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Our Hoppin' Guide to All the Disney Cruise Bars & Lounges

by Mommy Frog on April 29, 2024

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Feeling a little thirsty? It's time to raise your glass, froggy friends! Today, we're venturing on a virtual bar crawl to explore all the Disney Cruise Line bars and lounges you can expect to find on your upcoming Disney Cruise. From cozy hideaways to lively hotspots, each Disney cruise ship has an array of themed bars and lounges, each with its own unique theming, atmosphere, menu and, in some places, entertainment. In this post, we're covering all the details on where you can find the perfect spot to grab your favorite drink, as well as our top insider secrets and hacks so you'll be a pro before you even step aboard the ship. Haven't booked your cruise just yet? Allow your favorite frogs here at Undercover Tourist to help! Undercover Tourist now offers exclusive Disney Cruise Line savings with no booking fees. Just think, you can use the money saved to indulge in more tropical cocktails while lounging on the pool deck. It's true what they say — it's always 5 o'clock somewhere!

Disney Cruise Bars — The Rose entrance

Disney Cruise Bars and Lounges Overview

From tropical drinks such as piña coladas and mojitos, classics such as a martini or unique options such as a smoked old fashioned, we promise it won't be hard to find your favorite drink onboard any of the Disney Cruise ships. Looking for nonalcoholic options? Disney Cruise Line has got you covered there too!

Disney Cruise Bars — Drink Menu

Are there any wine enthusiasts out there? You're in luck! From the rotational dining rooms, adult-exclusive dining venues and all the bars and lounges, you'll find a curated selection of vintages from wineries around the globe. And for all those beer aficionados, you'll find a wide variety of craft brews, as well as brews exclusive to Disney Cruise Line.

Disney Cruises - Bayou Lounge on the Disney Wish

No matter which Disney cruise ship you're on, you'll discover an abundance of bars and lounges to explore. From cozy pubs to elegant lounges featuring live music, you'll be busy hopping from place to place. What sets Disney apart is the incredible attention to detail and themed experiences, accompanied by hopful crew members to guide you through their drink offerings. Each venue offers its own unique experience, so we recommend checking them all out, even if just to catch the vibe and admire the theming.

Disney Cruise Bars and Lounges Pricing

Although almost everything that you need while aboard your Disney Cruise is included in the cost of your cruise fare, alcoholic beverages or specialty nonalcoholic drinks are not included. The cost of a specialty beverage can vary greatly, largely based on the type of alcohol in the beverage.

As an example, let’s use the froggerific Bayou bar and lounge aboard the Disney Wish. This bar features New Orleans-inspired cocktails in connection to "The Princess and the Frog." Here you can find one of our favorite drinks, the Smoked Fashioned which consists of Bayou Rum Xo Mardi Gras and bitters. But you're also paying for the presentation of the $21 drink — it comes in a box filled with smoke, which gives it the drink’s signature flavor. Other drinks at this bar include the Absinthe Frappe ($10.50), Cajun Michelada ($9.50) and a Hurricane ($12.50). In addition to these specialty drinks, there is also a full bar.

ADisney Cruise Bars – smokey cocktail

A pint of beer will typically range from $7 to $10 and Disney Cruise Line bars include unique options such as the Twisted Tentacle Ale which is brewed exclusively for the Disney Wish ($7.75). A glass of wine will typically start around $9 when aboard Disney Cruise Line, but the price can vary greatly based on vintage. The prices included here are typical for the majority of the bars and lounges found throughout the Disney Cruise Line, but all venues have menus with pricing available to look over before ordering (prices are subject to change).

In addition, an 18% gratuity is automatically added to any order placed at the bars and lounges. You have the option of adding an additional tip if you'd like. For more info on Disney cruise tipping etiquette, be sure to visit our gratuities post.

Where to Find the Disney Cruise Bars and Lounges on Each Ship

What we love most is that every Disney Cruise ship has its own unique selection of bars and lounges — there's always something exciting to discover no matter which ship you're aboard!

Disney Cruise Bars — The District

Disney Dream

Many of the bars and lounges are located in The District which is located on Deck 4. Within this area, you will find Pub 687, District Lounge, Evolution, Pink Wine and Champagne Bar and the Skyline Lounge. The District Lounge is an open space with a large bar and intimate seating. This area also has wonderful live entertainment. Pink has an impressive selection of wines and champagnes, and the bar is as fun as it is beautiful. Pub 687 is perfect if you’re looking to grab a pint and relax. Skyline Lounge takes you on a journey around the world through the screens behind the bar, providing beautiful and changing views without ever leaving the comfort of your seat.

