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Overview of the Disney Dream: Where Cruise Dreams Come True!

by Mommy Frog on February 28, 2022 5 Orlando

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Whether you scrape your pennies together or it’s a drop in the bucket for you, a Disney Cruise is the trip of a lifetime! It’s three vacations rolled into one — a Disney trip, a luxurious cruise and a Caribbean escape. Each of the Disney Cruise Line's ships offers something spectacular, and the Disney Dream is no exception. We're here to give you a peek at this splendid ship, from dining to entertainment, and so much more.

Disney Dream - Deck at Sunrise

Why a Disney Cruise?

When it comes to cruising, Disney really stands out. We know the name is synonymous with quality. The quality of the decor, the food, the service, the room space, the cleanliness, the extras — it’s superb in every way. For more information about the Disney Cruise Line, hop over to our full post.

Disney Dream Facts

Disney Dream - Atrium

The Disney Dream was built in 2010 and refurbished in 2020. It can hold up to 3,500 passengers and 1,400 crew members. The Disney Dream sails out of Port Canaveral and the Port of Miami, and the typical route for the ship is three to five days from a homeport to the Bahamas and/or Mexico.

The Disney Dream contains 14 decks of wonderfulness! Disney Dream offers a wide range of accommodation options for every individual's needs. Here is a breakdown of the adorable staterooms!

Disney Dream - Stateroom

There are six types of rooms on the Disney Dream:

  • Standard Inside Stateroom is 169 sq. ft. and made to occupy two to four guests. These rooms contain a queen-size bed or two twin beds and a convertible sofa. Some staterooms come with a wall pull-down bed.
  • Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom is 204 sq. ft. and sleeps two to four guests with a queen-size bed or two twin beds and a single convertible sofa. Some staterooms have a wall pull-down bed. There is a small porthole with an obstructed, limited view of the ocean depending on the deck.
  • Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom is 241 sq. ft. with an occupancy of two to five guests. This room contains a queen-size bed or two twin beds and a single convertible sofa. Some staterooms have a wall pull-down bed or upper berth pull-down bed and a large porthole window with an ocean view.
  • Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom w/Navigator's Verandah is 246 sq. ft. including a verandah (which is just a fancy word for balcony). It sleeps up to four guests with a queen-size bed or two twin beds and a single convertible sofa; some rooms have an upper pull-down bed.
  • Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah is 299 sq. ft. with a verandah and sleeps up to five guests in a queen-size bed or two twin beds and a single convertible sofa.
  • Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah is 246 sq. ft., including the balcony verandah that sleeps up to four guests in a queen-size bed or two twin beds and a single convertible sofa and upper pull-down bunk beds.

Disney Dream - Bunk Beds

As you can see, whether you’re sailing as a couple or a big family, there are accommodations that can work for you!

What Is There to Do on the Disney Dream?

Disney Dream - Family on the Beach

You will never be bored on a Disney Cruise. There is so much fun to be had, but I want to warn you first ... you won’t be able to do it all on your first trip!

The easiest way for me to tell you about everything there is to do on this ship is to put it into categories. There are awesome family-fun activities, children-centered activities and then adults-only activities.

Family Activities on the Disney Dream

On a family vacation, like a Disney Cruise, you want to do things as a family. Well, wait 'til you hear about all of the magical family activities to be had on the Disney Dream!

First of all, there are classic Disney character meet and greets. With health and safety precautions in place, you will not be able to physically touch or hug the characters. But you can get within a few feet and snap a great photo. You can still interact, wave and be silly with them, just as you would in the parks. No Disney vacation is complete without that family photo with Mickey Mouse and friends!

Speaking of photos, there is a professional photo studio for family photos that toadally gives glamour shot vibes — but with a Disney touch. These sessions need to be booked ahead of time and have an extra charge.

Disney Dream - Sea Treasures

If you like shopping for exclusive merchandise and souvenir hunting, look no further! There are so many places to shop on board. Check out Deck 3 for all of your shopping dreams!

There are live Broadway-style shows onboard the Disney Dream. The running show changes with the season, so be sure to check your particular booking to see which show is playing. They typically play the show one to three times each sail so that everyone gets a chance to attend and experience these musical productions. And yes, these shows are completely free to attend!

On the Disney Dream, there is a huge movie theater onboard. The whole family can watch movies that are playing in theaters on land, and some classic Disney favorites, as well! These are completely free, but some concessions are at an extra cost.

Disney Dream - Scavenger HuntIf you feel like exploring and going on an adventure, you have to try the free ship-wide scavenger hunt! The start location is on Deck 5 midship. Here is where you can activate your map, grab a pencil and start “sleuthing!" The Midship Detective Agency is an interactive attraction that kids and adults will love doing together. The game revolves around Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy helping Disney characters solve different cases. There are a few cases to solve so you can do it multiple times on your cruise and solve them all! The clues will lead you to paintings and stops that have secret interactive objects. The paintings by the elevator that you’ve been admiring all cruise — those are actually interactive screens for the scavenger hunt mystery! Each special painting will transform and give you your next clue. You’ll have a blast running around the ship and solving the case. It’s also a great way to get to know the ship and explore.

