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Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions About the Disney Wish Cruise Ship

by Leap on October 2, 2023

Disney Wish - Disney Wish Pinterest ImageRibbit, fellow adventurers! Having hopped aboard numerous Disney cruise ships, from the Disney Dream to the Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder, we recently embarked on an incredible journey aboard the Disney Wish! As the newest gem in the Disney Cruise Line fleet (with the Disney Treasure and the Disney Adventure coming soon), the Disney Wish set sail July 14, 2022, on its maiden voyage. Our time on this magical vessel was nothing short of froggerific. In this post, we'll spill the tea and answer all your burning questions about our experience. Now before we set off on our Disney Wish adventure, we're hoppin' excited to share that Undercover Tourist now offers exclusive Disney Cruise Line savings on the Disney Wish and all the other Disney ships. For a limited time, book a Disney Cruise Line cruise with Undercover Tourist for a free in-room decor set (must book by March 31, 2024). Yeah, buoy!

Disney Wish FAQs

Which activities on the Disney Wish are at the top of your list?

We highly recommend the Broadway-style performances that take place in the Walt Disney Theatre. "Disney Seas the Adventure" is a unique show that can only be experienced on the Disney Wish. It follows Goofy on an adventure that includes great musical performances and adventures with other Disney friends. The other shows that take place on the Wish include "The Little Mermaid" and "Aladdin," both of which were amazing.

While we enjoy all our rotational dinners, the must-do dining for us is the dinner at Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure. This meal is themed around an engagement celebration that Elsa is hosting for Anna and Kristoff. The music is great, the characters are adorable and the theming throughout the restaurant is perfect.

Disney Wish - Arendelle Dining Location

If you like learning about Disney details and the making of the Disney cruise ships, we highly recommend the "Walking the Wish" guided tour. You can sign up for this complimentary tour once you're onboard the Wish by visiting guest services. Space is available on a first-come, first-served basis. We thoroughly enjoyed all the information shared by the cast member and one of our favorite facts we learned is that Rapunzel on the outside of the ship is almost 9 feet tall and would have a shoe size of 22!

Do you have any dining tips to share about the Disney Wish?

First, you'll definitely want to visit each of the three rotational dinner locations during your cruise so that you get to experience the unique aspects of each venue. For a 3-night cruise, you will have one night in each of the three different dinner locations. If you have a 4-night cruise itinerary, one location will repeat but it will be a different menu. Dinner at Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure and Worlds of Marvel are not to be missed because they each have interactive entertainment that goes along with the meal.

Guests are not given their assigned dining locations until they are on the ship (once onboard, the locations will be listed in your Disney Cruise app). If you are not able to amend one of your rotational dinners (because maybe you have an adult-only dining or other activity booked), you can contact guest services when you get onboard and they will do their best to accommodate any dining location preferences.

Disney Wish Cruise - Enchante

Make reservations for adult-only dining locations ahead of your cruise. If you aren’t able to secure the reservation you were hoping for, such as dining at one of the adult-only locations such as Palo Steakhouse or Enchanté, be sure to check about availability as soon as you get on the ship. Just as an example, we really wanted to go to the dessert experience at Enchanté, but sadly it was fully booked once our booking window opened. While we checked for availability leading up to the cruise, we didn’t see anything pop up. However, once we were on the ship, we went to the dining cast members and they added us to the waitlist. The next day we received a message that there was a cancellation and we were able to attend the dessert experience!

What was the best thing you ate on the Disney Wish?

There is so much food to enjoy on the Disney Wish, so this is a hard one! We were extremely impressed with the food at Mickey's Smokestack Barbecue and Donald's Cantina, two of the grab-and-go options on Deck 11. Not only was the food delicious, but the sauces and salsa toppings bars were so yummy and flavorful!

