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Customer Feedback

Dec 17, 2005

Great - Thanks for the quick reply

Dec 08, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen, thanks for the fast supply

Dec 01, 2005

Thank you very much for your help and giving the 100%. We will certainly use your services on our next trip. Thank you again.

Nov 17, 2005

Thank you Axxxxxx, you did a really fine job and we tatally appreciate it. Blessings,

Nov 14, 2005

Hi, I recently ordered two Disney Park Hopper tickets and I couldn't be happier with your customer service!! The website was simple to navigate, the ticket prices were GREAT, and you were so timely! I couldn't believe that I received my tickets in just a matter or days after ordering. What a breathe of fresh air to find a website like yours. I will definitely recommend you to friends and family. Thank you again!! Sincerely

Nov 05, 2005

Xxxxxxx: Thank you so much for your quick response.

Nov 02, 2005

Thank you very much

Oct 23, 2005

Hi, We have just returned from our trip to Orland and wanted to say thank you. The tickets we purchased from you came very quickly and it was excellent to take them before we went, rather than buying them there. We are very impressed with Undercover Tourist and will definitely use you again, and have no hesitation in recommending you. Thanks again.

Oct 23, 2005

Thanks for the disney tickets! Your price is by far the best I found...and I did a lot of searching...easily saved us $100+ on three 10 day tickets. ANd you had them to my door within a few days! Great service and I will recommend you to others!

Oct 22, 2005

Thanks very much for your good custoner service

Oct 19, 2005

We just returned from our trip to Disney World and Sea World and I have to say we were very pleased with the timely and responsive service provided by your company. In fact, we lost our Sea World tickets while we were in Florida and I called the 800 number provided with the tickets and Anthony promptly faxed a copy of the tickets directly to Sea World for us. Thankfully the Sea World service representative honored the faxed copy and allowed us access to the park, no questions asked. Excellent service! Thanks.

Oct 10, 2005

Thank You, SOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo much for your GREAT PRICES! and very prompt delivery of the tickets....Its nice to know that someone actually delivers on what they preach!!! Not to mention the warranty that gives me and my family the piece of mind!!! I will definately refer many of my friends and relatives to you. Stay competetive and thanks again!!!!

Oct 05, 2005

Thank you!! X!!xxxx

Sep 29, 2005

Many thanks Xxx

Sep 27, 2005

We ordered our tickets from you on Thursday evening & received them today (Tuesday) - when placing the order we inadvertantly put the wrong date on one of our reservations - we were called at home within 20 minutes of placing the order by a member of your staff to check this out! Very impressive! We will be recommending your service to all of our family and friends in future. Thankyou once again for the quick service & the amazing savings!

Sep 27, 2005

To the crew at Undercovertourist, I am completely impressed. I ordered the tickets on Friday morning (1:00am) and I received them on Monday (express shipping). I was a little apprehensive sending this much money into cyberspace, but I received the items exactly as promised. I found you to be the least expensive and very helpful. I would highly recommend you to all of my friends visiting Florida! Thank you!

Sep 27, 2005

Hello Thankyou so much Xxxxxxx. I really appreciate you packaging all the items in one parcel and not charging me two shipping fees amount. Have a good day,

Sep 26, 2005

Many thanks - Kind regards

Sep 26, 2005

Thank You Xxxxxxx, for all your wonderful service and advice....

Sep 26, 2005

Xxxxxxx, Thank You so much for this. Thanks again, for your greatly appreciated, fast response

Sep 25, 2005

thank you very much, it is very much appreciated. We had a fantastic holiday and hope to go back next year. Many thanks

Sep 24, 2005

Just wanted to say how impressed I am with the service. Ordered tickets Tuesday night to be shipped within Uk and received on the Friday morning. Excellent. Will definately be ordering tickets from you again.

Sep 16, 2005

Dear Sir /Madam, calling to say thank you for my order. Once again excellent service. Ordered Monday & recieved this morning (Friday ). What else can I say.

Sep 13, 2005

Hi i hope you can help me, my family and i are coming back to florida in 2008 for 4 weeks (we used your site last time, brilliant thank you), could you tell me the earliest we could buy disney tickets and how many times in a month we could use them.

Sep 11, 2005

Goodevening Sir/madam calling to say Thank you for your confirmation of my order. If your service is as good as last year there will certainly no complaints from me only praise.

