What’s Coming to Disneyland Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood in 2024 and Beyond

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'Sup?! Tad here, the resident family thrill-seeker and videographer. I always have my green finger on the pulse of what’s hoppening in the parks, so I am toadally excited for the upcoming events, rides and new lands coming to Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure Park, Universal Studios Hollywood and more. For those of you looking for what opened last year and even what opened the year before that, we've got you covered! Let’s hop to it and explore what's coming to Disneyland Resort and Universal in 2024 and beyond! Also, don't froget to bookmark this page so you can come back and see what's opened as you get closer to your trip!

What’s Coming to Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood in 2024 and Beyond - Magic Happens Parade

What’s Coming to Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood in 2024 and Beyond

Many events and entertainment options are coming in 2024 and beyond. You'll want to keep hopping back for updates!

Disneyland Resort

What’s Coming to Disneyland Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood in 2024 and Beyond - Pixar Place Hotel room

Paradise Pier Hotel Retheming — Jan. 30, 2024 — Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel has a new theme as of Jan. 30, 2024! Pixar Place Hotel weaves Pixar touches all throughout the property. Check out the new room designs with touches from Pixar films! Headboards, bedding and pillows are themed after Pixar and the films.

What’s Coming to Disneyland Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood in 2024 and Beyond - Finding Nemo Splashpad

The hotel has a new "Finding Nemo" splash pad for the tadpoles and fun, themed fire pits. The fire comes out of the hot-headed characters' heads such as Jack-Jack and Anger!

What’s Coming to Disneyland Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood in 2024 and Beyond - Pixar Place fire pits

The new and expanded fitness center has already opened, offering treadmills, free weights and more for hotel guests. Go for a run next to a mural of Mike and Sulley running on a treadmill.

What’s Coming to Disneyland Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood in 2024 and Beyond - Pixar Place fitness center

Guests can enjoy a dedicated walkway straight into Disney California Adventure Park. It's located across the street, to the right of Disney's Grand Californian Hotel. You need a room key to access it.

"Hey, Disney!" — 2024 — The "Hey, Disney!" voice assistant will work with Alexa on Amazon Echo devices, including those in Disneyland Resort hotel rooms.

runDisney Events return — Jan. 11-14, 2024 — Take your mark! We've missed runDisney races on the West Coast! Good news: They're returning in 2024 with the Disneyland Half Marathon and other races.

"Avatar" Experience — TBD — An "Avatar" experience is coming to Disneyland Resort. We don't know much about the endeavor yet, but there are more details to come.

Disneyland Park

What’s Coming to Disneyland Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood in 2024 and Beyond - fantasmic

Return of "Fantasmic!" — May 24, 2024 — The nighttime spectacular will once again illuminate the Rivers of America in Disneyland Park, with new special effects, an original battle scene between Sorcerer Mickey and Maleficent, and an iconic "Peter Pan" scene.

What’s Coming to Disneyland Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood in 2024 and Beyond - Plaza near Tiana's Palace

Disney is updating the plaza between Haunted Mansion and Tiana's Palace, with construction starting in 2024. The new elegant park-like setting will be a place to relax and enjoy live entertainment under the shade of new and historic trees. And speaking of the neighboring Haunted Mansion, it too is getting some enhancements in 2024.

What’s Coming to Disneyland Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood in 2024 and Beyond - Haunted Mansion Grounds

Haunted Mansion Grounds Expansion and New Shop — TBD 2024 — The Haunted Mansion grounds and outdoor queue is expanding to build on the story of the attraction. The expanded queue will include new gardens inspired by Master Gracey, Madame Leota and the one-eyed cat. The pet cemetery and horse-drawn funeral hearse will remain. New gardens and elements will be added. Guests can enjoy unique elements such as a water fountain, gazebo, themed statuary and landscaping. A new greenhouse where the groundskeepers grow their plants will materialize.

