions — Including California Resident Tickets in Summer 2022!

From time to time (often near holidays) we offer ticket sales on our already discounted tickets! Follow Undercover Tourist on social media to jump on limited-time offers. Also, at limited times Disneyland offers either Southern California or California resident promo deals. Undercover Tourist sells them too, for an even bigger discount! The nice part of the promo tickets is that they do not have to be used within 13 days of first use, offering a little more flexibility for locals.

Do you live in, California, SoCal or in certain zip codes in Mexico? There is a summer 2022 3-day promo ticket on sale. It's good for visits June 13 through Sept. 15.  Also keep an eye out for winter/spring deals, usually from January to May! Ticket holders can use the ticket to visit any three days during a certain amount of time. Some tickets are Monday through Thursday only, so be sure to purchase the one that works for you. Ticket users must show ID with proof of zip code at first day of use.

Do you want to visit during the week or weekends too? There are Monday through Thursday options for less money or tickets also good Friday through Sunday. With promo tickets, you still need to make a theme park reservation for each day you visit. You can reserve up to 120 days in advance. Don't wait until the last few weeks to reserve or you may not get a reservation. You can purchase 1-Park per day, Park Hoppers or either of those with Genie+.

Our guide to Genie+ at Disneyland can help you decide if you want a Genie+ ticket, which give you access to Genie+ for each of the three days of your visit or if you would rather purchase in park for just certain days. You do save a few dollars by purchasing the Genie+ on the promo ticket vs. buying individually each day in the park. But if you do not want it every day, then you can also save money by not selecting the Genie+ option and just purchasing it in the app after entering a theme park that day.

Is It Safe to Purchase Tickets from Undercover Tourist?

Absolutely. Undercover Tourist is an official Disneyland partner. We sell the exact same authorized tickets as Disneyland, but for less. There’s no catch. No hidden fees. No membership fees. Plus our blog is filled with tons of hopful tips and details to help you save time and money in theme parks and get the most out of your visit. Here's our FAQ in case you have further questions. And now our (unused) Disneyland tickets are refundable for 365 days from date of purchase. See the ticket for details on that.

We’ve been selling theme park tickets for over 20 years. You can link Undercover Tourist tickets straight to your Disneyland account online or through the Disneyland app and make park reservations as soon as you get your confirmation email. In the Disneyland app, you can scan the code on your ticket or type the 19-digit number under the code into the app.

One thing to be aware of is that it can take 24 hours for your tickets to arrive. Sometimes it's just a few minutes, but there may be a delay to make sure you are you and not somebody else trying to take a vacation with your missing wallet. It hoppens. Just purchase in advance.

Ticket Scams

In trying to save money on Disneyland tickets, watch out for ticket scams. Do not buy from individuals trying to sell their unused tickets. When you enter Disneyland theme parks, your photo is taken. If you try to use a multi-day ticket that was first used by someone else, you can lose your ticket and your money! Also, if someone linked their tickets to their account already, their name will be on the tickets. Disneyland generally does not check names on tickets, but keep in mind once a ticket it activated at a park gate it cannot be used by anyone else.

Naming Tickets

Another hopful tip is to make sure you add each ticket holder's name correctly when you link your tickets to your account. You cannot edit a ticket once it is assigned. You can link tickets to multiple accounts but the person's name stays on the ticket. However, if you need to use the the ticket for someone else, the unused ticket can be used by anyone, no matter what name is on the ticket. But once it's used, it can only continue to be used by the person who first scanned into the park with it. Each time you scan in, the photo associated with the ticket holder pops up.

How to Save Money on Disneyland Tickets - Infographic StepsTo purchase tickets, follow these steps (you can find more details in our Disneyland park reservations post:

  1. Before you purchase tickets, check the availability calendar to see if the dates you want to visit are available or the park you want to visit first availability. Compare the 1-Park and Park Hopper calendars as they have different availability. (Reservations become available on a rolling basis, so be sure to check frequently. Dates that are full may suddenly have availability.) Also you might have better luck making reservation from one device vs. another. We have better luck reserving from our computer than with our phone.
  2. Buy your tickets.
  3. Immediately after purchasing your tickets, link them to your Disney account online or through the Disneyland app and visit to make theme park reservations. Tickets must be linked to a Disney account, and online registration is required. Guests with multi-day tickets will be required to make a separate park reservation for each day they plan to visit the theme parks. Guests with a Park Hopper ticket will select the first theme park they wish to visit to begin their day, then they can visit the other park later that day after 1:00 p.m. Limit one park reservation per guest, per day. Tickets expire 13 days after first use or January 12, 2024, whichever occurs first. 

Magic Key Holder Offerings How to Save Money on Disneyland Tickets - Special DrinkWith the Magic Key program, you can receive pass discounts at shops and participating restaurants. Look for other Magic Key offerings that pop up. The Magic Key Terrace at Disney California Adventure is exclusively for Magic Key holders and their guests. You might find photo ops or lounges at times. Sometimes you get free gifts such as buttons or magnets.

Magic Key Annual Pass Program

The brand-new annual pass program debuted Aug. 25, 2021! There are four different options of Magic Key passes to provide choice, flexibility and value. Magic Key holders may make park reservations up to 90 days in advance, compared with other ticket holders, who may reserve up to 120 days in advance.

Dream Key — Sold Out!

  • Reservation-based admission to one or both theme parks every day of the year (subject to availability)
  • Up to six park reservation holds at a time
  • 20 percent off select merchandise
  • 15 percent off select food and beverage
  • Theme park parking included

Believe Key — Sold Out!

  • Reservation-based admission to one or both theme parks most days of the year (subject to availability)
  • Up to six park reservation holds at a time
  • 10 percent off select merchandise
  • 10 percent off select food and beverage
  • 50 percent off theme park parking

Enchant Key

  • Reservation-based admission to one or both theme parks select days of the year (subject to availability)
  • Up to four park reservation holds at a time
  • 10 percent off select merchandise
  • 10 percent off select food and beverage

Imagine Key

  • Reservation-based admission to one or both theme parks select days of the year (subject to availability)
  • Available for Southern California residents only
  • Up to two park reservation holds at a time
  • 10 percent off select merchandise
  • 10 percent off select food and beverage

Throughout the year, Magic Key pass holders may enjoy special benefits, including dedicated dining experiences, custom menu items, a Magic Key holder celebration month and more.

Do you have any questions about how to save money on Disneyland tickets or finding the best ticket options for you? Please let us know in the comments section below. Hop over to our Disneyland Resort ticket page for pricing and tickets. You can also save on a hotel stay at Disneyland resort hotels, such as Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, as well as other hotels near Disneyland. 

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Keep hopping!

Keep hopping, Leap!
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