While there are other bars and lounges throughout the Disney Dream, we also need to mention Meridian, which is one of our favorite lounges and has both indoor and outdoor seating areas.

Disney Cruise Bars — Pink Champagne Bar

Disney Fantasy

Disney Fantasy is the sister ship to the Dream, so you'll find bars and lounges that are similar such as Skyline Lounge and Meridian. The theming of the main bar and lounge hub, though, is unique and takes on a European flair. On the Fantasy, this area is known as Europa (whereas on the Dream it is The District). It includes La Piazza, The Tube, O’Gills Pub, Skyline Lounge and Ooh La La. Ooh La La is a stunning champagne bar while O’Gills is an inviting Irish tavern. La Piazza is the main hub and this Italian-inspired lounge features a fun bar and a variety of musical performances.

Disney Cruise Bars — champagne from Meridian Bar

Disney Magic 

After Hours is located on Deck 3 of the Disney Magic and here you will find Fathoms, Keys and O’Gill’s Pub. These bars and lounges are open exclusively to adults at night. Keys is a piano bar that offers live entertainment while O’Gill’s is an Irish pub like the one on the Fantasy. Fathoms has a full-service bar that has more of a nightclub feel. Unique to Disney Magic, you will also find the Soul Cat Lounge. This bar has amazing theming and takes inspiration from the jazz club featured in the movie "Soul." In addition to great theming, there is live music and dancing.

Disney Wonder

The Disney Wonder is the sister ship to the Magic and also has After Hours located on Deck 3. Here the lounges have slightly different theming with the three spaces including Crown & Fin Pub, Cadillac Lounge and Azure. Cadillac Lounge is a retro-inspired lounge that pays homage to the golden age of automobiles, with vintage Cadillac tail fins adorning the walls and classic car-themed cocktails served at the bar. The Crown & Fin is your traditional pub while Azure offers music and a dance floor — perfect for cuttin' a rug!

Unique to the Disney Wonder is the French Quarter Lounge, inspired by the movie, "The Princess and the Frog." The New Orleans theming is paired with details from the movie. We especially love the Dr. Facilier details along the bar. Ready to shake "a poor sinner's hand?" :)

Disney Cruise Bars — Hyperspace Lounge

Disney Wish

The Disney Wish boasts the largest number of bar and lounge options out of the current Disney ships and they can be found on various floors throughout the ship. Keg and Compass is a pub-style lounge featuring an impressive selection of craft beers and artisanal cocktails. Nightingale’s is a Cinderella-themed lounge. It is one of our favorite lounges and is a must-do for anyone who loves gin. Our recommended drink is the Tropical Frozen Bubble ($15). The gin is served in an ice bubble and you get to break it with a tiny hammer so that it falls into the drink!

Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge is an amazingly themed bar where you'll be transported to a galaxy far, far away. This is a must-do for any "Star Wars" fan. For a taste of elegance and refinement, the Rose Lounge offers a sophisticated, adult-only bar inspired by the enchanted rose from "Beauty and the Beast."

Lastly, there is a hidden bar located within Hook’s Barbery. This location is only open for a couple hours a night (typically from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.). It serves craft old-fashioned cocktails. The selection of bourbon that guests get to choose from is impressive. This is a must-do for anyone wanting a truly unique experience!

Pool Bars, Cove Cafe and Other Bars

Disney Cruise for Adults - Cove Cafe

In addition to the unique bars and lounges highlighted above, each Disney cruise ship will have bars located around the pool decks. Whether you're lounging poolside or taking a break from the other onboard activities, these bars provide a variety of tropical cocktails, beers and refreshing nonalcoholic drinks. The pool bars are the perfect place to unwind and enjoy a drink while soaking up the sun and ocean breeze. Cove Cafe is known for its various coffee and tea beverages, but at night it transitions into a relaxing place for adults to enjoy alcoholic beverages. Lastly, located just off of the ship’s atrium areas, various lobby bars offer a perfect blend of easy-to-grab drinks and the opportunity to take in all of the lively activities that occur in this part of the ship.