What’s Coming to Disneyland Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood in 2024 and Beyond - Carriage House Gift Shop

When you exit the ride, you will pass an all-new retail shop. Madame Leota felt it was time to continue her presence beyond the walls of the Mansion in her carriage house full of goods she predicts you'll be "dying" to add to your collection.

Guests with disabilities will be able to use a new elevator to exit the attraction. Construction begins for these updates in January 2024. There is no official reopening date, but there are a lot of rumors floating around.

What’s Coming to Disneyland Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood in 2024 and Beyond - Ride concept art

Tiana's Bayou Adventure — late 2024 — Splash Mountain at both Disneyland and Disney World is undergoing a major re-theming with a new storyline, starring Princess Tiana. Guests will be "goin' down the bayou" with Princess Tiana, Prince Naveen, Louis, Ray, Mama Odie, Eudora, Charlotte, "Big Daddy," the King and Queen of Maldonia, Prince Ralphie and other favorites from the film "Princess and the Frog" to continue the adventure post-kiss and join the hoppin' Mardi Gras celebration. To quote Tiana, these frogs think it'll be "the bee's knees!"

What’s Coming to Disneyland Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood in 2024 and Beyond - New Scenes of ride

The ride will feature new, original characters, as well as familiar faces from the film! Keep an eye out for dozens of entirely new Audio-Animatronics figures. What's the storyline? Tiana is hosting a party and needs to head into the Bayou to find the special ingredient. We'll embark on a journey with her and Louis. We can expect music and an aura of Bayou magic. There is some incredible nighttime lighting coming to the nighttime facade of Tiana's Bayou Adventure too!

What’s Coming to Disneyland Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood in 2024 and Beyond - Mama Odie art

Do you love beignets as much as we do? You can enjoy the yummy scent of beignets being prepared for the party while in the ride's queue!

Moving from scents to sounds, guests will be drawn in by original zydeco music —a special blend of rhythm and blues that originated in Louisiana — inspired by songs in the film. Louis will explain where this music is coming from. The band members sing and play instruments made from natural items found in the bayou. Tiana makes new friends, including an otter, a rabbit, a raccoon, a beaver, a turtle and more. Imagineers describe this attraction as a love letter to New Orleans.

Splash Mountain closed Jan. 23, 2023, at Disney World. At Disneyland, Splash Mountain closed May 31, 2023. One thing we can rely on is the heart-pounding drop. Gonna take you down, gonna take you down, gonna take you all the way down ...

New Star Tours Adventures — debuting April 5, 2024

What’s Coming to Disneyland Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood in 2024 and Beyond - New Star Tours Adventures

Starting April 5, 2024, you can journey to new places with new stories and characters (such as Ahsoka Tano) on Star Tours at Disneyland. This is also hoppening at Star Tours at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida and Disneyland Paris in France.

Debuting during the Season of the Force celebration (April 5 - June 2, 2024), you'll be able to embark on new adventures aboard Star Tours—The Adventures Continue, and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will present a new take on the fireworks above Disneyland Park using galactic music.

New Disneyland Entrance Gates —Later 2024

What’s Coming to Disneyland Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood in 2024 and Beyond - Disneyland gates

Disneyland turnstiles are getting an update in 2024. Disneyland is adding more entrance lanes and making the gates more stroller-friendly and ADA-compliant. The new automatic gates are said to open after a Cast Member scans and validates theme park admission.

Disney California Adventure Park

What’s Coming to Disneyland Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood in 2024 and Beyond - Avengers Campus art

Avengers Headquarters — TBD — The iconic Avengers Headquarters building opened when Avengers Campus opened, but the ride it houses will come at a later date. The Avengers Vault Store has opened. In the meantime, lift your eyes to the rooftops to spy Avengers and the Quinjet parked up there. The Avengers have heard reports that a villain called the Taskmaster is planning to break into the Avengers command center. Black Widow, Iron Man, Captain America, Captain Marvel and others will be greeting new recruits and keeping an eye out for threats. Should the Taskmaster and his crew appear, the Super Heroes will be ready to spring into action. Watch for a confrontation that takes place all over the building, including the rooftop!