Sep 06, 2005

Than you for your prompt service: pleasure doing business with you Thanks again

Sep 02, 2005

Oyr tickets arrived 3 days ago.... very quick fantastic service we will recommend you to everyone! Thankyou

Sep 01, 2005

Good day, I have to recommend that this site was very much useful and informative. This service is very well done. I purchased 6 tickets (today) for September,Tuesday 13, 2005. Thanks much.

Sep 01, 2005

Thank You

Aug 29, 2005

Thanks for your quick response.

Aug 29, 2005

I would like to say how much my family and I enjoyed our trip on the airboat, we also went on swamp buggy thursday 18th August. Connie made the journey there most enjoyable, she kept us informed of everything and was very well organised.

Aug 28, 2005


Aug 26, 2005

I got it, Thank you so much!

Aug 22, 2005

I would like to confirm that I received the above mentioned ticket on Friday (19th) and thank you very much for sending this so promptly! I will definitely use your service in the future and passing my recommendations to friends and colleagues!! Thanks again. Kind regards,

Aug 22, 2005

Very good response. As I mentioned, we will be buying our tickets from you, I have discussed your tickets with my friend and although it is a shame they are a different price, she is impressed by your service and will probably be buying some too. I will email the order as soon as she confirms. Regards

Aug 16, 2005

A big thank you for the tickets I received today, I can't believe how quick they arrived (less than 7 days) and will definitely recommend you. Again Thank you and Regards

Aug 15, 2005, This was the first time my friends and I used your service and it was an absolutely wonderful experience!! The value for the tickets were excellent!! Picking them up from the Orlando pick-up was very easy with the help of a map. NO PROBLEMS WHAT-SO-EVER!!! I will definitely refer to all of my family, friends, church members and co-workers, etc. etc.!!! We were soooo busy in Orlando, we almost didn't use some of our tickets. When we called for cancellation instructions, we were given very easy instructions, no hassle. However, we found the time to use up those tickets!! So, this whole experience has truly been a blessing for us!! ;~) Thanx, undercovertourist!!

Aug 15, 2005

We just got back from vacation in one of the Superior Holiday Homes. The house was beautiful and had all the comforts of home. We may have made a mistake staying at such a nice home. While we were at Disney World, the grandkids were wondering when we were going back to the house so they could get in the pool. Maybe next time we come down we will just rent the house for a week and save our money by not going to Disney.

Aug 15, 2005

Dear Customer Service, I have just returned from two wonderful weeks in Orlando, Florida. My three kids, wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the Disney Theme parks as well as the water parks. I wanted to write and thank you for your wonderful customer service after I discovered just days prior to leaving that I had purchased the wrong Disney My Way tickets. My intention all along was to have access to the water parks, but I had not purchased the Magic Plus tickets. Your wonderful customer service help corrected the problem by ordering me new tickets, having them delivered to the UPS store in Orlando, which were present when I arrived, and then informing me that I would just need to send back the original unused tickets for a refund. I have enclosed those five tickets and I appreciate your help in crediting my account. Again, I sincerely appreciate the tremendous help in solving a potential self inflicted problem. I have and will continue to recommend your service to anyone traveling to the Orlando area. With much gratitude.

Aug 12, 2005

Hi , We ordered our flex tickets from you on the afternoon of 27/07/05 and were able to pick them up early on 29/07/05 in Orlando. Our tour operator had let us down last minute so your option of collection in Orlando was perfect for us. Thanks for your excellent service. I will definitely recommend you to friends and family. Kind Regards

Aug 10, 2005

Thank you truly for the ephisiancy.I am not the adult of the household i am actually the second youngest but the one twith the the most sense.I organised the whole trip.I am truly touched by the speed of which this has been.

Aug 09, 2005

Hello, thank you for the service from Xxx. We were very pleased with the help and prompt service provided and the speed that we received the tickets. Many thanks

Aug 02, 2005

Thank you Xxxx for your quick response to my question and your EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE PROFESSIONALISM. It's nice to know there is still hope in the "Customer Service world." LOL :-) Hope to continue doing business with your company as well as giving recommedations to as many people as I can about your Company. P.S. Hope you have a Wonderful Day

Aug 02, 2005

Regarding the order above, I wanted to thank you for your prompt service. Everything was delivered as promised and there were no problems. We will use your organization in the future. Thanks Again,

Jul 29, 2005

As usual, excellent service. Tickets have just arrived three days after ordering. Thanks, and I will be recommending this site to all I know who travel to Florida. Keep up the great work.