Disney Dream - Pool DeckMy personal favorite locations on any Disney ship are the pool areas. On the Disney Dream, there are two big pools for families. There is also a small Mickey-themed water slide for kids, a Nemo-themed splash pad area for the little ones and a water slide that spans the entire length of the ship called the Aquaduck. It’s a great ride that gives you a very different view of the ship and sea! But FYI, there is a height requirement and kids must be accompanied to ride.

The pool area deck has a massive TV screen that plays Disney movies all day and night. It’s a great place to come and relax before bed and feel the strong ocean breeze. The pools do close at night, but the deck transforms into a flat walking area with chairs.

Does your family have a competitive edge? Then you must check out the sports area on Deck 13 of the Disney Dream. The mini-golf area is perfectly themed and a ton of fun. Beside the mini-golf is an enclosed basketball court for the family to shoot some free throws and maybe start a friendly game of HORSE. There is also a shuffleboard alongside the running track on Deck 4.

Disney Dream - Mini-Golf

On Deck 4, you will find the D Lounge. This is where a lot of scheduled family-friendly events will take place. You can participate in bingo, trivia, crafts and so much more! Most activities are free, but the games that have big prizes will require a buy-in. For example, bingo requires you to purchase cards with the potential to win hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Normally, there would be Deck Parties on Deck 11. On the Disney Dream, with current COVID precautions, the parties have been put on hold, but there are plans for them to return in the future!

Disney Dream - Deck Party

The Sailing Away Deck Party is a family-friendly event that happens on Deck 11 and takes place when the ship is leaving port. There is singing, dancing, ticker tape and fireworks. This is a fun way to kick off your cruise after boarding and taking part in all of the safety drills. Right now, the boarding process will look different. You will complete a safety drill after you board with the members in your stateroom instead of ship-wide. You will go directly to your room and your keys will be waiting for you there.

Pirate Night is another family deck party, but this one lasts all night! Pirate Night starts at dinner time when everyone is encouraged to dress up like a pirate or simply wear the bandannas that are provided to you in your room. The cabin staff will leave you pirate bandannas and gold coins to get you in the swashbuckling mood. On Deck 11, the pools are covered and there are free pirate games, a pirate show featuring Mickey Mouse, a musical sing-along and a massive fireworks show to end the night. Pirate Night has been temporarily put on hold, with plans to return. But the Disney Dream fireworks show has been reimagined with new music and spectacular choreographed pyrotechnics. The one night that has the fireworks show, “Ever After,” is a CAN'T-MISS!

Disney Dream - Ever After

Kid-Only Activities on the Disney Dream 

First, let’s talk about childproofing. Don’t worry about your kids breaking anything on this beautiful ship. Despite the pristine decor, everything within kids' reach in the staterooms and common areas is toadally safe!

Disney Dream - NurseryIf your kiddo is 2 years old or less, there is a great little nursery for them.

While this area has not reopened on the Disney Dream, it may open up soon so I really wanna tell you all about it! The Nursery is for children ages 6 months to 2 years old. The entire space is themed after the ride it’s a small world. There are caretakers for every child. They are highly trained in infant safety. This nursery has a small hourly fee of about $9 per hour. Remember, there is a splash pad on Deck 11 and on the island stop of Castaway Cay (more on that later ... keep reading, friend!)

The nursery is located on Deck 5, right next to the Oceaneer Club.

Disney Dream - Oceaneer ClubThe Oceaneer Club is a lockdown-free childcare center for ages 3 to 12 years old. This part of the ship is like a theme park all on its own. You must make reservations for 1.5 to 2.5-hour blocks for each child. The playtime is led by multiple Oceaneer staff members where they do storytime, dress up, character visits, interactive games, themed playgrounds, arts and crafts and so much more. The themed rooms include a "Star Wars" ship area, Andy’s room (from "Toy Story"), animation rooms, video game rooms and Tinker Bell's fairy forest. The Oceaneer Club is always the highlight of the Disney Dream for Lily!

*It is important to note that children must be fully potty trained to be admitted into this club.

The Edge is a preteen club area that caters to ages 11 to 14 years old. It is an interactive space with video games, a dance floor, karaoke, crafts, arcade, sports and lounge areas. The Disney Dream counselors in Edge host lots of daily activities that will get even your shyest tween to have a little fun. As you may have guessed, our resident tween, Tad, spends most of his time here.