Top Disney Cruise Line Bar and Lounge Tips

Before you belly up to the bar, here are a few more insider secrets and money-saving tips you'll want to know before you go:

Disney Cruise Gratuities - tropical drink

  • Drink of the Day: Disney Cruise Line does not offer drink all-inclusive drink packages. Instead, you'll want to leap the Drink of the Day. On each day of your cruise, there will be one highlighted alcoholic and one nonalcoholic beverage. Not only is this drink unique for that day, but it is available at a discounted price! On our last cruise, the alcoholic Drink of the Day was $6.50. Special-themed cruises such as Halloween on the High Seas or Marvel Day Sea, the Drink of the Day will be themed to match the occasion. For example, the Haunted-Rita and Mango Potion were the two holiday options on our Halloween cruise. You can find the Drink of the Day listed in the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app or ask any crew member. These daily specials are available at all bars across the cruise ship, so you can find them at multiple locations.
  • Buy the Souvenir Cup: With the souvenir cup, you can purchase a refill of the Drink of the Day and get more bang for your buck. The refill is a better value than buying at the regular price. For example, you'll get a third more in the souvenir cup, but for the same price. There's also a Beer Mug Savings Package that can be purchased through Onboard Gifts. And for the kiddos, there's a souvenir kids' smoothie cup. You'll usually find it during the Sail Away Celebration. Just like the Drink of the Day, you'll receive a larger refill portion when using the cup. And BONUS! Bring your cup along with you on your Castaway Cay day. The bartenders and beachside servers honor the larger Drink of the Day pour.
  • Happy Hour: Keep an eye out for Happy Hours, which take place at different times and locations throughout your cruise. Happy Hours times are located in the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app. You can score drink specials on select drinks.

Disney Wish Cruise - food and drink items from the Bayou Lounge

  • Wine Packages & Beer Packages: Wine and beer packages are available for pre-purchase on the Disney Cruise Line website under Onboard Gifts. You can save a bit by ordering in advance. Your wine or beer package will be delivered to your stateroom. A cork opener and wine glasses are available upon request — just ask your stateroom attendant.
  • BYOB: Yup, you can bring your own booze onto the ship! Every frog age 21+ in your crew can bring up to two bottles of wine, champagne or six 16 oz beers onboard to enjoy in your stateroom. You can bring wine to the rotational dining rooms. (But keep in mind that there is a re-corking fee of $27.) You must store your own alcohol in your carry-on bag, not in your checked luggage. Be sure to read over the official alcohol policy on the Disney Cruise webpage.
  • Sommelier Bin: If you hoppen to be sailing on the Disney Dream or Disney Fantasy, be sure to check out the Sommelier Bin at Meridian Lounge. You can find Meridian in the adults-only dining area (between Palo and Remy). It's not only one of our favorite lounges but has one of the best drink deals. When you order from the Sommelier Bin, you'll receive a mystery glass of wine or champagne. You won't know exactly what you'll get until it is served to you. Would you believe that our $13 mystery glass was Krug Grad Cuvee which normally costs $69 per glass?! The mystery glass of wine or champagne typically costs $13. The wine choices constantly change, since the availability is based on what bottles are currently open at the bar. To level up the experience, step out onto the private seating area overlooking the back of the ship.
  • Coffee Punch Card: If you're a coffee lover, you can earn your sixth specialty coffee for free! Ask the barista at any specialty coffee location for a rewards card. Then you'll receive a punch each time you order your coffee. After five drinks, your sixth is on the house. Stick your card in your lanyard or where you're housing your Key to the World Card. That way, you won't froget it when you decide to order a specialty coffee as you're exploring the ship.

Disney Cruises - Latte with Captain Minnie Image in the Foam

  • Adults-Only: Some Disney Cruise bars and lounges (outside of the adult-only area) transform into adult-only spaces during designated evening hours. Venues such as the District Lounge, La Piazza and Keg and Compass transition into adult-exclusive spaces, typically after 9 or 10 p.m.
  • Considering Booking Concierge-level? While concierge-level staterooms come with a steeper price tag, the additional amenities and services are unmatched. One of those perks is free drinks! You read that right — wine, beer and cocktails are available each evening in the designated concierge lounge.

And that concludes our virtual Disney Cruise bars and lounges pub crawl! From swanky lounges to cozy pubs and casual pool bars, now you know just where to head when it's time to unwind with the perfect drink or snack. Plus, you'll save some green when you use these tried and true money-saving hacks. Thanks for sippin' along with us today! Let us know which Disney Cruise bars or lounges you're headed to first! 

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Happy planning!

Keep hopping, Mommy Frog!
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