This building is the future entrance to a brand-new “E-Ticket” attraction (opening at a later date) that puts you right in the middle of the Multiverse.

Third Avengers Campus Attraction — TBD — According to Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios president, this new attraction will take you all over the Multiverse, featuring Marvel characters and villains from many timelines. But there's one new villain we'll encounter: King Thanos, who won in another timeline.

Downtown Disney

Downtown Disney Expansion — began in January 2022, continuing through 2024 — A multi-year project to expand this shopping, dining and entertainment space began in early 2022. The businesses west of the Monorail track (from Starbucks to Earl of Sandwich) are closed and construction is hoppening now.

What’s Coming to Disneyland Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood in 2024 and Beyond - Din Tai Fung

New restaurants are coming. Earl of Sandwich is moving to a pop-up location near Star Wars Trading Post. Its location near the theme parks closes to make way for the construction of a SoCal favorite spot — Porto's Bakery & Cafe. Also to come is the world-renowned restaurant Din Tai Fung, offering guests its soup dumplings (handcrafted right on site) and dishes served family style. Michelin-starred Chef Carlos Gaytan will bring his inclusive vision of Mexican cuisine to the locations formerly occupied by Catal & Uva Bar. The refurbished Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen incorporates vibrant California energy and a fresh approach to the menu while staying true to the heart of New Orleans. Tortilla Jo's closes April 1, 2024, with the last day of service on March 31.

Recent announcements were made regarding more eateries to come in the new Parkside Market expansion (which has a lawn and park-like feel) opening in 2024:

  • Seoul Sister — A casual quick-service eatery offering a Korean-forward menu with a California twist.
  • Sip & Sonder — A new Black women-owned café serving up signature lattes, fresh treats, frozen drinks and Caribbean-inspired bites.
  • GG’s Chicken Shop — This new eatery serves a family-friendly menu of chicken sandwiches.
  • Second Story Bar — Sip on a variety of signature cocktails and mocktails, including frozen lemonades, frozés, espresso martinis and spirit-free drinks in this outside spot.

The changes will introduce more innovative shopping, dining and entertainment experiences. The refurbishment draws inspiration from Southern California's mid-century modern architecture. The west-end area will be a beautiful blend of vibrant color palettes, design elements and patterns influenced by the region. The new open lawn is open for relaxation with a new stage.

The Distant Future at Disneyland Resort


What’s Coming to Disneyland Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood in 2024 and Beyond - Disneyland Forward Artist Rendering of West Side Expansion

Disneyland Resort is seeking approval from the City of Anaheim, the city in which it is located, to expand the resort in multiple areas. Disneyland has been hosting community coffees and town halls (May through October 2023) at Anaheim city parks to answer questions and share a long-term plan that may take place over the next few decades. Details are still developing, but Disneyland is looking to expand the theme park, retail, hotel, dining, entertainment and parking options, utilizing space around the resort. Disneyland will be asking the city for more flexibility in plans approved in the 1990s for the eastern and western edges of the Disneyland Resort.

What’s Coming to Disneyland Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood in 2024 and Beyond - Disneyland Forward Map The Immersive Theme Park west side expansion could include a theme park expansion on the land that currently surrounds the Disneyland Hotel, parts of Downtown Disney, Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel and some surrounding parking lots. The streets that surround this area include Katella Avenue, Walnut Street and Magic Way.

The other major area being looked at for east-side expansion is the current Toy Story lot near the Anaheim Convention Center. The Disney Entertainment Destination expansion, if approved, would include hotels, retail, dining, entertainment and theme park experiences.

A parking lot off Disney Way with a pedestrian bridge across Harbor Boulevard could create a new access point to Disneyland. The bridge would upgrade accessibility for hotels and businesses located along Harbor Boulevard. Disney is not asking for any public funding to complete this project.

The planning proposal has six possible projects themed around "Frozen," "Tangled," "Peter Pan," "Zootopia," "Toy Story" and "Tron." That could include new lands and attractions.