Disney Wish Cruise - Donald's Cantina

Mommy Frog's favorite part of any meal is dessert. One of the best parts about a Disney cruise is that you can order whatever you want at either the quick-service spots or even at the rotational dining locations. This means that if you want more than one dessert, go for it! While no single dessert stole the spotlight (they are all SO good!), we strongly recommend leaving some space to savor the allllllll the sweet treats.

Can Disney Cruise accommodate a food allergy? 

Disney Wish Cruise - food and drink items from the Bayou Lounge

Disney Cruise Line does an incredible job accommodating food allergies. We have traveled on Disney cruises with friends and family who have both dairy and gluten allergies. For all occurrences, the cast members went above and beyond to ensure that the guests' needs were met and that everyone in our crew enjoyed their food. If possible, we always recommend notifying Disney Cruise Line about your allergy ahead of time. When you get on the ship, all dining cast members will be able to assist with food allergies.

At the rotational dinner restaurants, you have the same cast members serve you for your entire cruise. This is a huge benefit for anyone with a food allergy because the cast members will be aware of any dietary requirements. They can also continue to offer recommendations throughout the cruise. While Disney always does a great job with food allergies, we feel that Disney Cruise Line goes above and beyond in making sure guests with food allergies are taken care of. Well-fed frogs are hoppy frogs!

Does a Disney cruise offer enjoyable experiences for adults?

Disney cruises are an amazing vacation for adult Disney fans. A lot of the Disney fun that you find in the theme parks, such as shows and character greetings, also hoppen on the cruise ship, and guests of all ages are welcome.

Disney Cruise Line thoughtfully provides ample spaces for adults to unwind and enjoy their vacation. Exclusive adult-only areas such as the Quiet Cove pool and adults-only dining venues offer a serene retreat. The onboard spa presents a range of rejuvenating services, such as massages and facials. For a truly tranquil adults-only experience, consider the Rainforest Room within the spa.

Disney Wish Cruise - Senses Spa Rainforest Room

For those traveling with little tadpoles, Disney has you covered! Disney's free kids' clubs, led by dedicated (and specially trained) cast members, offer a variety of engaging activities. Kids can enjoy character meet and greets, games, tech projects and art and crafts, just to name a few. This ensures that even while vacationing with kids, there are plenty of opportunities for adults to sneak off to some well-deserved alone time.

Disney Wish Cruise - "it's a small world" Nursery

What was your favorite bar or lounge on the Disney Wish?

The Disney Wish has numerous bars and lounges to explore during your Disney cruise. Not only is there a variety of locations, but each of them also has its own unique theming! Mommy Frog's favorite bar on the Wish is the Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge. And rightly so! This is probably the most popular bar on the cruise ship and seating is first-come, first-served. In order to get a coveted seat, we went on Castaway Cay day when many of the cruise guests were still on the island. Score! Would you believe that we got the lounge almost to ourselves?! If you get the chance, we highly recommend sitting at the bar seats. Why? The window out into space provides a show of its own. The drinks here are toadally out of the world (pun intended)! We still think about one of our favorite drinks, the Spire Sunset.

Disney Wish - Hyperspace Lounge

My favorite place to get a drink isn’t necessarily a bar, but instead a barbery. At first glance, Hook's Barbery offers full grooming services fit for a captain. But for a few hours each night, a hidden bar opens within the barbery that offers specialty whiskey tastings. There is no menu, but the bartender is outstanding and can give you a rundown on what's available. Guests can also share their drink preferences and the bartender will design a drink specifically for them. The drinks vary greatly depending on the preferred whiskey. The bartender can provide information about the drink options and costs.

Disney Wish Cruise - Hooks Barbary

What advice would you give to first-time cruisers?

There are two things that are VERY important tasks to check off your to-do list before the cruise begins. First, check in exactly 30 days out of your sail date if you want an early boarding time. Also, don't froget to book cruise and port activities when your window opens. First-time Disney cruise guests can book adult dining, cruise activities and port activities 75 days in advance. Online check-in through the Disney Cruise app begins 30 days prior to embarkation. We prefer checking in right at midnight EST so that we can get the earliest boarding time possible. An early boarding time allows you to explore the ship with fewer guests.