Jul 26, 2005

Hi Xxxx, Thank you very much. As always continue to provide excellent service and value for money.

Jul 26, 2005

thanks for the fast delivery of our flex tickets , It was the second time that we ordered tickets using your website and everything is perfect. best regards

Jul 24, 2005

Like many others I have used your service and found it to be economic and user friendly. Our family has been going to Orlando for the past 5 years and we found your website when we were looking for multi-day passes. Your service has been a tremendous blessing to us. Thank you for your professional and timely service

Jul 13, 2005

As you no i have just booked my disney tickets with you for the 2nd year. I was very pleased with your quick reponse and delivery of tickets last year that i had no hesitation to book with you again. I have past on your web address to my friends for them to use.

Jul 03, 2005

I would just like to say, I have recently returned from our trip to florida. I purchased my tickets before I went from yourselves, I found the website easy to navigate and the explanation of the different disney tickets dispelled any confusion. There were also options with the disney tickets I did not realise that you could have, so I ended up with the perfect tickets for my family. I also went on the Clearwater trip with lunch at the Hilton and a boat ride to see the dolphins. The trip was fantastic and excellent value for money. I booked over telephone because i had a query, the staff were very helpful, and also excellent for people that are nervous about using their card over the internet. My Aunt and her family of 13 are going in Aug, and my friend in February I have recommended, your website to them both. I will definitely use Undercover Tourist in the future.

Jul 01, 2005

Thank You so much for helping to stop fraud.

Jun 30, 2005

Thank you very much for your cancellation. I just would now like to know if it is necessary to give any number when we fly to Orlando. According to the German Embassy it takes about two months to get the German Pass again. Once again, thank you very much for your kind assistance. Best regards.

Jun 28, 2005

Hi just a short note to say what good service and ease of use your website provides keep up the good work thanks for everything

Jun 24, 2005

This is the only place where you can buy single day Disney TIckets, which is great if like us you only want to go to a specific park. This is the second time we have ordered our Orlando tickets from Undercover and both times thay have been quick and helpful. The refund policy is great compared to other companies. We'll definately use them again!

Jun 24, 2005

yet again you provided a brilliant service best tickets best price no fuss many thanks

Jun 22, 2005

Just wanted to thank you for the great response I received when I ordered tickets for Universal Theme Park. I received them in less than 5 days just as promised. If I return to Orlando for vacation I will definitely order my tickets from you. Thanks again!

Jun 21, 2005

To Whom this may concern, I wouls like to thank the staff at Under Cover Tourist for their help and information/guidance in chosing our tickets. Everyone that I spoke with more than helpful and pleasant. They took the time to answer all my questions and guided me into making my purchase. I greatly appreciate your knowledge and help. I did not feel pressured into buying more of a ticket that I would be using, infact you helped me in saving money and buying a lesser ticket than I would have purchased doing it on my own. With the questions that you asked and the suggestions that you made, it made me realize that I was going way overboard with my original thought on tickets, and for that I am greatful to your company. Your staff is truly great, and I will be using Undercover Tourist in the future. Thank You,

Jun 21, 2005

I ordered tickets for Disney and Universal theme parks on Sunday 8 May. They arrived promptly some 5 days later. You were recommended to us and we would definately buy our tickets through your company again. I also used the information provided on the website as to which parks to avoid on which day. They did seem to work, particularly for Magic Kingdom (but also aided by rain in the morning), although there is no sure way of knowing as you can't be in two places at once! The only other thing I would add is try to arrive early and start using the 'Fast Pass' systems straight away, they do run out. Plus, don't miss 'Soarin' at Epcot - it is fantastic! Thanks again

Jun 20, 2005

Thank you very much for the answers you gave me since now ! As I'm French, it's the first time I buy something from a US firm, and if we enjoy our visit to Disneyworl in July, I will of course recommend you to my relatives. Sincerely yours.

Jun 19, 2005

Dear Sir or Madam, Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I will go tomorrow to the German Embassy and it deffinitely depends on their answer, if we fly or not. As soon as I deffinitely know what we will do, I will let you know. Thanks again for your assistance in this difficult situation. Yours sincerely,

Jun 18, 2005

Thank you for sending the tickets we required so promptly as promised. Many thanks Yours sincerely

Jun 17, 2005

Thank you very much We recieved the tickets on tuesday and like you guys promised 6 days and all is well.