It could take a few years for the planning and approvals to be complete and take many years to construct. But it's toadally exciting to see what may be coming to the Disneyland Resort!

Universal Studios Hollywood

A Fast & Furious Roller Coaster — TBD — A new roller coaster is under construction in the Upper Lot. It is located at the former site of the Animal Actors and Special Effects Show theaters. The coaster will feature a "state-of-the-art ride system." Let's hope for a speedy construction so we can ride it as quickly as possible. New reports indicate that the coaster's cars rotate.

What's Coming to Other Southern California Theme Parks in 2024 and Beyond

SeaWorld San Diego

What’s Coming to Disneyland Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood in 2024 and Beyond - jewels of the sea

Jewels of the Sea: The Jellyfish Experience2024 — An all-new immersive aquarium exhibit opens at SeaWorld San Diego in 2024! Jewels of the Sea is a jellyfish habitat featuring one of the largest jelly-holding cylinders in the country, as well as an iconic walk-through arch and a giant viewing wall.

Knott's Berry Farm

What’s Coming to Disneyland Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood in 2024 and Beyond - Knott's Berry Farm Hotel renovated

Renovated Knott's Berry Farm HotelFebruary 2024 — Just before the start of the 2024 Boysenberry Festival, the reimagined Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel unveils its newest renovations and we are so hoppy about it! After undergoing a multimillion-dollar transformation, the hotel offers plenty of frogciting new features, including a redesigned guest registration area that leads to the lobby, a spacious outdoor courtyard, an expanded gift shop and a new coffee bar, The Pantry. Each of the hotel’s 322 rooms and suites has also been renovated in an upscale, farmhouse chic fashion.

The renovated hotel boasts a new full-service restaurant — Thirty Acres Kitchen — which offers farm-inspired dishes, classic American cuisine and an outdoor dining veranda. Guests will even be able to try special, seasonal offerings that complement theme park festivities for a truly well-rounded experience! The hotel will also be equipped with a brand-new wrap-around bar, which we adult frogs will definitely be visiting!

What’s Coming to Disneyland Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood in 2024 and Beyond - camp snoopy reimagined

Reimagined Camp Snoopy — summer 2024 — A reimagined version of Camp Snoopy will open to the public this summer! The renovated children’s land will unveil six acres of fun — including a renovated Barrel Bridge and Waterfall area, a brand-new Snoopy’s Tenderpaw Twister Coaster, Sally’s Swing Along ride and a large Camp Snoopy Theater, amongst other new additions. The area's existing offerings will also receive an upgrade, including the dining hall and its menu, but the space will mainly serve as a way to immerse guests in an authentic PEANUTS crew camping experience. The last chance to ride Huff and Puff, High Sierra Ferris Wheel and Rocky Mountain Trucking Company is Jan. 7, 2024.

What’s Coming to Disneyland Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood in 2024 and Beyond - Show in Fiesta Village

MonteZOOMa: The Forbidden Fortress — 2024 — As mentioned, the beloved Montezooma's Revenge is being re-themed. Many treasure hunters have searched for the legendary Montezuma's gold. They have dredged Mexican rivers and plunged into the Pacific in search of riches. But a handful of the clever scavengers have found themselves in the true resting place of the infamous gold — just outside a small village in California, Fiesta Village. Will new adventurers succeed in extracting the gold and breaking the curse that has fallen upon many who have tried and failed? The way forward might not always be as expected. A new twist on this classic coaster experience may alter your ability to escape with the treasure once and for all!

The coaster will have a new randomized launch sequence. Will you shoot forward or backward? You'll only know once it's hoppening!

If you're as excited about what’s coming to Disneyland and Universal in 2024 and beyond as I am, then you might be planning your next visit. If you are looking for discount theme park tickets, rental cars, transportation or hotels near Disneyland or Universal Studios you can score some hoppin’ good deals through Undercover Tourist. Choose “Los Angeles” and then you can narrow down your search.

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Stay cool!

Keep hopping, Tad!
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