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Planning Timeline

We know planning can be overwhelming—when to go, where to go, what to do—it's enough to drive a grown frog crazy. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve made it easy to achieve a stress-free vacation. Hop into our Orlando planning timeline, which includes tips and resources to help you plan—and save on!— the perfect family vacation. Let's get hoppin'!

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When To Visit Orlando

When to Visit Orlando - Crowd Calendar ScreengrabDeciding when to visit Orlando is the most crucial decision you make as you begin planning a theme park vacation. The time of year when you visit Orlando determines many other aspects of your planning and your vacation itself. For instance, if you decide to visit Orlando during the busy Christmas holiday season, you will have to make dining and hotel reservations much farther in advance than if you were visiting during the off-season. Expected crowd levels are also strongly associated with what time of year it is. Additionally, there are special events held at the major Orlando theme parks throughout the year, many of which are included with regular park admission. You may find that you want to plan your vacation around a particular event.

The vast majority of visitors plan their family vacations during summer break and around school holidays. It's not a coincidence that these are the very busiest times at the theme parks—and they require more planning! From deciding what to pack to planning your trip around a particular special event, the following resources will help you determine when to visit Orlando and will give you helpful information for traveling during specific times of the year.

When to Visit Orlando

Orlando Theme Park Special Events & Holidays

Disney World Special Planning Topics

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See the Best Time to Visit!

Our Crowd Calendar provides a month-by-month look at the best dates to visit Orlando, including recommended parks. You can also see the whole year at a glance!

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Our Jump-Start Guides provide the basic information to get you hoppin’!

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