Jun 16, 2005

Good morning, Thank you. Our tickets arrived just in time for a special Mickey pancake breakfast we were having to "get the Magic started". We still have a few days to wait but the excitement is building. This new system is quite baffling but you have made it a breeze. Now if you could just help us with this free dining thing--lol. Once more -thank you for your promptness and uncomplicated process.

Jun 16, 2005

Hi xxxxxxx, thanks for that. Will order tickets tonight. see you at the weekend. Florida here we come.....again. Wahoooooo! thanks xxxxxxx and xxxxx and the kids.

Jun 15, 2005

Just wanted to send a note of thanks for the speed in which we received our tickets and for the awesome customer service provided while we awaited arrival of our tickets. We WILL use your service for our next Orlando vacation this year -- thanks again!

Jun 14, 2005

Tickets received. Thank you. Thanks again and for confirming what tickets were sent to us. I have begun referring people to your firm, requesting that they say “xxxx” sent me. You are the best. Thank you for your help !

Jun 09, 2005

Thanks a lot got my park hopper ticket’s today great web site cheapest site I could find. THANK’S AGAIN.

Jun 09, 2005

xxxxxxx, How very nice and courteous of you to do that. xxxxxx is my sister and she has my son for a few weeks this summer. I was paying for the admission to Disney, of course, expecting to pay the express shipping charge. I will definitely use your company in the future and will also refer to friends and family considering visiting Disney and all the other places you sell tickets for. Thanks again!

Jun 07, 2005

Hi Many thanks for organising the tickets it was a very easy process to collect them from Orlando.

Jun 07, 2005

Hello.. Thank you for making this business transaction run so smoothly. Even though I couldn't use your ticket, I'm still happy to have done business w. undercovertourist. I sent it out today. Hopefully, you'll get it soon. Sincerely,

Jun 03, 2005

You guys are awesome! Your site is easy to navigate, and I love your free shipping policy. PLUS...I scoured the net for days and NOBODY had better prices than you! Thanks a lot! I feel confident knowing my vacation is going to be a good one!

May 31, 2005

Thanks XXXXXXX, I will be ordering my tickets ... and WOW, what a quick response! Kind Regards

May 27, 2005

Hey!! My school and I has a field trip and we went to medieval time on 5-19-05. And it was a blasts!!!!!!! My team is red and yellow we WON!!!!!!! And the guy look like brown hair and he really cool and cute. And almost at the end that he survived!! It was so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really wanna go again! And I think my knight is talented,cute,skill. That the time it start like about 10 am something like that and I was sitting number 9 at the end. It was a great view. The horses are so beautiful and talent.

May 27, 2005

I just wanted to let you know everything was handled very professionally. We received our Walt DisneyWorld tickets in a timely fashion and we really enjoyed our visit. Thanks again.

May 27, 2005

Thank you xxxxxxx.

May 24, 2005

Thanks so much.

May 21, 2005

Just a short note to let you know how impressed I am with your service. I received my tickets yesterday and we're just waiting now for our holiday to arrive (not a day too soon!!). The feedback on your site was one of the main reasons I was confident enough to order from you. Your web site was very informative and helped us decide which tickets were suitable (at very competitive prices I might add!!). My wife and I are recommending you to all our friends and colleagues who are travelling to Florida. Thanks Again. P.S. Your telephone staff in Edinburgh were also ‘on the ball’ and able to refer to our order immediately. Best Regards

May 19, 2005

hi, i just thought i'd let you know how impressed i am with your tickets arrived recently and we're just waiting now for our holiday ! i'm recommending you to all my friends who are travelling to Florida.The feedback on your site was one of the main reasons i was confident enough to order from you and your friendly staff on the phone really helped me decide which tickets to's so much better to have the tickets in your hand rather than vouchers (which we had last time) when you arrive at the parks.keep up the good work !! thanks again xxxxx xxxxxxx (and 2 very excited children !!)

