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Tips for Enjoying Disney World in Spring!

by Ashley Metz on April 15, 2014

Just when we thought that Elsa had taken over the country with an epic winter, spring has finally made its debut! I know that much of the north half of the country is still experiencing cold weather (complete with snow and ice), but for many of us, the birds have begun to build nests, green bits are unfurling from every branch, and blossoms are popping up to enjoy the warmer weather.

Disney World in spring

There's no finer place to be than Disney World in spring! From the Epcot International Flower & Garden Garden to the lovely Easter decorations, parades, and festivities throughout the parks, Disney has spring covered! With all this fun, what could hold you back? Today I'm helping you get park ready by providing my top tips for enjoying Disney World in spring so that you can make the most of this beautiful spring weather!

1. Fight allergies

Disney World in spring

If you're prone to allergies or if you think you are, don't forget to pack your regular allergy medications for your trip! There is plenty in bloom at all of the parks, but especially at Epcot and Disney's Animal Kingdom. And don't forget that Disney World itself was built on swamps and wetlands, and there is plenty of lush flora surrounding the entire area. As with all things, you might or might not be bothered by the flowers, trees, or grass, but it's best to be prepared with a seasonal allergy medication (nasal sprays and eye drops are helpful too!) I always pack a little stash of medicine, but don't forget every park is equipped with a First Aid Station should you need a little help! Listen to your body, if you notice you're wheezing or have an itchy throat, scratchy eyes or whatever, be prepared and power back against those allergies!

2. Pack a lightweight jacket

I know this sounds crazy, especially when temperatures at this time of the year can hover in the upper 80s, but trust me here. I've been in the parks many a spring night where I found a good old hoodie to be a welcome friend. Pack it in your park bag in the morning and you'll be thankful for it when your watching the Main Street Electrical Parade after the sun has gone down. There's nothing worse than being on the hunt for a jacket when you could be enjoying the parks (especially when it ends up costing upwards of $50). Plan ahead and be ready for those spring nights! (Check out Undercover Tourist's full packing list for spring.)

3. Hydrate

It might seem like it wouldn't be hard to remember when you're trucking it through the parks in the heat of the day, but many people don't get enough water. And no, Splash Mountain doesn't count! With all of the walking you do inside the park along with the Florida heat, water is a neccessity. It is crucial that you remember to make yourself drink water throughout the day in order to stay hydrated and get the most out of your days in the parks. And don't forget about the little ones too! Pack powdered drinks to add to water and you won't have to buy soft drinks. Hydration is a rule for me EVERY time I'm at Disney World (spring, summer, fall or winter). It'll keep you going and keep you feeling good! Drink up and enjoy the spring!

4. Prepare for rain

Disney World in spring

Florida and thunderstorms are best friends. There will be rain. The question then is "when?" and "will you be prepared?" Take a word of advice from me and pack a couple of dollar store ponchos in your bag. They are compact for carrying, can be thrown away if needed, and they don't cost a ton!  I'll admit that I've made the mistake of packing ponchos in my suitcase and forgetting to put them in my park bag, only to get to the parks, get caught in a storm, and be forced to buy a premium poncho (at a premium price!).  I've learned to pack my collection ... um ... I mean my official premium WDW ponchos in my park bag. They are reusable and you better believe I'm squeezing every dime out of them! Don't get caught in the rain. And remember, don't fool around with lightning! Be safe this spring! (Here are some Disney World rainy day ideas.)

#5. Think about the sun! 

Disney World in spring

I can't say it enough -- if the sun is out, you need to protect your skin! The Orlando sun is a beautiful, but powerful thing! Applying some SPF (spray is my favorite) throughout the day can be a life saver (literally) for your skin. And remember not to leave out the little ones! Pack your own and save your money for fun purchases in the parks. Also, don't forget a hat and shade. Protect yourself from the sun as you make your way through lovely flower displays and enjoy the parades, attractions, and ambiance that only Disney can provide!

I hope this little list of suggestions will help you as you prepare for your time at Disney World in spring. With so many lovely things to do, this list can really come in handy. We  want to hear from you in the comment section.  Share with us your favorite spring-time memory from Disney World! I hope you all have an amazing Easter!

Until next time, Keep it magical!

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Ashley is the author of Disney: Done Right Blog and a writer for Chip and Co. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter!

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