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Our One-Day Disneyland Tour Guide for Foodies

by Mommy Frog on May 11, 2022 Los Angeles

One-Day Disneyland Tour Guide for Foodies - PinterestWelcome to your Undercover Tourist 1-Day Disneyland tour guide for foodies! This guide will really help you line up your plans so you have time to hit the best eats. If you are short on time, watch the one-day Disneyland tour guide for foodies video, but read on to catch all of the deets. While we've geared this plan for people who are hopping, you can just take the parts that apply to your park or divide it up by each day for a slower pace, if you're not hopping.

Since we have so many favorite food and snacks at Disneyland we'll add some notes and links to share a few other favorites in case you want to loosen your belt buckle to squeeze them in or save them for a future visit (and hop over to our Instagram page to see our friend @theDisneyBenches for another rundown!). We’ll also dive into a few things you need to know to pull this off (such as dining reservations) and offer a few other suggestions should you want or need a substitution.

For our foodies with special dietary needs, you may want some substitutions, so hop over to our guides to the best vegetarian foods and gluten-free foods at Disneyland for more suggestions.

Our Disneyland One-Day Tour Guide for Foodies

Disneyland Foodie Guide - Itinerary

Put on your stretchy pants because we have a delicious day of eating ahead of us! To follow this plan, you are going to need a Park Hopper ticket and a theme park reservation that starts in Disney California Adventure (ideally on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday). Also, for all you advance planners out there, see if you can acquire dining reservations for Lamplight Lounge Brunch (or lunch), dinner at Café Orleans and drinks at Oga's Cantina 60 days in advance.

We are going to structure this day a little differently from our other 1-Day Tours, which have a set itinerary. For this one, you are going to dine at your own pace. You'll make your dining reservations and then fit in your snacks and treats that do not require advance planning by spacing them out between meals, rides and shows so you have time to digest.

1. Light Breakfast in Avengers Campus

You might want to ride Guardians before you eat! Mobile order some breakfast items at Pym Test Kitchen (it's a quick-service dining location). You can share a Quantum Pretzel or Cinna-Pym Toast with smoked bacon and maple syrup. If you get the Calculated breakfast, which comes with eggs, bread and potatoes, those potato bites are yummy! Or just get a side of potato bites and some bacon. Our foodie guide to Avengers Campus food has some of the deets. But don't fill up too much before brunch or lunch!

One-Day Disneyland Tour Guide for Foodies - Avengers Campus Pretzel

2. Lamplight Lounge Brunch (or Lunch)

Lamplight Lounge serves brunch Friday through Sunday, and lunch and dinner most days. Check the schedule of hours and dining service in advance. You will want to make a reservation up to 60 days in advance at 6 a.m. PT. If you are not able to make a reservation, check the Disneyland app when you're near the restaurant to see if you can join the Walk-Up List. Visiting Monday through Thursday? Book a lunch starting at 11:30 a.m.

One-Day Disneyland Tour Guide for Foodies - Avocado Toast and Crab Cakes at Lamplight Lounge

Lamplight Lounge has many fun-themed beverages, especially at brunch. We enjoyed the mimosa flight and the Cinnamon Toast Cocktail. The Sequel is a fun bubbly drink that we enjoy any time of day!

In terms of food, the French toast is over-the-top indulgent and the avocado toast comes with a New York steak! There are many tasty options. If you must eat lunch instead, Lamplight Lounge is famous for the Lobster Nachos.

One-Day Disneyland Tour Guide for Foodies - French Toast

You might notice there is another option for outside dining upstairs at Lamplight Lounge Boardwalk Dining. It's Walk-Up availability only and has more of a shareable bites menu, but if you cannot get into Lamplight Lounge, it's a great backup option. At Boardwalk Dining, you have the option of the Barbacoa Nachos. (Dare we say we like them better than the lobster nachos?)

We also want to mention that Carthay Circle Lounge - Alfresco Dining has a fun small plate Mediterranean menu that foodies will enjoy. You can also get reservations or join the Walk-Up list that day.

3. Churros

One-Day Disneyland Tour Guide for Foodies - Boys with churros

Fit a churro in your day wherever you can! You can find traditional and fun seasonal flavors in both parks.

4. Cream-cheese-filled pretzel in Tomorrowland (or Refreshment Corner)

Squeeze this in when you have room in your tummy. Don't like cream cheese? Get a Mickey pretzel instead. You can find both of these pretzel options at Refreshment Corner for a little less money than at the food carts. If you have any dining discounts, you can also apply them at the restaurant but not at carts. You can usually order these through Mobile Order, but if they don't appear on the Mobile Order menu, hop by in-person to see if they have them in stock.

5. Dinner at Café Orleans

One-Day Disneyland Tour Guide for Foodies - Cheese Monte Cristo and Pommes Frites

Get an advance dining reservation or try to join the Walk-Up List for this one. It is one of our favorite meals! Monte Cristo and pommes frites with refillable Mint Julep? Yes, please! The Monte Cristo can be ordered with just cheese as shown if you don't eat meat. The roasted chicken or shrimp and grits are also delish. The tadpoles are always hoppy with their kid meals here, which come with two healthy sides and a beverage.

6. Mickey Beignets at Mint Julep Bar

One-Day Disneyland Tour Guide for Foodies - Mickey Beignet

Mobile order these soft white-powdered sugar, Mickey-shaped doughnut pillows. Look at the menu to see if there are seasonal flavors or dipping sauces. We are in love with the cookie butter dip! You can get Mint Julep here as well, but we say get the refillable Mint Julep when dining at Cafe Orleans instead so you get more for your money on this refreshing drink. Ask for a to-go cup of your Mint Julep when you leave Café Orleans so you have it to wash down your beignets.

We have some advice for eating this messy snack. Lean forward (so you don't drop sugar on your shirt or lap) and do not inhale when you go to take a bite!

7. Drinks at Oga's Cantina

One-Day Disneyland Tour Guide for Foodies - Drinks at Oga's

This alien watering hole in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is a must-see for "Star Wars" fans. There are so many other-worldly drinks, both with and without alcohol. Again, try to get a reservation, but if unsuccessful, we've had pretty good luck with joining the Walk-Up List. Keep in mind that most of this cantina is standing room only. See the menus and more in our Oga's Cantina post.

8. Late-Night Ronto Wrap from Ronto Roasters

One-Day Disneyland Tour Guide for Foodies - Ronto Wrap

These are so good any time of day, but we love grabbing one to go as we leave the park. Mobile Order is available at this location. The teas are also tasty.

Hopfully, you have a multi-day trip ahead of you and can spread out your bites and beverages. If so, you are going to want to hop over to these posts for more of our favorite Disneyland meals, on-the-go snacks and treats. If you see something you simply must have, you can swap it out if you are looking for a substitution.

Foodie Guides to Other Festivals and Holiday Treats

One-Day Disneyland Tour Guide for Foodies - Festival of Holidays ShakeSo far, we've only covered the basics of food that is usually available year-round at Disneyland in our 1-Day Disneyland tour guide for foodies. But there are many festivals, holidays and events that bring foodies flocking to Disneyland. Here are a few festivals and holidays that should be on your radar in case you want to plan a visit during any of these times:

You'll see special items all over the resort from special churros to seasonal items at restaurants to festival booths with special food and drink at Disney California Adventure.

Do you have a favorite Disneyland food that you must get when you visit? Share it in the comments below. You can set aside more money for food when you save on Disneyland Resort theme park tickets from Undercover Tourist. Ribbit!

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Hoppy planning!

Keep hopping, Mommy Frog!
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