May 19, 2005


May 17, 2005

Hi thank you for such prompt service. We received the tickets and will definately use you again. Thanks again

May 17, 2005

Used your service last year for our holiday to Orland, very impressed with the service, quick, easy and competitive. Just booked for Florida again for September, will definitely be using for out park tickets. Only thing I was disappointed about when logging onto your website again, was our favourite restaurant did not feature on your recommended list, Olive Garden on I-Drive, across and along slightly from Bahama Breeze (which we also loved!) The food was gorgeous, service fantastic, one of the main reasons we are coming back to Orland from the United Kingdom!!!!!

May 17, 2005

Hi xxxxxxx, I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you. I must say I was a little concerned purchasing $2,200.00 worth of tickets on the internet and praying they were legitimate when we got to the gates. We had absolutely no problem with the tickets and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and also loved the fact that we saved a bit of money. Thanks again. I would recommend your company to anyone!!

May 10, 2005

Just a line to tell you how impressed I was with your service. Your pricing was better than anything else I could find - even our CAA office (which normally has pretty good deals for Canadians travelling to Florida), told me that you were offering a great package for the price! It was comforting to know that you offered a refund, in case something terrible happened & we couldn't use the tickets. Your shipping information states 3 weeks is standard, and I ordered just a couple of days over that the time period, but your package arrived in just a week. No worrying if the tickets would arrive in time! Thanks - I'll be telling all my Canadian friends about you!

May 09, 2005

Thank you!

May 06, 2005

Dear XXXXX Fast, well packaged service. Saved a bundle on the Disney tickets. Will be using you again next year, or the year after if we have days left on our tickets. What about a regular customer discount ? Phone card deal is very good

May 06, 2005

Thank you for promptly sending out the 3 flex tickets I ordered!

May 06, 2005

You guys are great! I just order the new tickets, confirmation #xxxxxxxxxxxx. I'll return the single flex ticket per your instructions. Thanks for your help.

May 03, 2005

My name is xxxxx xxxxxx. I purchased flex tickets from you and I cannot thank you enough. The tickets were great and having them made our vacation perfect. thank you

May 01, 2005

tickets recived as ordered thank you very much!

May 01, 2005

We recently ordered some theme park tickets from yourselves (see details below) and, firstly, may we say we were impressed with your prices and the speed and efficiency of the service and would recommend you to others.

Apr 26, 2005

Dear Sir \ Madam. We have recently arrived back from Orlando and had a lovely time out there. Your tickets arrived in plenty of time and we were very happy with the service.

Apr 22, 2005

Mahalo(Thank you) from Hawaii. The tickets were received within 6 days with no problems. Loved that it was tickets and not vouchers, beats waiting in line. I researched many websites and was a little weary about this website because of the free shipping and I've never heard of your company. But your company is excellent! Will recommend to everyone I know! Mahalo

Apr 22, 2005

Dear xxxxxxx, once again may I just say thanks for the wonderful service and sympathetic nature you have shown. Thankfully the news regarding my father isn't quite as bad as we first assumed, and there is a good chance of him coming through his treatment and operations with a good prognosis. As I stated in the letter I sent, as soon as he is well enough to travel I shall be in touch with yourselves to rebook the tickets. If only everyone we have had to deal with had been like yourselves life would have been so much easier. Once again a massive thank you and look forward to speaking to you again when hopefully it will of a more pleasurable nature. Yours sincerely

Apr 20, 2005

You guys got the best price (some place advertise cheap price and charge high shipping), honest, and fast shipping. And you actually have someone at the office to help me! You will see me again and my referrals.

Apr 19, 2005

That was sure fast!!! Thank you!!!

Apr 19, 2005

Hello, I just wanted to write and say how happy I am with your excellent service! I received my tickets in 1 business day after selecting the regular free shipping!! WOW!! THANK YOU!!! From a very pleased customer! P.S. I will be sure to spread the word :) Editor - Often the tickets arrive far quicker than our guaranteed time, however we GUARANTEE Free Shipping: World Wide in 6-10 Business Days and United States in 6 Business Days.

Apr 17, 2005

having stumbled upon your website, I have to write to congratulate you on how great the site is. It was so easy to order our tickets and it is so refreshing to not have to pay overseas charges, I will definately recommend you to everyone.... thank you

Apr 17, 2005

I ordered my tickets and then picked them up when we got to Orlando...It was so easy to find and the service was GREAT...Last year we ordered them and had delivered and once again excellent service....Thank you so much for your great service and making it so easy and stress free...I have told all my friends to use this site...Thanks again!!!!!