Disney Cruise Tips - view of seating and ocean views at Rose & Bar Lounge

Our major piece of advice we love to share with first-time Disney Wish cruisers is to take the time to explore the ship. The Disney Wish has so many unique spaces and things to see and do. If you see an activity that sounds fun, jump right in or make a mental note to return before the end of your voyage! Be sure to maximize your time aboard the ship to the fullest. Check out the various lounges, meet some characters, eat at a variety of dining locations, and try out the pool and that oh-so-amazing AquaMouse waterslide attraction. Take advantage of all the Disney fun that is available on the ship — make your trip one for the books!

How does the Disney Wish compare to the other cruise ships in the Disney Cruise Line fleet

Disney Wish Cruise - Disney Wish Lobby with Bronze Cinderella Statue

The Disney Wish is the first of three ships from a new generation of Disney cruise ships, known as the Triton class. With this new ship, both the layout and the overall feel of the ship are different but equally magical. One of the biggest differences between the Wish and the previous Disney ships is the amount of obvious Disney details. The first four Disney cruise ships follow a classic cruise ship design and include subtle Disney details. The Disney Wish includes Disney theming, details and characters in almost what seems like every inch of the ship.

Is reserving the Disney Wish the right choice for my upcoming Disney cruise?

We had a great time on our Wish cruise and would easily recommend it! That being said, when asked: "Which ship is best?" or "Should I book the Wish because it is the newest?" our advice is don't book a Disney cruise only because of a specific ship. Instead, we like looking at the itinerary that most interests us the most. Each of the Disney ships has its own unique aspects and all of them have that one-of-a-kind Disney magic. Instead of thinking about the specifics of each ship, consider which itinerary is the best fit for you. Do you want to do a 3-night Caribbean cruise to Disney's private island, Castaway Cay, or do you want to take a 7-night cruise to Alaska? We promise that no matter the Disney cruise ship, you'll have a wonderful vacation filled with memories to last a lifetime.

Castaway Cay - Disney Magic

Do you have any other Disney Wish cruise questions that we didn't answer above? Leave them in the comments below, and we're hoppy to help! 

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Keep hopping!

Keep hopping, Leap!
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Nov 11, 2023 at 12:01 p.m.
Marie Says...

Do you recommend booking a port adventure at Nassau? Is there one you’d recommend? All are quite pricey with not so great reviews. Thanks!

Nov 17, 2023 at 12:08 p.m.
FrogBlog Says...

Hi Marie!

During our recent cruise, we ended up just exploring the port of Nassau for a couple of hours and didn't opt for Port Adventures. We enjoyed the shops there and picked up a few souvenirs, and there are also some ice cream shops and places to get drinks within the port. However, if booking through an excursion, we would recommend directly through Disney.

Keep hopping!


Oct 13, 2023 at 3:13 p.m.
Princess Says...

When you purchase a Disney cruise is the food cost on the ships dinning areas included? Or do we have to pay for meals on and off the ship?

Oct 14, 2023 at 7:43 a.m.
FrogBlog Says...

Hi Princess!

All food and soft drinks are included on the Disney ships (even room service!) with the exception of alcohol, specialty coffees in the lounges and the sweet shoppes on the Disney Dream, Fantasy and Wish. The BBQ lunch, soft drinks, dessert and ice cream are included on Castaway Cay. There is an additional charge for alcohol and for the Olaf smoothies at Castaway Cay's Summertime Freeze. At all other ports of call, the food is not included should someone stop to get something to eat while out exploring.

Adult-only dining at Palo, Remy or Enchante are an additional charge. Popcorn and movie snacks from Preludes are also an additional fee.

Hoppy planning!

Mommy Frog


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