Disney Dream - The Edge

The Vibe is specifically for ages 14 to 17 years old. They are very strict on the ages that are allowed in this area. There is a smoothie bar, a soda fountain, a sundeck, an arcade, a DJ booth, a dance floor, a coffee area and even a lounge area with screens. This is a great place for teens to get off the screens and socialize.

Adults-Only Activities on the Disney Dream 

Disney Dream - AdultsSometimes mom or dad, or even grandpa and grandma, need some time to themselves. Don’t feel guilty for needing a little time away from your children (or everyone else’s children)! This is why there are some spectacular adults-only areas on the Disney Dream.

There are two adults-only restaurants on the Disney Dream. Remy is a French restaurant themed after the movie “Ratatouille," and everyone's favorite little chef is the namesake. There is a crystal statue of Remy hidden on the chandelier as you enter the dining room. And the pattern on the seating is a silhouette of Remy and his brother. It is one of the only restaurants at sea with three Michelin stars! The gourmet dining experience is an attraction unto itself. You must book a reservation ahead of time and this menu is not included in the free dining; it is an extra charge. There is also a dress code, so pack accordingly. Formalwear is suggested. If men do not have a jacket or dress shoes, ask the Maitre d' — you can rent a suit and shoes for the night for free!

Palo is an Italian restaurant that is famous for its multiple course brunch and romantic dinner. With a gorgeous view of the ocean, explore the menu and be transported to the coastal waters of Venice. Don’t you deserve to relax and enjoy your meal? This adults-only restaurant also has a dress code and requires a reservation.

Meridian is a half-indoor, half-outdoor lounge that is located between the two adult-only restaurants on Deck 12. The theme of this bar is “travel” with luggage straps on the booths, passport-stamped wallpaper and themed drinks.

Disney Dream - Quiet Cove

The Quiet Cove is the adults-only pool on Deck 11. It has multiple pool areas and hot tubs. There are also countless lounge chairs to sunbathe or lay in the shade and enjoy the quiet. There are also a few poolside bars if you desire a cocktail or two.

Yes, there are chic nightclubs and bars located all over the ship! Here’s a quick list of the nightclubs and bars available to adults:

  • Pink (Champagne Bar) - Deck 4
  • Bon Voyage (Cocktail Bar) - Deck 3
  • Skyline Bar (Cocktail Bar) - Deck 4
  • Frozone Treats (Pool Bar) - Deck 11
  • Waves (Pool Bar) - Deck 12
  • 687 Lounge - Deck 4
  • The District Lounge - Deck 4
  • Outlook - Deck 14
  • Cove Bar - Deck 11
  • Currents Bar - Deck 13
  • Meridian Bar - Deck 12

Disney Dream - Bar

Is there a spa onboard? Yes! Let me introduce you to Senses Spa. Wanna feel like a million bucks? Book a little treatment here! The spa offers massages, facials, a hair salon, a juice and smoothie bar and a nail salon!

"But I want to work out!" OK, sure! There’s a gym on the Disney Dream with great views of the ocean. The gym here has all of the standard equipment such as treadmills, weights, etc. Each machine faces a wall of windows that offer an unobstructed view of the ocean. There is also a jogging trail on Deck 4 that is 2.5 laps = 1 mile.

What Is There to Eat Aboard the Disney Dream?

Disney Dream - Meal

One of the best parts of the Disney Dream is the food! There are so many places to grab a quick bite, nibble on a snack or dine in refined, world-class restaurants. Let me take you through the many food options.

  • Remy – Adults-only French cuisine
  • Palo – Adults-only Italian cuisine
  • Cabanas Buffet – This buffet is massive and has something for every diet and preference. It is open for a few hours in the morning for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Animator's Palate – Family dining that is artist-themed
  • Royal Court – Family dining in the elegant atmosphere of Cinderella's Castle
  • Enchanted Garden – Family dining in Versailles gardens-style surroundings. As the sun sets, the ceiling changes into stars and the flower lighting fixtures close.
  • 24-Hour Room Service – Free room service around the clock!
  • Tow Mater's Grill – On Deck 11, there is a grill featuring pizza, burgers, hot dogs and french fries that is open when the buffet is closed.
  • Ice Cream – All-you-can-eat machines located on Deck 11, where you can grab an ice cream cone any time of the day or night for free.

Disney Dream - Vanellope's

  • Sweet on You – This cute gourmet ice cream and candy shop has the best milkshakes. There is a small fee, but it’s surprisingly inexpensive.
  • Cove Coffee Shop – This little cafe is tucked away in the adults-only section. They also serve specialty liquors with coffee.
  • Concession Stands for theaters – Fresh popcorn, candy and drinks
  • Drink Stations: On Deck 11, there are soda, water, coffee and tea stations that never close.

You can always order breakfast to your room the night before. Every night of your cruise, you will be assigned a specific restaurant and table for your stateroom. This restaurant will rotate every night, but your table will remain the same.