Apr 16, 2005

I just wanted to leave feedback on how quickly my tickets arrived. I ordered them yesterday and I got them Fed ex Saturday delivery and they arrived at 8:30am. At first I was unsure how legit this website was, because I have been ripped-off before, so spending a total of 618.00 I was kind-of scared, Ya know? But I will recommend this company to anyone planning to visit Disney World. I very much appreciate your great communication and rapid delivery. Thank you so much

Apr 16, 2005

thank you for the very fast receipt of my tickets, I ordered them on thursday and received them today, thanks again, I would highly recommend your services

Apr 16, 2005

Hi everyone, This is the second time I have ordered tickets through your company and I have to say that I am quite pleased with your services, web site and price discounts on tickets. In the future, I will continue to use your services. I have in the past and will continue to recommend undercovertourist. Thanks!

Apr 16, 2005

Thank you very much for the extremely professional and informative way you handled the purchase of our theme park tickets. You are cheaper and far more knowledgable than those people/companies attempting to do the same in this country. I will have no doubt I'll use you again, and would not hesitate to recommend your company to family and friends. Once again thank you. Regards

Apr 15, 2005

Thank you for the prompt reply regarding my shipping method being changed. Thank you

Apr 14, 2005

sounds great!! Thanks so much for the prompt attention

Apr 14, 2005

Just to let you know that I thought your service was superb. I had to order by telephone since your website played up on my non-broadband connection but there was absolutely no problem. Your opening hours in the UK are very useful to the normal working family and though I called fairly late on in your day, someone managed to get back to me the same evening despite the fact that it was then outside your working hours. The tickets I ordered were all correctly delivered (which was good as the order was a little complicated) and arrived on the exact day you had specified. It was definitely worth our while paying the extra for the express service. We used your timetable planner to work out which were the best days for us to go to the various parks (and it was somewhat complicated as we were splitting our party in order to do what we all wanted). I can report that the data is pretty accurate. I drew up a plan of campaign before we left and we stuck to it. It helped us enormously. We would recommend you to any of our friends - and indeed have already done so. Many many thanks

Apr 13, 2005

Dear xxxxxxx, I see now your email . Thank you for it. Yes it is correct . I want to have 4 adult 5 Park Tickets. Thank you very much for your interesting.

Apr 13, 2005

Thank you. Every thing went well at Disney. Shall recommend you!

Apr 08, 2005

Thank you for your speedy reply - appreciated.

Apr 05, 2005

I'm really impressed with the speed that they came through - thanks

Apr 04, 2005

Thank you xxxxxxx for dealing with this so promptly, I will have no hesitation on reccomending your service to freinds, Once again thank you

Mar 31, 2005

Hi! I just wanted to say "WOW!" Your service was lightning fast! We bought the Orlando Flex Tickets and received the tickets superfast! Everything worked out great! Thanks & we will definitely be recommending your site to our friends!

Mar 29, 2005

Dear Under Cover Tourist I just wanted to say thank you for the very promt service in delivering our Disney tickets to Salisbury England, within two working days of ordering them. We are due to fly out to Orlando on the 14-Apr-05 and left it quite late to book the park tickets. Your internet site was very easy to use, it also helped converting the price into pounds. We could also see how much we were saving buy purchasing in advance. I have recommended your site to all of my annual Florida holidaying friends. Thank you once again Kindest regards

Mar 24, 2005

As a Disney vacation club member and regular visitor to Florida I find your web site invaluble with its upto date news, theme park ticket sales bus tours and new ideas of what to do and where to eat etc.all of which helps to make a holiday an enjoyable experience. As a family we have just booked one of your tours to Naples and found the process couldn`t have been easier, it was simple imformative and straight forward with an immediate response, for this we would all like to thankyou. This is the first time we have made a booking through yourselves but it will not be the last.Keep up the good work.

Mar 23, 2005

Thank you for all your help, i had many questions and you answered them all with no problems. MANY THANKS.

Mar 22, 2005

Terrific. We will pick up on the 28th - this year! Keep up the good work. Your site feels like, if it was a person, I would be really pleased to meet it.

Mar 22, 2005

Hello ! thank you for your wonderful job : I received today the tickets I purchased .. Thank you in advance for your answer, I will anyway recommand your website to people I know, because you are trustfull. Best regards

Mar 21, 2005

Dear UndercoverTourist ....... By the way, really like the tone of your site. Get the feel that you do sincerely strive to be the best. Many thanks

Mar 20, 2005

My name is XXXX XXXXXX and I purchased tickets for our stay in Orlando last week. I wanted to write you a thank you for the time and money it saved us. My only suggestion to improve the service is to send purchasers a clearer map of the UPS store pick-up location. I spent too much time trying to find the place and when I called the UPS attendent, he did not know how to give directions to his store. The Planet Hollywood vouchers were great, we were seated right away and the food and decor was great. The online tickets were indeed time savers and the discounts were comparable to what was offered in Orlando. Thanks again, Editor - We cleaned up the map, to make it easier to find the UPS Store. We appreciate comments like these, please keep them coming!

Mar 18, 2005

Thanks XXXXXXX, Using your website has been a real pleasure I will be telling all my friends about my pleasant experiance

Mar 16, 2005

Great, thanks for the reply.

Mar 14, 2005

What a lovely surprise, it is very kind of you and is most appreciated. Thank you very much for the phonecall, whilst this was meant to be a holiday of a lifetime for us, including grandparents, it is with regret that my father has been advised at this time not to travel. I will send the remainding tickets in the post you this week. Once again XXXXXXX, many thanks. Regards

Mar 14, 2005

I was a little unsure about purchasing our holiday theme park tickets through your web site to start with. Yours were the cheapest around and the information on the website was more than useful but I had never heard of you before . I am glad I decided to take the chance, I ordered them easily on the net last week and they were through my letterbox in a few days. I intend to pass your name on to all my friends. Now I know that everything is in place ready for our holiday of a lifetime in May 05. Thanks COUNTDOWN BEGINS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mar 12, 2005

Unbelievable! I am so excited now I have received my Disneytickets. I have recommended you to everyone I know! I thought I had ordered my tickets too late - but within 48hours of ordering on the internet my tickets were in hand - FANTASTIC!!!! Thanks,

Mar 11, 2005

Thank you. You are a wonderful company to work with. I will recommend you to my friends and family.

Mar 06, 2005

speeking to some fiends in southampton uk they are amaized at the great offers your site are offering for park tickects in florida uk sites don't seem to have he same bargains i hope you don't mind if I pass on some info from your pages, shopping for fourteen sets of tickets online through your pages have saved me upto £900.thank you for making my fathers retirement holiday the tops thanks again.

Mar 06, 2005

Dear Sir Just a thank you for the expedient way in which you sent me mu Disney Tickets which I received today Sat 5 March 05. Regards

Mar 04, 2005

Brilliant - tickets were cheap, and offered extras that other sites didn't (extra days, etc). Only problem is that the new Premium tickets for the UK are coming through marked as "HPR" - Hoppers, which can be confusing. Still gets 5 stars for easy purchase, quick delivery, and excellent phone support to clarify the ticket types. Especially good is that the tickets come in sealed in an internal clear pouch so that you can confirm your order before opening them, and sort out any problems that might come up. Thanks again!

Feb 25, 2005

Wow that was fast!!! I did much research and found your site to be the cheapest. Tickets were recieved within days of order. Tickets were also as promised. Thanks Undercover Tourist!!!! Best Wishes

Feb 24, 2005


Feb 24, 2005

Thank you XXXXXXX.

Feb 23, 2005

Thank you so much for your prompt service. We enjoyed our great value 10 day disney passes to the hilt. Will definately buy from you next time, you were the best value and we liked getting real tickets and not vouchers. Many Thanks,

Feb 23, 2005

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Feb 14, 2005

Dear XXXXXXX, it is correct. Thank you very much!!! Have a nice day! Best regards

Feb 13, 2005

Many Thanks for our Disney tickets - I just wanted to confirm that we have been sent the correct tickets before I open the bag. I ordered 7 day Premium Tickets and the code on the tickets is: 7 day Park HPR W/5 MPP visits

Feb 13, 2005

Hello XXXX I am so sorry that this ended up this way. But I really do appreciate the curtesy and understand you have extended to me and my family. I will remember this in the future and recommend your service to all my friends. Thank you again Sincerely,

Feb 13, 2005

Cheers XXXXXXX Tickets are here already! regards

Feb 13, 2005

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Feb 08, 2005

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Jan 31, 2005

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Jan 19, 2005

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Jan 18, 2005

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