All About the Disney-Owned Private Island, Castaway Cay

Disney Dream - Castaway Cay

In case you didn’t know, the best port of call or stop on a Disney Dream cruise is the Disney-owned Bahamian island of Castaway Cay. I can’t tell you how magical this little island is. It’s the most perfect temperature all year-round, the sea breeze is fantastic, and it’s pure paradise!

This Caribbean island is a classic island retreat. The water is crystal clear, and the sand is so soft and white. I’m not joking about the crystal clear water — it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before! It’s a dream (pun toadally intended)!

Disney Dream - Smoothies on the BeachIs there food on the island? Yes! There is an all-you-can-eat buffet lunch that runs from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. (barbecue cookout themed) and more of that delicious unlimited soft-serve ice cream!

While you are relaxing on the beach, you can order drinks from the abundant wandering waiters. We got the kids some strawberry smoothies and they were divine; I might have snuck a sip or five.

Are you not a "sit on the beach and relax" kinda person? There’s plenty to do! How about the big water slide you can swim to, the bike trail with rentable bikes, a running trail, sand volleyball sports area, snorkeling, splash pads for little ones, a water obstacle course and so much more water fun!

Disney Dream - Rentals

Too much action? Go shopping around the island. There are plenty of neat shops!

Disney Dream - Castaway Cay Shopping

FYI, there is also an adults-only area here. Take the tram to the adults-only beach and bar!

Disney Dream - Castaway Cay Adult Beach

Best Tips for Sailing on the Disney Dream

Here are a few packing and preparation tips that we've learned from cruising.

  • Pack a small bag to carry your things around the ship and on the island ports of call stops!
  • Don’t pack a hairdryer — there is one located in every room.
  • Remember that there is a laundry room with washers, dryers, soap (for a small fee) and an iron/ironing board on every floor.
  • Download the Disney Cruise app ahead of time and connect it to your stateroom. This app will have your reservations, your itinerary and most importantly, it has a messaging feature. The message chat function will help you communicate with other people in your party when there is no signal! The app will give you a map of the ship, tell you the schedules and you can text through the app. It’s easy and FREE.
  • Pack a sweater, the weather at sea can be unpredictable and quite windy when the sun goes down!

Disney Dream - Deck

Is There an Internet Connection on the Disney Dream?

Yes and no! As soon as you start sailing, put your phone in airplane mode to avoid international fees. Connect to the Disney cruise Wi-Fi.

You are able to purchase internet gigs onboard, but they can get very expensive. The "Pay as You Go” option is $0.25 cents per MB, $19 for 100 MB, $39 for 300 MB and $89 for 1000 MB.

In order to upload a photo to social media, it takes about 4-5 MB. Browsing social media for an hour takes around 100-200 MB, and streaming a short YouTube video (less than five minutes) takes up 150-200 MB. Most people will want to buy a plan and sign in only to post on social media and then sign out to save data. If you want to browse plans onboard, you can purchase through the Disney Cruise Line app. The biggest help to me was to visit the “Connect@Sea” help desk on Deck 4. The experts there can help you navigate the plan that is right for you and provide tech support for your particular phone!

So what do you think? Are you ready to let your imagination set sail on the Disney Dream? Have you sailed on the Disney Dream before? Let us know in the comments below!

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Hoppy planning! 

Keep hopping, Mommy Frog!
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May 25, 2023 at 3:30 p.m. Nicole Says...

Hi there! I have a 4 night cruise on the Disney Dream booked for April 2024. It’s making stops at Nassau and Disney’s island. I was just wondering- is it possible to get off and walk around nassau safely without an excursion booked? I’ve been to nassau but never on a cruise (always at a resort). Can you go to a beach or find activities on your own rather than joining an excursion? Thank you very much!!

I’m debating if I should just remain on the cruise ship in nassau or pay for an excursion

Jan 14, 2023 at 4:04 p.m. Mary Beth Says...

Is the food and ice cream included on the Disney Island or do you have to pay for it ?

Jan 17, 2023 at 1:19 p.m. FrogBlog Says...

Hi Mary Beth!

Yes, food, water and soft drinks are included on Castaway Cay. Premium beverages are an additional cost.

Hoppy planning!

Mommy Frog

Oct 12, 2022 at 7:32 p.m. Jennifersu Says...

Do the ship have wi-fi for free

Oct 12, 2022 at 3:10 p.m. FrogBlog Says...

Hi Jennifersu!

If only using the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app, you would not need to purchase Wi-Fi. However, if you wish to access anything beyond the app, such as emails and social media, you would need to purchase a Wi-Fi plan. There are three different tiers of plans that you can opt for, though note that there are new day-based plans on some ships while others may still have the old plans which are based on the amount of data you use (though eventually, the new plans will rollout to all of the ships).

Hoppy planning!

Mommy Frog

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